XOES : a little 4 line love story about how your eco action saves someone from a climate change monster


I would like to write a little 4 line love story about how an environmental action that you have taken will help save someone from a climate change monster.

Post your eco action [or eco choice] on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Put #XOEarth in your post so I will see it.

I will write a little love story and post it in a comment to you.

For all the life, Stele

ps: If you prefer to post your action on my Facebook timeline or XOEarth.org/XOES, that's cool. If you want to write little love stories for your eco peeps with me, checkout XOEarth.org/XOES.

How We [You] Write An XOEarth Story::

XOEarth Stories can be based on a person's past environmental actions or choices that they have already taken, or a future action or choice that a person promises to take.

Almost every XOEarth Story is a *possibility story* that is written using science, logic and intuition. Science and logic helps guide the stories via environmental peer reviewed published papers about our global biosphere, conservation biology, status of species and their ecosystems, and climate change. Intuition and creativity helps guide and complete the possibility stories after the logic points, life experience and science based probabilities are considered.

One of the XOEarth Story tools is *story trading*. Story trading is replacing of the unknown *actual outcome story* that has resulted from a real environmental action, with a written *possible outcome story* that has resulted from a similar/equivalent environmental action somewhere in the world.

Feel free to write XOEarth Stories for others if you are willing to use current climate related science news and reports, logic, intuition, compassion, empathy and use XOEarth.org/EcoFX to do so. Go ahead and copy and paste the intro on this page into your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts.

Plus, if you would like to write an XOEarth Story with Stele, feel free to contact Stele here.

*Story trading* is a way to write a *possible outcome story* that you can give to a person to honor them for one of their specific environmental actions when the *actual outcome story* is unknown.

We use *story trading* because it can help motivate a person to take environmental actions if they get to hear a positive and *possible outcome story* based on a specific environmental action that they have already taken or promise to take.

It would great if we could all know the exact positive *actual outcome story* that results from any specific environmental action. But *actual outcome stories* are rarely known. So instead, we can write a *possible outcome story* that is comparable to the *actual outcome story* to honor a person's specific and single environmental action.

After all, there are millions of positive outcomes and associated stories that result from the millions of people who are taking similar positive environmental actions. *Story trading* is a way to use those other positive outcomes as the basis for the *possible outcome stories* that we write to honor peeps for their eco actions.

So again, we use science, logic and intuition to write a *possible outcome story* based on a person's specific environmental action, and then, give that story to the person to honor them for taking or promising to take that environmental action.

OMG. I promise to clean up that zig zaggy explanation of *story trading*.

Sometimes the *possible outcome stories* that come out of the XOEarth Story project may be a bit cryptic, but can sound perfectly poetic to us. We hope you agree.

It might take a day or so to get a comment and story in response to your post with the #XOEarth tag.

Checkout the *XOEarth Biosphera Dance* that was created in part on the *story trading* concept.

Some of the XOEarth *Art. Song. Word.* post relates to the *story trading* concept too.

For more great ways to honor peeps and bizzes for taking environmental actions, also go to XOEarth.org/Honors.

Example: A little 4 line love story that was written for Luke Comer::

Bahtia has climbed up into her favorite tree to sing a song about how much she super likes her friend Krinlo. Because you have mostly walked and have been driving your neat-little-fuel-efficient-car as little as possible to work and to play, you have saved 18 square meters of Bahtia's and Krinlo's home for another year. They are "so digg'n this mighty fine life". Thahh-de-thahh, thanks to you.

Example: A little longer love story that was written for Ziah and Roshn ::

Earth Lover, Sending you this note to thank you for saving my life. My name is Bruhntochi and I am an elephant that lives in the Serengheti.
I have a grrrreat time exploring the bush with my friends. We love to talk about love, play tag and make new trumpet songs. Even though we have challenges, my best friends and I have a blast.
Anyway, I think that your environmental actions over the next few months are going to be just what it takes to stop a Climate Change Monster named Ossilfu that could kill me. You see, Ossilfu is a Heatwave that wants to wreak havoc on the Serengheti this coming summer.
But thanks to you, because you have decided to eat more greens and carrots and beans, and less meat and animals, Ossilfu can't be as murderous as it wants to be. That's because eating more plant-based does not release as many greenhouse gases that heat up the Earth and makes the Climate Change Monsters.
And that's great, I mean, freak'n great!! Yesssss! Also, it's possible, although it's a long shot, that your actions will help totally defeat Ossilfu and keep it from even becoming a Heatwave at all. But, *wink* *wink*, for a better chance to slow down or defeat Ossilfu, I hope you'll even more plant-based. We'll see about that, right?
Oh, by the way, because you are eating a more plant-based diet, you are also going to slow down a Climate Change Monster named Durhorr that wants to mess with your town this coming summer. So really, it looks like you might be helping extend your lifetime too.
Anyway, big love to you for fighting Ossilfu by eating kindly.
For more fun, Bruhntochi the Elephant





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