The Pig That Therefore I Am x Miru Kim y Stele


skin mingled, secretions, pores
five hundred pounds and I
naked bodies, nerves, vapors
pig thigh to human thigh

the pig (that therefore) i am
skin shivers, tingles, flays, thrills

curious mouth, chews hair
blunt teeth, bruises arm
stiff teats, bristled affair
human belly to pig belly

the pig (that therefore) i am
skin glows, rashes, wounds, heals

on hooves, on hands and knees
in the loud mechanical sty
smeared saliva, urine, feces
pig eye to human eye

the pig (that therefore) i am
skin retreats, receives, refuses, cries

this squirming shoving show
in a walled, fenced, gated jail
in body language all will know
human tail to pig tail

the pig (that therefore) i am
skin scars, wrinkles, roughs, softens

but even these swine do nap
so concrete becomes our bed
momentarily we close the gap
pig head to human head

the pig (that therefore) i am
skin shudders, tickles, blisses, sweats,

The Pig That Therefore I /stele ely c11

I wrote this song based on Miru Kim’s statement about the The Pig That Therefore I Am show. Miru Kim’s photos and my song calls on us all to take a stand against factory farming.



Artists:: A vid, art or dance for this song would be nice.
Musicians:: Tweak and record your version and we will promote it here.
[ Miru Kim emailed me and said feel free to get creative. ]
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