Solar Ovens :: Cooking With The Sun is Hot and Cool [$15 DIY]


Solar cookers and ovens are a super crucial way to help save some kids and critters of the future. Make one for $15 with our DIY instructions. They get hot so the planet stays cool by burning less fossil fuels.

Whether you use a simple cardboard box lined with aluminum foil tape, foil covered bubble wrap [Reflectix] and a big clear plastic bag over it or just over the food, or a fancy premade mirror box, or premade parabolic mirror, you can help defend the planet and its future inhabitants by Cooking With The Sun.

Make a XOEarth Solar Cooker yourself with the simple dimple instructions below.

Cook it with the sun to help save our sweet+wacky+dying planet Earth.

There are a bunch of other great solar cookers out there that you can buy or make. We have links to some of them below. There are cardboard box designs that are lined with aluminum foil or foil tape, or you can buy one of the more expensive and techie solar cookers.

There are beautiful parabolic mirror solar cookers and even some with Fresnel lens.

Tell us how you like to use your solar cooker in an email, or comment below or on XOEarth facebook.

Defend the planet and its inhabitants by Cooking With The Sun.

XOEarth Solar Cooker instructions ::

#1 Solar Oven – Symmetrical Cone – 2-ish foot wide:
1 Aluminum Foil Bubble Wrap: 24 inches x 44″ / 61 cm x 112 cm [Reflectix or InfraStop or EcoFoil]
2 Big binder clips.

Fold lengthwise. Overlap material about 3 inches on 2 corners. Attach a clip to hold the 2 corners together. Follow overlap to the cone center. Attach a clip to hold the center together.

#2 Solar Oven – Asymmetrical Cone – 2.5-ish foot wide::
1 Aluminum Foil Bubble Wrap: 24 inches x about 60″? / 61 cm x 152 cm [Reflectix or InfraStop or EcoFoil]
2 Big binder clips.

Fold left upper top side to right side. Overlap material about 6 inches along the edges and 2 corners. Attach a clip to hold the 2 corners together. Follow overlap to the asymmetrical cone corner. Attach a clip to hold the back corner together.

Face the oven towards the sun to start cooking.

To make the cooker get hotter, put a plastic bag over the food and/or the whole cooker.

That’s it. That’s how you can help our biosphere live longer by cooking with the sun.

[Check out the pics of the XOEarth Solar Cookers]

*Cooking With The Sun* song notes:

[Nate and Stele did a mind meld with the raccoons for Cooking With The Sun. They “listened in” to find out what these smart critters have to say about how cooking with the sun conserves energy. Using less fossil fuels to cook food helps make it possible for them to have a good time in the future.
Recorded in the café at Alfalfas Market in Boulder Colorado.]

cook our yummies with the sun,
in solar stoves that are way fun,
photons will boil, bake and dehydrate,
so our future selves can celebrate.

Cooking With The Sun /Nate and stele c14

I love my little home made solar cookers and ovens. Search for DIY solar ovens on Youtube to find a bunch of fun ways to make them yourself. XOEarth Stele.

*A solar cooker, or solar oven, is a device which uses the energy of direct sun rays (which is the heat from the sun) to heat, cook or pasteurize food or drink. The vast majority of solar cookers presently in use are relatively cheap, low-tech devices. Because they use no fuel and cost nothing to operate, many nonprofit organizations are promoting their use worldwide in order to help reduce fuel costs (for low-income people) and air pollution, and to slow down the deforestation and desertification caused by gathering firewood for cooking. Solar cooking is a form of outdoor cooking and is often used in situations where minimal fuel consumption is important, or the danger of accidental fires is high.

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XOEarth Solar Cooker #1 – a
XOEarth Solar Cooker #1 – b
XOEarth Solar Cooker #2


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  1. SteleEly Avatar

    REFLECTIX: Double Reflective Insulation Foil Barrier Radiant Attic Wall Staple Tab ST24100

  2. SteleEly Avatar
    Reflective foil insulation is a fairly young product in the market of household and commercial insulation products. It was developed based on NASA science that protected the Space Shuttle from radiant heat as it entered and exited the Earth's atmosphere and traveled in space. The high temperatures encountered by spacecraft put incredible stress on the shell of the space vehicles that might cause the materials to fail. By using the reflective properties of foil insulation to act like a mirror and bounce that radiant heat away from the vehicle, the stress on the shell was greatly reduced. NASA's success inspired innovations for household and commercial use of the same science and reflective foil insulation was developed.
    The metal of reflective foil insulation is Aluminum (AL), a metal with very special relationships with heat (energy). Aluminum a very efficient conductor of energy when it is in direct contact with a given object. Conversely, if there is an open space, often termed an air space, between the surface of the aluminum and the object the Aluminum will reflect the energy away from the object. When Aluminum touches an object it transfers heat through conductivity When Aluminum is a barrier between a heat source an object with an air space, it reflects heat.

  3. SteleEly Avatar

    InfraStop 48" X 100'' Double Bubble Reflective Foil Insulation
    Use Refectix or InfraStop to make your own solar cooker.
    InfraStop® 48" x 100' Square Edge Double Bubble Reflective Foil Insulation
    Premium, American Made Reflective Insulation
    Strong and Durable, 7 Layer Construction
    Unaffected by Moisture and Humidity
    Radiant and Vapor Barrier – All in One
    Class 1 / Class A Fire Rated

  4. SteleEly Avatar

    Sunflair Mini Portable Solar Oven

• No wood, propane, charcoal, gas or electricity
• Doesn’t heat up the home, requiring additional energy to cool it back down.
     SAFER 
• No thermal conductivity. Outside remains at ambient temperature
• No sparks, open flames, gas lines, or propane bottles
• No charcoal carcinogens • Nutrients cooked into food instead of being boiled or steamed away
     EASIER
 • Can leave food unattended • Food will never burn
• Weighs about 3 lbs (914 g.) • Folds down to the size of a seat cushion • Take it camping, hunting, fishing, boating, picnics, tailgating, etc.
 • Can be used in areas where open flames are banned 
• National parks & forests, beaches, high fire danger or drought areas
     ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY • No fossil fuels • No deforestation Non polluting
 • Cook during a power outage
• Pasteurize water • Essential part of any bug-out bag

  5. SteleEly Avatar

    Kathy Dahl-Bredine writes: “I have found this totally simple solar oven extremely practical, as it is so lightweight and easy to carry along anywhere. But in addition, it has reached a higher temperature in a shorter time than all the other models I have experimented with so far (I haven’t used a parabolic) – a little above 350 degrees F. I have cooked black beans in about the same amount of time as on a gas stove; I’ve used it to bake breads, granola, brownies, lasagna, all sorts of vegetables, and to purify water. The sunshade may not be available everywhere, but I suspect it can be found in most urban areas, since I found it here in southern Mexico. The Velcro was also available in fabric stores. Cost of the sunshade was about $3.00 USD; the Velcro about $.25.

  6. SteleEly Avatar

    Simple Solar Panel Cookers for $5.00 worth of material using darkened canning jars to cook those goodies.

  7. SteleEly Avatar

    The latest product from One Earth Designs weighs just 10 pounds and packs down into a small carrying bag, but still delivers high performance fuel-free cooking.
    An excellent and efficient solar appliance that should be a staple in just about any home… the solar cooker.

  8. SteleEly Avatar

    … perhaps the simplest way [to use the sun], and the most accessible way, to use it is to cook our food with it, using a solar oven, and Solavore's Sport model could be the gateway appliance to cleaner cooking.

  9. Nate Madison Avatar
    Nate Madison

    Ok…Stele, Nate, here…I finally was able to listen to the song, "Cooking with the Sun". Your website is pretty impressive. A lot that you do is impressive. You have many talents, and though regular society may not put as high a price on your contribution; I want to let you know that I believe that with your massage and with your prodding people, on Pearl Street Mall, to "Do Something Good For the Planet" – you make a difference. Perhaps you will help to shake up an old paradigm of taking and taking and not giving back.

    Anyway, thanks for all that you do; for your encouragement – I definitely appreciate it.

    Just so you know…one thing that I do is that I tend to pick up trash if it's immediately in front of me. Something small; but by doing this, perhaps a bird doesn't get caught up in some plastic. Small gestures repeated, really do help. 🙂

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