Hand Dry Jive


hand dry jive, we’re doing the hand dry jive
not using electric or paper towels
we’re hand dry jive now

over in the forest far away
there’s a tiger this very day
with a little message for you and me
they are cutting down a bunch of trees
for paper towels and that’s a bummery

intro: hand dry jive, I’m doing hand dry jive
I can’t lie, I’m doing the hand dry jive

hand dry jive, I’m doing hand dry jive
after I wash my hands in the bathroom
I do the jive with my hands in the air
swish and swing em all around
and in 90 seconds they are dry
or just dry them on your pants first
and in 30 seconds they are dry

then you will be dreaming one night
and you’ll at first have a little fright
and a tiger will come in the night
and give you a kiss on the cheek for doing it right
cuz you are saving his home every time you know
you dry your hands doing the hand jive and so
you’ll get sweet kisses in your dreams each night
by the tiger’s you’re saving, oh what a delight

hand dry jive, we’re doing the hand dry jive
help some tigers if you please
do the hand dry jive everybody

there’s a turtle in the ocean
and it’s been getting hotter you know
hotter because they’re using so much coal
to make that electricity to dry hands and so
the dryers all around the world
are making the planet hot
hurts the turtles not a little, but a lot

and so if you please everyone you know
do the hand dry jive, it’s the coolest

Hand Dry Jive /stele c12


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