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140,000 was chosen as it is the approximate number of endangered species.

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Wowzy Cowzy


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Wowzy Cowzy stele c12

wowowzy (x2 for kids) I’m a .cow.wowzy c f c
and I’m free.ee as a bree.ezy em am f g

folks came to the animal factory the other day em
I mooooed to say a little cow should get to play am
so from that stinking hole they took me far away f
to the green grassy fields .where I am to.day g f g

mooozy it’s so .ru.ulezy
to play.azy while I .gra.azy

if you must eat meat here’s what I say
make sure the cow you eat did get to play
I would rather be the meat on your plate
than you buy a tortured cow any day

mooozy I feel .gro.ovy
when I ru.unzy with my chu.umzys

I got a lot of friends in prison you know
you can hear them moooo ing, let us go
cows just wanna be free range animals
get a lucky cow kiss when you let them go

moo moo moo moo…
wowowzy I’m a .cow.wowzy
and I’m .free.ee as a .bree.ezy

“Grass-fed” has now become a food buzz word. Advocates contrast grass-fed beef to beef produced by Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and claim that grass-fed beef is greener, more humane, and more healthful. But just how green, how humane, and how healthful is it? We need to evaluate grass-fed beef from a variety of angles and by comparing it to several different kinds of meat production, beginning with the much maligned CAFO (feedlot) mode of production.


DeathFood.org :
Cows, sheep, and other grazing animals are blessed with the ability to convert grasses into food that we can digest. They can do this because they are ruminants, which means that they possess a rumen, a 45 or so gallon (in the case of cows) fermentation tank in which resident bacteria convert cellulose into protein and fats.

In the past, all beef was grass fed beef, but today what is commercially available in the United States is almost all feedlot corn fed beef. The reason? It’s faster, and so more profitable. Seventy years ago, steers were 4 or 5 years old at time of slaughter. Today, they are only 14 or 16 months. You can’t take a beef calf from a birth weight of 80 pounds to 1,200 pounds in a little more than a year on grass. It takes enormous quantities of corn, protein supplements, antibiotics and other drugs, including growth hormones. The end result, and this is what ends up on you plate, is corn fed beef full of growth hormones, protein supplements and antibiotics. This is a virtual breeding ground for toxins and bacteria to develop.

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  • Excerpt from http://SierraClub.org :

    Livestock grazing occurs on more federal public lands than any other commercial use, affecting more than 260 million acres—an area the size of Texas and California combined! Additional impacts related to livestock grazing—including water diversions, wildlife killings, and mile after mile of fencing—further threaten the wildlife and wild character of these public lands, including habitats important to many of our most imperiled species of plants and animals.

    In the United States, livestock grazing has contributed to the listing of 22 percent of federal threatened and endangered species—almost equal to logging (12 percent) and mining (11 percent) combined. Nationwide, livestock grazing is the 4th major cause of species endangerment and the 2nd major cause of endangerment of plant species. No other human activity in the West is as responsible for the decline or loss of species as is livestock production. The Sierra Club has placed a high priority on protecting and restoring native wildlife and habitat to our public lands by seeking management changes that will correct livestock impacts. In some locations, this may require an end to commercial livestock production.

  • The Certified Humane Raised and Handled® program is a certification and labeling program that is the only animal welfare label requiring the humane treatment of farm animals from birth through slaughter. The goal of the program is to improve the lives of farm animals by driving consumer demand for kinder and more responsible farm animal practices. When you see the Certified Humane Raised and Handled® label on a product you can be assured that the food products have come from facilities that meet precise, objective standards for farm animal treatment. http://www.certifiedhumane.org/index.php?page=ove
    "The Certified Humane Program created a gold standard for animal welfare." USA Today

  • Black Earth Meats is a classic meat locker, with on-site slaughter available for beef, pork, sheep and goats … and are Animal Welfare Approved.
    All of their animals are purchased locally from farmers who we know raise them with the highest standards for humane treatment and overall quality. Our farmers include Nick Zimmer, the 2008 Organic Farmer of the Year, and many Amish farmers who need someone to market their products for them. We support an approach to farm management which sustains and nourishes the environment through restoration and soil improvement techniques. We match the quality meat with our artisan butchers and sausage maker for an incredible product. http://blackearthmeats.com/index.html

  • IF you eat meat: The USDA defines organic livestock thusly: The animals eat 100 percent organic food (that means no GMOs), don’t receive antibiotics or growth hormones, have access to the outdoors, and their producers must meet animal welfare standards. More specifically, organic cows must be “raised in a way that accommodates their health and natural behavior,” which includes shade, shelter, space for exercise, fresh air, clean drinking water, and direct sunlight. And by law, 30 percent of their diet must be “dry matter” (read: grass — the food cows evolved to eat and the one they can most easily digest) from an organic pasture. http://grist.org/food/ask-umbra-can-i-rest-easy-e

  • wowowzy I’m a cow wowzy
    and I’m free'ee as a bree.ezy
    folks came to the animal factory the other day
    I mooooed to say a little cow should get to play
    so from that stinking hole they took me far away
    to the green grassy fields where I am today
    mooozy it’s so ruulezy
    to play'azy while I gra'azy
    if you must eat meat here’s what I say
    make sure the cow you eat did get to play
    I would rather be the meat on your plate
    than you buy a tortured cow any day
    mooozy I feel groovey
    when I ru'unzy with my chum'zys
    I got a lot of friends in prison you know
    you can hear them moooo ing, let us go
    cows just wanna be free range animals
    get a lucky cow kiss when you let them go

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