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** The greatest risk to our country, our democracy, our economy and our Earth home are the ever bigger and more frequent Earth Monster Heatwaves, Floods, Fires, Hurricanes, and Storms. **

Welcome right-wing citizens, Republicans, GOP, left-wing citizens, Democrats, progressives, moderates, United States patriots and all US citizens.

It is crucial that we use our energy and resources far more efficiently if our nation and world is to survive.

It is also crucial that more people dedicate considerable time every day [we suggest 140 minutes] on their own or with others to help slow down the Earth Monster Disasters and Earth Monster Businesses. [HERO140]

It is also crucial that those who are using more of those resources than are necessary to live a happy and healthy life greatly reduce their excessive materialism, and INVEST 24%* of their net income in our biosphere, or be forced to do so. [INVEST24]

Even financial publications such as Forbes Magazine and the Wall Street Journal have run articles stating that the obviously increasingly more powerful climate disasters are probably more dangerous to our survival than the political divide in our country. [How Many Months To Save Earth]

Numerous sources have stated that we may have just a few years, and maybe only a few months, to prevent the collapse of the biosphere that keeps us alive on this planet. [Guesstimate]

So we trust that you will join us at in speaking up, standing up and taking direct actions in direct action for our survival and for our dying Earth. [EarthDare]

For democracy, life, love and fun, Stele Ely [XOEarth director]

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The greatest risk to our country
& democracy are ever bigger
& more Earth Monster Heatwaves,
Floods, Fires, Hurricanes, & Storms.
Fight for our planet to save our USA.
#TeamUSA #EarthPatriots #USAUnity
#NoCivilWar #ClimateCrisis #Love
#RightWing #Republican #GOP
#Progressive #Moderate
#LeftWing #Democrat

The greatest risk to our country & democracy are ever bigger & more Earth Monster Heatwaves Floods Fires & Storms. Fight for our planet to save our USA.#TeamUSA #EarthPatriots #USAUnity #NoCivilWar #ClimateCrisis #Love #RightWing #Republican #GOP #LeftWing

Greatest risk to our country & democracy are ever bigger & more Earth Monster Heatwaves Floods Fires & Storms. Fight for our planet to save our USA. #TeamUSA #EarthPatriots #NoCivilWar #RightWing #Republican #GOP #LeftWing #Democrat #ClimateCrisis #Love

Communities across the U.S. are dealing with the devastating impacts of climate change and it should be easy to pass laws that cut carbon pollution, propel renewable energy, and support vulnerable communities.

Yet, we see politicians block reform on climate change time and again and the reason why is simple — the fossil fuel industry is spending millions of dollars on politicians who will support their bottom line on Capitol Hill.

We cannot protect our health and environment without a truly functioning democracy that works for all, especially communities who historically bear the heaviest burden of pollution and voter suppression.

We urgently need a people-powered democracy. Restoring and improving voting rights are the first step along that path. Unless the people have a meaningful check on power through the ballot box, all our other freedoms continue to be put at risk.

So let’s work with other volunteers and supporters of climate change fighting organizations to push corporations to give a reasonable percentage of their profits to help our fading Earth, make our voices heard on Capitol Hill, take to the streets in defense of communities, participate in creative protest and build a better future together.

This is how we can create a democracy that is truly of, by, and for the people.

Climate change poses an existential threat for humanity and has become the defining issue of our time. The outcome of the climate crisis will depend on whether democracies can drastically reduce their carbon footprints in the coming years.

Climate change already has an impact on democratic governance through its effects on food security, conflicts, water scarcity. migration and natural disasters, among other consequences.

Climate change also tests the ways in which democracies cooperate and collectively confront issues of relevance to humankind. Democracies need to formulate and put in place effective responses to climate change to respond to the needs of the current and future generations.

Climate change actions in democracies face perceived challenges such as short-term bias in decision-making, policy capture or inconsistency, weak accountability mechanisms and the permeability of the policy-making process to interests adverse to fighting climate change through the role of money in politics.

Apart from its intrinsic value to citizens, democracy also brings critical advantages in formulating effective climate policy, such as representatives that can hold governing departments to account, widespread civic participation, independent media and a free flow of information, the active engagement by civil society organizations in policymaking, and the capacity for institutional learning. All these in turn have positive global social and political implications.

Both together and on our own we can empower our democracy and its Earth Hero Capitalists, and fight to the Earth Monster Capitalists and Earth Monster Heatwaves, Floods, Wildfires and Storms.

So let’s unify our nation as we take on this existential climate crisis and build on our democratically owned climate policy agendas.

Keep this party planet going, Stele Ely



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