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Give World Climate Action Awards to eco friends and others to thank them for their past or pledged environmental actions.

Lovers of our Earth’s biosphere are invited to copy and share, or print and give, these World Climate Action Awards that have been dedicated to our Biosphere, and

This World’s Biosphere

Life forms live in every part of the Earth’s biosphere, including soil, hot springs, inside rocks at least 19 km (12 mi) deep underground, the deepest parts of the ocean at 11,034 m (36,201 ft; 6.856 mi), and at least 64 km (40 mi) high in the atmosphere.

Extreme examples for life on the planet include:
Rüppell’s vulture has been found at altitudes of 11,300 m (37,100 ft; 7.0 mi)
Bar-headed geese migrate at altitudes of at least 8,300 m (27,200 ft; 5.2 mi)
Yaks live at elevations as high as 5,400 m (17,700 ft; 3.4 mi) above sea level
Mountain goats live up to 3,050 m (10,010 ft; 1.90 mi).

Scientists have found microorganisms living 800 m (2,600 ft; 0.50 mi) below the ice of Antarctica.

Recent advances in microbiology have demonstrated that microbes live deep beneath the Earth’s terrestrial surface, and that the total mass of microbial life in so-called “uninhabitable zones” may, in biomass, exceed all animal and plant life on the surface.

However, burning all of fossil fuels would adversely affect the ability of humans and other species to live on the planet. If non-CO2 greenhouse gases such as N2O and methane (CH4) were to increase with global warming at the same rate as in the palaeoclimate record and atmospheric chemistry simulations they would provide approximately 25% of the greenhouse forcing.

The IPCC says:
Further warming will continue if emissions of greenhouse gases continue.
The global surface temperature increase by the end of the 21st century is likely to exceed 1.5 °C relative to the 1850 to 1900 period for most scenarios, and is likely to exceed 2.0 °C for many scenarios
The global water cycle will change, with increases in disparity between wet and dry regions, as well as wet and dry seasons, with some regional exceptions.
The oceans will continue to warm, with heat extending to the deep ocean, affecting circulation patterns.
Decreases are very likely in Arctic sea ice cover, Northern Hemisphere spring snow cover, and global glacier volume.
Global mean sea level will continue to rise at a rate very likely to exceed the rate of the past four decades.
Changes in climate will cause an increase in the rate of CO2 production. Increased uptake by the oceans will increase the acidification of the oceans.
Future surface temperatures will be largely determined by cumulative CO2, which means climate change will continue even if CO2 emissions are stopped.

The IPCC states that global warming “could lead to some effects that are abrupt or irreversible”.

In an article in Science, Richard Alley et al. said “it is conceivable that human forcing of climate change is increasing the probability of large, abrupt events. Were such an event to recur, the economic and ecological impacts could be large and potentially serious.”

A 2013 report from the U.S. National Research Council called for attention to the abrupt impacts of climate change, stating that even steady, gradual change in the physical climate system can have abrupt impacts elsewhere—in human infrastructure and ecosystems for example—if critical thresholds are crossed.

So, tah-dah!, in recognition of‘s and‘s crucial climate protection work that is helping save our biosphere’s climate – and therefore humankind and other species – we are honored to dedicate these World Climate Action Awards to and

What’s not to love about work on “Climate-focused campaigns, projects and actions led from the bottom-up by people in 188 countries”, and that they say, “We believe in a safe climate and a better future — a just, prosperous, and equitable world built with the power of ordinary people.”

We also freaking [not fracking] love that peeps helped found and power up the Peoples Climate March!!

350 activists around the world say, “Join the Peoples Climate Movement in Washington, D.C. and across the country to stand up for our communities and climate. We resist. We build. We rise.”

And they say, “Everything we have struggled to move forward in the United States is in peril. Our loved ones feel under siege, and those in power in Washington are advancing a dark and dangerous vision of America that we know is untrue. To change everything, we need everyone.

Then there is the absolutely crucial initiative — the ** Divest-Invest Pledge **.

This initiative states that, “We can have a huge impact collectively when we move our money from fossil fuels to climate solutions. With renewable energy becoming more competitive every day, we can promote a healthy planet and economic security by divesting from fossil fuels and reinvesting in solutions.”

Read and do sign the pledge at to make it real!!!!!

And another BIG THING here, ya gotta love‘s political arm that has the mission in the United States to initiate “Campaigns, projects and actions that will change climate politics for the better.”

Please donate to both‘s and‘s mighty fine projects… yessss… today.

By the way, Stele Ely,’s founder, participates in events, has taken the Divest-Invest Pledge and will continue supporting’s work with his time and a little money.

XOEarth Award Printing Tips

To print these awards, first go to your browser’s file menu and then to print preview. Decide which page you want to print. Set the margins to zero. Increase the custom size to between 100% to 107% depending on your browser. Then print.

There are two kinds of XOEarth Awards – Fast and Slow. Slow XOEarth Awards have a place to write the name of the person being honored, the eco action they have taken, and the name of the presenter. Fast XOEarth Awards don’t need to be filled out.

Copy and share, or print and give, these and our other XOEarth environmental awards to honor and encourage eco actions.





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