Species : Every Endangered Species Deserves a Song


EarthE Man on Pearl
Caw, Purr, Chirp, Hiss and Ribbit,

Every threatened species on our planet deserves a rad song that calls on humans to live more sustainably so that these threatened species can keep having fun on this planet too.

So help protect your favorite threatened species by co-writing or sponsoring an environmental song and video with XOEarth musicians and artists today.

Whether you a musician or not, post a comment below or send Stele Ely an email about the species you think we should write a song for.

If you are a fan, Stele Ely and/or the other XOEarth musicians will use your suggestion to develop a song’s lyrics and music. We will post the song in progress to the blog or forum, and will email to address to you. Then you can comment on the song, give us feedback as it evolves or just sit back and watch us write and record your song.

If you run a business, sponsor a song and video for a specie. Maybe a specie that you consider to be your business’s mascot.

Music fans are invited to sponsor a song to support our work on the song about your fave species. Fans who sponsor a song can get a copyright shareholder certificate with sponsorship. Donate $44 and you will get 4.4% of the copyright of a song. Your donation will also help get this song properly recorded and performed by touring musicians who can get this song working for that specie.

Co-writers who help Stele finish a song may share the copyright with me and may be entered in EcoLotto for a chance to win $4,444. We can co-write in person, via phone, skype, email or chat

The XOEarth mission is to get 140,000 Love Songs for the Planet written, recorded and on the charts. That’s one hit environmental song for every endangered species to help save them from extinction.

Let’s get rolling on some songs for your favorite endangered species today.

For all the life that loves to live, Stele Ely *EarthE Man*
72O. 34O. 8O8O



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