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  1. Andrew Avatar

    I spent a few months in SE Asia and while I was there I took a few weeks to live with a rural Thai family and work with them to help fulfill their personal mission of doing what they can for the environment by living as sustainably as possible. They try to live as much as they can off the land, eating food from their farm, collecting rainwater to drink and bathe, and living in homes they built themselves out of recycled scrap wood.

    Here is a picture of me and them. Believe it or not their names are actually Tee and Toon and their kids names are Namthang and Thangnam. The house we're standing in there is the one I spent my time there helping them build, as it was between planting and harvesting times.

    Here's us at a family dinner.

    Here you can see the house they were currently living in, as well as their rain collection basin and the tent I stayed in while I was there.


    These people aren't completely self sufficient yet, but they're well on their way and it seems really possible. You and I could do it too.