XOEList : Your List of Fave People & Animals That Have More Fun Because You Fight The Climate Change Monsters


An XOEList is your list + calendar of favorite people and animals that you promise to help save by taking environmental actions to fight the Climate Change Monsters - Hurricanes, Wildfires, Floods, Heatwaves and Droughts.

Once you have made your XOEList + calendar, check it every day to see who is next on the list. Then take environmental actions all day that will help protect our biosphere so your favorite person[s] or animal[s] of the day can have more fun and even live longer.

Also, check every day to see if your favorite person or species from the day before isn’t being severely affected by a Climate Change Monster. If they are doing ok, celebrate that your environmental actions have helped that person or animal get more time to live, play and love.

If you do a daily XOEarth Occupy or Block protest, add your XOEList person, animal or place of the day to your signs or performance if you want to.

Here's one way to make your XOEList + calendar

1] Get a paper calendar, or go to your online calendar, or open your calendar app.

2] Make a list of with the names of several people, animal species, pets, or places in the world that you like or love.

3] Enter each of those people, animal species, or places on various days of various days of the calendar year. [As an event or day reminder.]

Here's how to use your XOEList + calendar

1] When you check the calendar every day, look for the XOEList person, animal or place on that day or one that is coming up next in the future.

2] Find out if person, animal or place is being affected by a Climate Change Monster on that day.

3] If the person, animal or place is safe, take a little time to celebrate that your environmental actions may have helped prevent the Climate Change Monsters from affecting that person, animal or place.

XOEList Rad Notes

+ Almost every environmental action that you take will reduce the size of a Climate Change Monster somewhere in the world.

+ Sometimes your environmental actions will prevent a Climate Change Monster from even happening.

+ Sometimes your environmental actions will help stop or "slay" an existing Climate Change Monster.

+ Of course, it's nice to fill up your whole calendar with a different person, animal or place on each of the 365 days of the year.

+ It's superb you put more than one person, animal or place per day on your calendar if your want to.

+ If you want to enter the same person, animal or place on multiple days on your calendar, that's mighty fine.

+ It's rad and sweet to make and wear a little card or note with the name of a person, animal or place that is on your XOEList. That will show others that you are dedicating your environmental actions to help protect that person, animal or place from the Climate Change Monsters on that day.

+ If you prefer your XOEList to be a reg [regular] list - without a calendar - that's fine too. Just check your list everyday for the next person, animal or place on your list.

+ Your XOEList reg list can be kept on a piece of paper, on your social network timeline, in a notebook, in your note-taking app or word editor.

+ To make your XOEList reg list even more fun, pick a random number everyday - via Random.org or co2.earth - and go to that line number on your list to see what person, animal or place you have helped keep the Climate Change Monsters away from.

+ Once you have reached the end of your XOEList reg list, just start at from the beginning of the list again. Random.org can be used to randomize your list again before you start at the top of the list again.

+ Your XOEList can also be called an EarthList, Elist, Hug & Kiss EarthList, XOXOEList or XOECal(endar).

+ The reason we named it an XOEList is because the person who is using it has hopefully made a pledge to give a "hug [X]" and a "kiss [O]" to the "Earth [E]" everyday with their environmental actions in order to help save the people, animals and place on their faves "List [L]".

+ If you do a daily XOEarth Occupy or Block protest, add our XOEList person, animal or place of the day to your signs if you want to.


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Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. For love and life, Stele

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