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3465 Stanford, Boulder, CO 80305 <> 720.340.8080 <>

Greetings Hiring Manager,

I would like to work for your fine company in these capacities ::
1] Sales, Marketing or PR Associate.
2] Sustainability Coordinator and Motivator.
[Contract and tiny project work is fine.]

Qualifications that I hope will be of benefit ::
> Ability to leverage social media, video, news outlets, photo-ops, PR, and commercial media to support honorable business missions.
> Knowledge of MS Teams, MS Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, WordPress, CSS, and SQL.
> Ability to attract and retain customers for a company that invests a noble percentage of their profits in projects and organizations that help cool our sweet+fun+imperiled biosphere.
> 25 years as editor, designer and director.
> Good natured humorist, and resolute communicator and negotiator.
> Passion to augment and fine-tune skills.
> Determined team player.

Values that I hope to support with your company ::
> A mission to aim for admirable profit and growth, while being community and ecologically inspired.
> Honored to publicly and materially sponsor actions that help prevent a collapse of our biosphere.
> Knows that it is crucial for most businesses and humankind to reduce carbon emissions by 8% to 22% every year, and to score net-zero carbon emissions by 2045. [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change /]

If you think that I might meet your qualifications for the above positions, please call, text or email me.

I look forward to talking with and working for you!

For life and love, Stele Steven Ely


3465 Stanford, Boulder, CO 80305 <> 720.340.8080 <> <>

Sales, Marketing and PR Operations
Sustainability Educator, Coach, Marketer and Coordinator

Editor, Speaker, and Director ::
Climate Crisis Action Facilitator, 2000 to present

Ski Instructor :: Aspen Ski Company

Business, accounting, humanities and theater
Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO

Songwriting, mountain biking, romantic comedies, folk art, zoology, parody, bouldering, and waterfalls.

1170 822



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