ClimateMonsters Will [Not] Mess Up Your Town Next Year [Thanks To You]


ClimateMonster Businesses sell stuff that is making the ClimateMonster heatwaves, floods, wildfires and storms more lethal and destructive.

EarthHero Businesses sell stuff that helps stop those ClimateMonster disasters.

We must get ClimateMonster Businesses to become EarthHero Businesses, or we must shut them down, if we are to stop those ClimateMonster disasters.

[By the way, ClimateMonster disasters can also trigger food shortages, a migrant crisis, inflation, terrorism, war, ecosystem collapse and extinctions.]

So identify and pick a ClimateMonster Business and dedicate several hours every week to stop it from feeding the ClimateMonster Disasters that could kill your town, and kill this sweet+wild+fun planet. [EarthTime]

Three ways to stop a ClimateMonster Business [CMB] is to get the ClimateMonster Capitalists [CMC] that are running them to not sell their killer products, or at least get them to donate 24%* of their net income to projects and organizations that mitigate some of the damage from those products’ CO2 emissions and pollution, or shut the business down via direct action, boycott, and legal action. [*Sliding scale. See EarthMoney page.]

There are thousands of EarthHero Businesses and EarthHero Capitalists that are working hard to help our Earth. We need to get the ClimateMonster Capitalists to become EarthHero Capitalists too.

But we need to reform or shut down all or almost all of the big and little ClimateMonster Businesses if we are going to keep the Earth Monster heatwaves, floods, fires and hurricanes from crashing this sweet planet party.

Any business is a ClimateMonster if they are selling non-essential products that result in more CO2 and greenhouse gases in our already inflamed atmosphere, and they are not donating or investing at least 24%* of their net income in projects or organizations that compensate for, or offset, those CO2 emissions. Donating or investing 24% of a business’s net income will offset their carbon emissions at about $800 per ton.

An EarthDare is a fun way to challenge and honor a ClimateMonster Business and its ClimateMonster Capitalists for taking or promising to take specific actions to stop killing our planet. [See EarthDare]

To team up with other cool people to stop the ClimateMonster Businesses check out, Sunrise Movement, Sierra Club, Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace. See the EarthTime page for more teams to work with.

Every day that you fight a ClimateMonster company that is making climate change worse and poisoning the water, soil and air will reduce the chance your town will be hit by an Climate Monster heatwave, storms, wildfire, storm or hurricane.

Make it a goal to dedicate 19 hours a week to take direct actions and other actions on your own or with others to stop one or more of those ClimateMonster Businesses. [EarthTime 40]

Even when you are not in a ClimateMonster Business, you can find ClimateMonster Capitalists in stores, on the street, at events, and in government offices. Wherever you find them, talk with and EarthDare those ClimateMonster Capitalists to promise to turn their business into an EarthHero business.

Your town and your planet need your help to keep those ClimateMonster Businesses and ClimateMonster Capitalists from destroying them.

For all the life, Stele Ely

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Some Ways to Stop the ClimateMonsters and Help Save Your Town and Planet

+ Boycott those ClimateMonster Businesses and get others to join you.

+ Do 14 EarthDares every day against the ClimateMonster Businesses that you are focused on. When you do these Earth Dares ask them to promise to stop selling the products that are killing our planet, or donate or invest 24%* of their net income in organizations and their projects that offset the CO2 greenhouse emissions from those products. Also tell the ClimateMonster Business that you will give them an award, a future story, a dance, a song, art or some cool thing if they promise to stop selling those killer products, or invest 24%* of their net income to compensate for the CO2 greenhouse emissions.

+ EarthDare 14 people every day to join you in direct actions, a boycott, and/or legal actions to stop one or more specific ClimateMonster Businesses. Ask them to promise to help you stop the ClimateMonster Businesses that are killing our planet, unless those businesses stop selling those products, or donate 24%* of their net income to climate change fighting organizations and their projects that compensate for the CO2 greenhouse emissions from those products. Mention that if they prefer to help stop some other ClimateMonster Businesses that’s great too. For helping stop the ClimateMonster Businesses, also say that you will give them an award, a future story, a dance, a song, art or some cool thing if they promise to help stop those ClimateMonster Businesses.

+ Dedicate 19 hours week [44% of a work week] with your fave climate change fighting organization[s] or project[s] that are helping cool the biosphere.

+ Invest and donate ~44%* of what you make to your fave climate change fighting organization[s] or project[s].

+ Be your best ecological citizen and ecological consumer self.

+ Eat a plant based diet and honor 14 others a day for pledging do so as well.

+ Protest, rebel, strike, occupy, block, march, sit-in or shut-down.

+ Contribute to and canvass for climate action candidates to get out the vote. And vote.

+ Make your job and industry carbon net zero [or quitting a job if it is not possible].

+ Buy and accept as little plastic as possible and get 14 people every day to promise to do the same.

+ Buy carbon offsets and get 14 others every day to promise to do the same.

+ Burn very little or no gasoline and jetfuel and get 14 others every day to promise to do the same.

+ Take legal actions against those Climate Monster Businesses, if you can.

Get more actions at XOEarth EarthTime to stop those ClimateMonsters that are the mortal enemies of our biosphere and us.

United Nations says a Climate Disaster Every Week

On average, every week a new climate crisis or disaster happens somewhere in the world, according to the United Nations.

Our consumer choices and activist actions help determine how many climate change disasters [aka ClimateMonsters or Climate Change Monsters] happen every year.

So by taking responsibility for the ClimateMonsters where you live, you are also helping reduce the number of other ClimateMonsters + Climate Change Monsters around the world!

“When you take major climate action you are helping reduce the chance that the number of major climate change disasters around the world does NOT increase by 50% in the next 3 to 5 years. That 50% guesstimate is based on scientific reports and climate projections that are cited in my Guesstimate report.” ~ Stele Ely.

By the way, a lot of people who hate charred, smoldering, broken or drowned peeps, trees, houses and bees have promised to help defend their towns and our biosphere too. Their commitments will help protect your town too.

For more fun, Stele

Celebrate your progress and victories

Take some time every day to acknowledge that your eco logical actions are helping keep a ClimateMonster from wreaking havoc where you live, and take some time to celebrate and party a little too!

And once a month, celebrate even bigger because your eco+logical actions may have helped save your state and your planet from the destruction and agony of a ClimateMonster too!

Every two months, celebrate that your eco+logical actions may have also helped keep our planet’s biosphere from entering a global irreversible collapse and irreversible dying that could happen in the next year [if we don’t take big climate actions now].

Of course, invite friends and neighbors to celebrate with you if they are helping keep the ClimateMonsters away too!!

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