Help Get Out The Vote/ 2022



Earth Lovers,

Help. Get. Out. The. Vote.

Every climate change monster and disaster is dangerous and deadly.

+ They Hurt The Economy
+ They Fuel Inflation
+ They Endanger Democracy
+ They Trigger Wars And Crime
+ They Kill People And Animals
+ They Destroy Planet Earth
= Climate Change Monsters And Disasters

Let's get candidates elected who promise to fight the climate change monsters that are birthing the every bigger wildfires, heatwaves, floods and hurricanes.

So here are some ways to Help Get Out the Vote!! :: Take action with Turnout2022. Check out these ways to get involved! [] :: Environmental Voter identifies inactive environmentalists and transform them into consistent voters to build the power of the environmental movement. []

Vote Forward :: Send Letters to Voters :: Writing letters to voters is one of the most effective ways to help increase election turnout. You can do it right from home. [] :: has a good list of ways to get out the vote actions you can take. Check it out for ways to help your coworkers & classmates, friends & family and your community vote.



A few specific actions to Rock the Vote:

+ Arrange a pre-work "coffee & vote".
+ Organize a lunchtime carpool to the polls.
+ Make a weekend plan to vote and brunch with friends.
+ Plan to vote and dine. Order dessert to celebrate.
+ Meet up to vote, then go to your favorite hangout.

Earth24 :: Your time helping get out the vote counts towards your Earth24 time!! []

The coming election will help decide how many and how big the climate change monsters and disasters will get, and in turn how much they hurt the economy, speed up inflation, endanger our democracy, and kill people and lifeforms.

Let's keep this biosphere livable so we can keep having fun.

Fomo funn, Stele

#HowMany #MonthsToSaveEarth


About Stele

Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. For love and life, Stele

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3 thoughts on “Help Get Out The Vote/ 2022

  • Stele Post author

    Colorado Rising most likely helped elect several environmentally smart candidates across Colorado in the 2016 election. Colorado Rising's work to get out the environmental vote helped manifest a little-tour-de-force of 1,001,832 eco voters.
    Think of one of your favorite candidates or propositions that won. Was it Colorado Rising that made it possible?
    This coming election, I hope that Colorado Rising members call for a statewide oil and gas extraction tax. I hope this extraction tax prices carbon at a level that parallels the recommendations of the International Panel on Climate Change [IPCC].
    It would be sweet if this extraction tax is a fee-bate that returns the taxes to citizens and communities and that invest in carbon negative infrastructure and carbon capturing projects.
    The IPCC states that if we are to survive on this planet, carbon should eventually be taxed at $27,000 a ton. "To be or not to be", hmmm, how much do you think the extraction tax should be?
    No, Colorado Rising's call for a 2,500 foot oil and gas drilling setback from homes and waterways did not win.
    Yes, Colorado Rising's work helped push a blue - light green wave across Colorado to help slow down the Climate Change Monsters [wildfires, floods, hurricanes, droughts, heatwaves].
    This election, how 'bout we go for a big blue - deep green wave? ~ Stele Ely / XOEarth

  • Stele Post author

    Visit Tom Steyer's action center today. A healthy democracy relies on sustained civic engagement. That means being ready to vote, but it can also be much more than that. Getting involved is easier than you think — you can do it right from home! You can make a difference by completing one or more small civic actions each day. With one month until the election, we challenge you to commit to 31 days of direct democracy and volunteering for important causes.