Grant Proposal



Hello Lover of the Earth

I [Stele Ely] and my XOEarth Man environmental shows and songs have inspired thousands of people to take specific ecological actions that help save our dying biosphere.

Funding from you will help power up at least another 140 live shows by XOEarth Man in the next 6 months – averaging at least 5 live shows per week and at least 90 minutes per show. One or more shows will be scheduled in the afternoon on Pearl Street and at the CU campus. I will post info and pictures to Twitter or Facebook about the people that take eco pledges at the show and other eco insights that happen at most XOEarth shows.

Your funding will also enable me to record, edit and upload one new or current XOEarth Man song per month to, and Youtube, Spotify and/or ReverbNation. I will assign a percentage of the copyright of the monthly song to you, and mention your support for that song on its page. Other musicians and associates of mine may help me write, perform and record the songs live or in my home studio, and help with, Youtube, Spotify and/or ReverbNation uploads.

During my XOEarth Man performances, I invite specific individuals to pledge to take the environmental action mentioned in a song. Those individuals often participate ‘onstage’ in the show. Participants and audience members that pledge to take an eco action can enter online to get the chance to win a hand painted XOEarth cape, an Earth globe with eco actions written on it, and $40.

1 Year To Save Earth :: #1YearToSaveEarth

What I Am Requesting

$500 a month – in total coming from one or more supporters – for 6 months of funding for the XOEarth Man performances and the recording and promoting of my new or existing XOEarth songs that will help save our priceless biosphere.

What You Will Get

+ A cooler planet that is a more livable and fun.
+ Twitter or Facebook updates that you can track about each performance.
+ Downloadable MP3’s of new or existing eco logical songs that we have written.
+ Part ownership in the copyright of one of my newly recorded XOEarth songs per month.Your copyright percentage of each song will be 1% or more based on my decision each month. Feel free to ask for a different percentage now or any time.
+ A longer living biosphere, so more of your atoms will get the chance to become part of other splendid species when your current body transforms.

What The Earth Gets

+ Helps delay the possible die off of 95% of all life by 2035 on the biosphere by at least one minute which will give a longer life for millions of other lifeforms, including the equivalent of giving 13,308 humans another year to live. []
+ Make it possible for numerous humans and critters to party on a planet with healthier air, water, soil and climate.

What Is My Challenge

+ To write and record songs that are smart and powerful enough – both lyrically and musically – to motivate some of those who hear it to take crucial eco actions.
+ To get these songs heard more broadly via, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify and ReverbNation. We currently have over 3,000 XOEarth followers via Facebook, Twitter, email and YouTube.
+ To continue my XOEarth Man live shows to help get these songs out and get more ecological pledges from the fans.
+ Even if shows are cancelled for bad weather, I will reschedule to meet my goal of at least 24 shows per month.

My Financial Status

My current performance income does not enable me to properly fine tune, record, video and upload songs to Youtube, Spotify, ReverbNation and I am currently making about $5 an hour with XOEarth Man shows on Pearl and at CU. I supplement my income with time intensive selling of stuff I find, fix and sell on Craigslist and Ebay. I [Stele Ely] am happy to send my recent tax returns that show I am making teenie weenie money and have no outside income.


I hope you are jazzed to fund my future XOEarth Man live shows with its environmentally motivating songs, to fund the ecological pledges that audience members make during XOEarth shows, and to fund XOEarth song recording and uploads to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify and ReverbNation.

Whether or not you support my XOEarth initiatives, thank you for your support for organizations that help protect our planet’s exquisite forests, rivers, lands, lakes, oceans, climate and its astounding lifeforms.

For all the life that loves to live, Stele Ely + XOEarth Man