Share Your Artform, Media, Dance or Words


Get a chance to win a hand-painted XOEarth cape and over $400 if you create an eco artform, media, poem, story, art, dance, theater or video that encourages people to take a specific environmental action for our planet's biosphere to XOEarth.

To enter, first 'Like' XOEarth on Facebook, then post your creative work on your Facebook timeline along with an @XOEarth tag.

Non Facebook users can post it to any other social network they belong to or their own blog, add an link and then send us a link to the post.

Here is how to enter your work on Facebook. First, 'Like' the XOEarth page on Facebook. Then, post your eco creative work on your Facebook timeline. Next, add the tag @XOEarth in your post. [Adding the @XOEarth to your post will tag us and that will notify us to enter you in our monthly drawing and lotto.]

If you would like help along the way, such as feedback, co-writing, and even production, call on the XOEarth team and community to help. The XOEarth team will try to help via email, skype, phone or sometimes in person - as time allows.

As our planet needs more media that that inspires others to take care of our sweet planet earth, we suggest creating media telling us all how an action we take is good for someone, some creature, two people in love, two critters who are friends, a specific ecosystem or a family of lifeforms.

Everyone who loves our planet is invited share their eco media that encourages people to take ecological action.

Musicians can also post their work on our Open Mic.

Everyone gets an equal chance to win.

Profane or mean stuff does not qualify.

For all the life, Stele Ely

PS: If you create and get your eco creative media out via Facebook and beyond, you are guaranteed to win a better planet.



About Stele

Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. For love and life, Stele

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