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Hello Lovers of the Biosphere,

We look forward to your questions, suggestions or comments.
For all the life, Stele Ely [XOEarth Man]

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XOEarth Man sings and talks about the positive impact that a specific big ecological action can have on a lifeform or an ecosystem that is nearby or far away. Here is one of his EarthPassion suggestions. Start your day with a pocket full of your favorite animals [imaginary animals of course]. How about coyotes, gorillas, giraffes, pelicans, buffaloes, swordfish, narwals or butterflies? Then, when you take an environmental action that helps protect the other lifeforms and us on this biosphere, let one of those critters run or fly away, knowing that somewhere in the world, they will help save some habitat, lifeforms and humans because of your eco action. Feel free to celebrate a little when you send that animal out there, because every action that saves some life and our biosphere is a big freaking deal. 497w


Hello Earth Lovers,

Here is an EarthPassion suggestion you might like.

Start your day with a few of your favorite animals sitting on your shoulders, hanging onto your arm or in your pocket [imaginary animals that is]. How about squirrels, orangutans, bluebirds, aarvarks, elephants, manta rays, belugas or butterflies?

Anyway, when you take a big [or a little] environmental action that helps protect our biosphere, set one of those animals free to run or fly away to somewhere in the world where it will save a little habitat, and save a lifeform or a human that lives on that habitat.

When you take a BIG eco action, imagine setting more than one of those animals free, and then celebrate a little [or a lot] because your big eco action is guaranteed to save some life and some of our biosphere somewhere in the world.

Sometimes the life that you save will be close to where you are right now and sometimes it will be in some place in the world that is far away.

So have fun taking some big climate actions and sending your fave animals out to save our planet Earth so we can all have more fun.

For love and life, Stele Ely / XOEarth founder

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