Team : Staff, Sponsors and Contributors

To join our team by participating, tell us what you would like to do via our Contact us page or check out the Opps page for some of the positions we have.

To join our team financially, go to the our Donate page.
Stele Ely :: founder / songwriter / climate change educator :: His work is to help protect the life in our priceless biosphere – be it human, the itsy-bitsies or the humongous. Still entralled by the magnificence and mystery of lifeforms as seen through binoculars, a lupe, scientific inquiry and empathy. More about Stele and his services here.

Sandy Altland :: sponsor / supplies

Luke Comer :: sponsor / concept dev

Dave Weil :: in kind supplies / concept dev ::

Reg Saner :: sponsor / ideas / plus bicycle support

Karl Hanzel :: concept dev / inspiration / sponsor

Paul Siegler :: in kind supplies / concept dev

Kelvin Velo :: sponsor / consult

Zia Parker :: pr / concept dev / inspiration

Drew Pelton :: sponsor / ideas

Amy, Osei, Susan and Brian :: office space

E. Katsiyiannis Family :: sponsor / networking

S. G. Fernandez :: sponsor / networking

L. Kaptein :: sponsor

NSP CODE :: software support / Advanced Post Types Order

Anna Gayer :: pr

Keith Robzi :: concept dev

Ray Smith of Strangebryds :: audio / music production

Anthony Uhl :: graphics / concept dev

Jed Woolley :: web

Peter Hoy pr ::

Kat Reenstra :: pr

Scott Woolley :: concept dev

Ucumari :: photographer
Ucumari contributed a Cougar/Panther pic for an XOEarth Award.
For all the life that loves to live.

Tony Berling :: photographer
Tony contributed a Polar Bear pic for an XOEarth Award.
For all the life that loves to live.

Emmanuel Keller :: photographer
Emmanuel gave us a Buffalo pic for an XOEarth Award.
For all the life that loves to live.

XOEarth endorses and supports these climate teams ::

Sierra Club


Extinction Rebellion

Earth Justice


Union of Concerned Scientists

The Climate Reality Project

To those who we have not mentioned, but who have been and still are important to the development of XOEarth, thank you all!



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