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XOXObama, works for all the people, and our planet, mama
XOXOBiden, works so the people, and our planet, can be thriving

I'm sending you a hug for...
+ for investing in clean energy made here in America
I'm sending you a kiss for...
+ for ending government subsidies for oil companies

+ for helping us become a global leader in clean energy
+ for creating American jobs and businesses that improve our environment and national security
+ for reducing oil imports and reducing our reliance on foreign oil to its lowest level in almost three decades
+ for creating the jobs of tomorrow here at home
+ for investing in education, research and technology to grow the economy
+ for investing in education to create opportunity for all Americans
+ for ending billions in subsidies wasted on banks and using the savings to double investments in Pell Grants in education
+ for establishing a college tax credit for students and their families worth up to $10,000 over four years of college
+ for setting a goal to lead the world in college graduates by 2020
+ for setting a goal to cut the growth of college tuition and fees in half over the next 10 years
+ for helping provide schooling for 2 million Americans for good jobs that actually exist now and are waiting to be filled
+ for fighting to help state and local governments save the jobs of hundreds of thousands of teachers and providing states with resources to reward and attract great teachers and improving teacher effectiveness
+ for setting a goal to recruit and prepare 100,000 teachers in fields like science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)
+ for reforming the tax code to create jobs and pay down our deficit
+ for cutting taxes for American workers and providing tax cuts to small businesses
+ for calling on millionaires to pay a little bit more to pay down our debt
+ for a plan to include $2.50 in spending cuts for every dollar in revenue increases
+ for a plan to bring annual domestic spending as a share of the economy to its lowest level in 50 years
+ for ending wars and using half the money saved to rebuild Americas roads, bridges, runways and schools here at home and use the other half to help pay down the debt
+ for expanding health care access and lowering the costs for families
+ for stopping insurance companies from arbitrarily capping and cancelling coverage
+ for providing access to recommended preventive care without co-pays or deductibles
+ for strengthening Medicare for our seniors and helping young people get health insurance
+ for investing in cleaner energy sources
+ for marriage equality for all sexual preferences, LBGT lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender included

See BarackObama.com for more about these platform commitments.


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Earth Lovers, Write environmental love songs and make art with me that helps inspire peeps to join us in taking ecological actions that help save our planet earth and slow down climate change. Peas, love and flaxseed butter, Stele

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