Flash your XOEarth T.I.E. when You are Totally Eco On


Turn your XOEarth TIE 'on' when you are totally committed to choosing the most environmental options available - to help keep this exquisite biosphere fun and livable.

Even if you choose to be 'on' for only part of the day, the environmental choices that you make during that time will help slow down the Climate Change Monsters that are messing with our planet.

An XOEarth TIE is 'on' when the tassels are visible to others. The tassels show others when you are in your XOEarth hero, climate defender, Earth lover, eco steward, nature warrior, eco activist, environmental advocate, or Totally Into-the Earth [T.I.E.] mode.

If you want to take a break from being a eco hero, turn your XOEarth TIE 'off' by aligning the tassels so they are less visible to others. When a TIE is 'off' it also shows others that the person is taking a break from their 100% eco hero self.

To make a XOEarth TIE get a green or blue cord, strip of fabric or yarn that is about 60cm/24inches long. Tie a knot on each of both ends, and then tie the ends together with one slip knot or overhand knot about two inches from the ends.

Read more about how to make your XOEarth TIE below, and check out the pics on the right.


Why the XOEarth TIEs have 'on' and 'off' modes

A person gets to get the awesome feeling of being an eco hero and being totally committed to saving our planet - if only for part of the day!
A person does not have to feel obligated to be a full time hero for our planet!
In the 'on' mode, others get to see how cool or rad it looks when a person is totally dedicated to making choices that help and not hurt our planet, its climate, its people and its lifeforms.
In the 'off' mode, others get to see that a person does not have be a 100% eco hero all the time, and that an XOEarth hero can take a break sometimes.


One way to make your XOEarth TIE as a wrist bracelet

Cut a piece of green or blue cord, fabric strip or yarn long enough to go around your hand three times at the widest point of your open palm. Or start with a piece that is 24 inches/ 60 cm long.
If it is fabric, a strip about .5 inch/ 2.5 cm wide is good. Most people prefer stretchy t-shirt material because it makes it cord like bracelet.
If it is yarn, two strands, one green and one blue looks good.
Tie a knot on both ends of the cord, fabric or yarn.
Pony beads can be put on before tying the end knots - for some green flare.
Tie a slip knot 1 or 2 inches from with one end onto the other end. Tie the slip knot so the tassels both point out in the same direction. If the slip knot is tied in the wrong direction, the tassels will point in opposite directions.
When it is put on the wrist, it will usually go around two times. Use the slip knot to make it tighter or looser.

Option: Instead of a slipknot, make an overhand knot to tie both ends together. It can be tricky getting the overhand knot in right place so it fits the wrist nicely, but your TIE might work better for you this way.

If you want make an XOEarth TIE for your elbow, neck, knee, ankle, head or shoulder, that's fine too.

It's good if the TIE tassels are long enough to be noticed and commented on by others. If it is not noticed, you won't get as many chances to talk with peeps about the eco actions we can all take, how good it feels to be an eco hero for the Earth, and how to take a visible stand for our planet.

Point out the purpose of your XOEarth TIE when others do not notice it. In other words, work your TIE to cheer on others to take actions that help slow down the Climate Change Monsters.

If the tassels seem too long or they bug you sometimes, just wrap the ends under the part that goes around your wrist or arm or add extra knots to the tassels. If you want to cut them shorter, that's fine. But again, giving visibility to our eco hero team is one of main goals of your TIE. If your TIE gets in the way a little bit, remember, your TIE it is not as inconvenient as a wildfire, hurricane, drought, flood or going extinct.

Whatever you like calling yourself, be it an XOEarth Hero, Totally In Earthling, Earth Warrior, Climate Lover, Earth Lover, Climate Defender, Earth Guardian, Gaia Advocate, Earth Activist, Earth Goddess, Climate Hero, Eco Deva, Climate Hawk, XOEarth Being or some other eco activist name, thanks a big bunch for your actions that help save our exquisite biosphere.


Some of the actions we hope you will take when you are in XOEarth TIE 'on' mode

burn little or no gasoline
carbon offset before burning gasoline
eat plant based meals - vegan or vegetarian
bring your own water bottle, bowl, and service ware - to avoid using the single-use monsters
make your job a green job
live close to work
make your home eco efficient
turn the air conditioner way down or off
turn the heater way down or off
buy solar or wind energy for home and biz
burn little or no jet fuel
carbon offset before burning jetfuel
use transportation that has a low carbon footprint
volunteer with eco organizations
canvass for and donate to XOEarth or other eco organizations
canvass for, donate and vote for environmental candidates and initiatives

make love, not babies
ask others to put on an XOEarth TIE when they are totally eco
explore XOEarth.org for more eco actions
have fun while being eco logical too


More XOEarth TIE 'on' actions we hope you will take

quit your job to take an eco logical job
or, turn your job into a super eco logical job
become a Sustainability Coach + Manager for businesses or neighbors
show others in your profession how to make it more eco logical
get your business to donate a to 1% for the planet or other organizations that fight climate change
boycott over-packaged products - unless it is not possible
honor others for their eco logical work and choices
boycott single serving products - unless it is not possible
grow food for yourself and others
boycott single use products - unless it is not possible
carbon offset all or some of your energy use
consider the Green Minute Rule every day
put on tats, tags and style to rep your XOEarth hero self even home
like XOEarth Facebook Group
speak and promote eco logic everywhere, every day
get eco sexy


Check out these orgs to find more XOEarth TIE 'on' actions

Sierra Club
Environmental Defense
Earth Island
Sea Shepherd
Wilderness Society
World Wildlife Federation
Union of Concerned Scientists
Carbon Fund
Terra Pass
Native Energy
The Nature Conservancy
XOEarth's EcoFX*




About Stele

Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. For love and life, Stele