Alligator Dick and Jenin : with David Rovics


David Rovics sings out *Alligator Dick* and *City of Jenin* songs in this interview I did with him in Boulder. Yepperz, I was thrilled that my biggest political eco songwriting hero had time to sit a spell with me. I talked to him about how musicians can get their talents and songs working for a better world.

*Alligator Dick* is a chipper little tune about declining size of alligator (and human) penises due to the estrogens and compounds in plastic that are messing with our endocrine hormone system. It calls on the boys and others to "save the dick" by taking a stand against plastics when they are dangerous, wasteful and environmentally destructive.

*City of Jenin* is about a young person in the Northern West Bank who is thinking about becoming a suicide bomber. We then talked about environmental inequalities in the region that fuel the conflict.

Interview by Stele Ely c02

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