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Mandatory Carbon Emissions Labeling and Environmental Wiki Page for [Almost] Every Packaged Product in the World is petitioning lawmakers to require that all businesses include carbon emissions info on every product and in every advertisement, as well as a link to a public editable wiki page on or some other wiki.

The petition asks that the businesses must add the wiki page address to all advertising about the product, and on its packaging and on the product itself [when possible], and the approximate carbon emissions created by that product in kilograms and pounds.

In the case of video, tv or audio advertising the advertisements must audibly state and display the EarthXO Wiki address and carbon emissions. is offering to be the place where consumers and businesses can find and add information about any and all products.

Each product page on the wiki page should have:

A brief, general info statement about the product including name, size, weight, manufacturer’s name and UPC code (100 words or less).
The approximate carbon emissions created to manufacture that product in kilograms [and possibly pounds] according to the manufacturer and according to an independent analysis. In other words, both the number[s] given by the manufacturer and the number[s] given by an independent analysis will be on the label and wiki page. can be submitted by the manufacturer. Another pair of number The However, should is number A link to’s page relating to the general category of that product.
A link to’s page relating to the general category of that product.
The title of the page should be the UPC of the product.

A product page should also have these links, when available:

A link to’s page about the company that made the product.
A link to’s page about the specific product.
A link to the company’s webpage that made the product.
A link to the company’s webpage about the product.

Some of the advantages in creating a wiki referral page for every product would be:

Encourage ethical and fair trade consumer purchasing benefiting humankind and the environment.
Quicker access to the product and ‘product category’ research, issues, reviews, pricing and availability.
Easier access to related info provided by the company.
Product pages could be accessed while in a store via cellphones with web access or store kiosks, or at home via the web.
More consumer and citizen participation in product development and standards.
At the bottom of the product page, consumers and business representatives would be able to edit other sections in typical wiki style.

The unique wiki page required on all products and in advertising would be the main wiki URL followed by either:

The UPC (universal product code).
The product and the company name (if a UPC code is not available).

More about the unique wiki page for each product:

The unique UPC (universal product code) on the consumer products would be used to name the wiki pages. The unique wiki web address/URL based on the UPC code would allow consumers to find and contribute environmental, humanitarian, company information, product details, and product category to wiki pages related to any product.

For example, the unique wiki address for any product might be

If preferred, a company that makes a product may use a short URL that includes the company name, but that redirects the customer to the Wiki page for the product. For example, the address might be Such as, the URL on a Schwinn bicycle or in its advertising might look like “ The names could be abbreviated when needed.

Companies might also choose to use the short url services offered by some websites — such as those mentioned on

In cases where companies change their names or the product name, an old page with a product’s old name or a company’s old name in the title could be easily redirected to the updated product page with the corrected title.

Because the unique URL would be a file or subdirectory under the main website, the cost to the company to setup these unique webpages for each product will be free and easy to establish. In the consumers’ interest, it might be decided by the people that tax money could be allocated to support this wiki consumer operation.

Some companies might prefer to buy a top level name such as to save space on their packaging and encourage participation in the Wiki. As such, they would still be obliged to point their domain to the “ UPC here)” page.

Each of these product’s wiki pages would initially be set up by the company with the product UPC as the page title.

Companies are also asked to add the ‘product name’ and model, UPC code and a link to’s page that describes the product’s general category.

Companies are also invited to include links to their company’s website and the product’s website.

Other features that would be nice on product pages:

Google, Bing and Yahoo search buttons for the product.
A search button for other products in the same product category from the same company.
A search button for other products from other companies.

It might be possible that these buttons would automatically be created and configured for the page using a script that would use the info inputted by the company when the page was set up.

To inform consumers who may not be familiar with the wiki concept, a paragraph at the bottom may be describe such.

Editable company product templates could be used to allow the editing of mutiple product pages for products that are similiar or are in the same category. If companies could imput their products into the wiki via a ‘product tree’ interface, it would be much easier to apply a product template to a group of related products from that company.

Guidelines would be established to exempt companies with “simple” products that are low cost, produced in limited numbers and with little variability from similar products from other companies.

An online petition will be set-up soon that consumers can sign to request *unique* wiki website on all products, and on all advertising related to products. It will probably be located on www.ThePetitionSite.Com.

Relevant links.

Ethical Consumerism
Consumer.Gov (US federal government consumer info)
Consumer Reports search for “consumer information”

For The Life, Stele Ely

[The EarthXO name was created by XOEarth Stele.] EarthXO Wiki: Product. People. Planet.
Unique Wiki Labeling on *All* Consumer Products and Ads


Imagine… looking at a product in a store or an advertisement, and then knowing what other consumers and researchers are saying about the product and the company that made it.

putting on the vox' for the biosphere Imagine… thousands of people making more humanitarian and environmental decisions when considering a purchase, because they have crucial information about the product that is not included in the advertising bias.

Imagine… millions of people and lifeforms living in healthy communities and a healthy environment because the full story behind the products that are being offered for sale is exposed.

This is a call to free up the background checks on consumer and wholesale products. This is a call to help manifest an ecological society that honors all the life that loves to live.


Here are some ways to word up EarthXO.

When talking to others say, “EarthXO is calling on our government to mandate that all companies add an easily readable UPC code on all products and on advertising. Then, a person will be able access a Wiki that has the whole story behind the products, from the perspective of consumers, independent researchers and the companies.”

Or, “Let’s power up the mandatory URLs and Wiki for a more transparent business world.”

Then, “It’s crucial that there is more info about the products we buy. Especially when so many corporations give very little — if any — background info about these products, and are therefore getting people to buy stuff that is hurting our ultra excellent planet.”


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