EarthPassion: a powerful passion to thrive, and to not die


Use your current passion in a big way to help cool down this burning Earth so life, love and fun can keep going. If you can’t, pick another passion. ~se
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Lovers of the Earth,

Passion is a strong emotion or desire that can help us thrive, or it can kill us all.

The two potent passions in my life are my Earth passion and my Love passion.

My Earth passion is to help keep our planet’s sweet+magical+dying biosphere. So I dedicate at least half of every day on projects or direct actions to keep this Earth alive. That time is split between my XOEarth projects, and time with other climate activists, eco organizations or businesses that need get eco real.

My Love passion is to find the love of my life. To find someone who wants to explore this magical life thing together, dream, laugh and cry together, study science, arts, psychology and nature together. But my Love passion is also always goading my Earth passion to amp it up.

Peer-reviewed IPCC scientists from almost every country now say if we don’t slow down this climate emergency thing, it will make Earth way crazier or even hell in a few years or months. Helping stop those climate disasters means my Love passion will have a better chance to find the love of my life and have fun with them. And that galvanizes my Earth passion to take actions that help stop the climate monster heatwaves, floods, fires, storms, and terrorism, war and inflation.

So every day I team up with or support other Earth passion people who are fighting hard to keep this planet alive., the Sierra Club, some Democrats, and plant-based activists are a few of my faves that I team up with. Maybe the love of my life is hanging out with those teams too.

My Love passion is kinda like a beautiful forest with cute critters running around, and a babbling brook, and a periwinkle sky that I can connect with every day no matter what the weather and where I am. Ahhh for the chance to dive again into that deep delicious magical journey of kind amorous hearts and hot dancing bodies. It’s going to be grande. With a lot of Love and passion!

So my Love passion keeps cheering on my Earth passion. It gets me to challenge 14 people or businesses almost every day to promise to take a specific big climate action. For their promise I give them a little piece of art, a victory dance, a song or an award if they promise.

Sometimes my Love passion even dreams of finding the love of my life in my future lives when this life is over. I know that when I die, my atoms and molecules might get to become part of all kinds of lifeforms in the future. Hence, the longer this planet’s biosphere is alive, the more times my atoms and molecules will get to take part in the deep love dive with other future exquisite lifeforms.

Yes, even the metaphysical notion of finding my future lovers in my future lives is enough to rouse my starry-eyed Love passion. So my Love passion is thrilled when my Earth passion compels others to use very little fossil fuels, or helps stop the fossil fuel companies that are killing our zany planet.

Some of the big climate actions my Earth passion asks peeps to take are: to dedicate 44% of their time and net income with environmental organizations and projects that are helping cool this overheated biosphere; to eat plant-based and help others to eat plant-based; to only work for a business that dedicates major time and money to cool our luscious +rad+gasping Earth – no matter what their main product or service is; to grow a garden and get others to garden too; to make love not babies; to fight like hell to stop the climate monsters.

Anyway, my atoms and molecules might be fused into the bodies of hundreds or even thousands of future loves, whether they be of the human species or not, and that adds more fire to my already fierce Love passion and Earth passion.

The average American gets to decide if 1.5 square kilometers [.6 square miles] of habitat potential thrives, withers, or dies every year. There can be at least 4 million little and big critters living on the average 1.5 square kilometers, plus a few people too. A future love of my life might become one of those critters or peeps if I can save my square kilometer.

Who knows, maybe the love of my life and I will fall in love again when we meet in future lives. Who knows, some of your atoms and molecules might be there too as a part of another grande love celebration.

We may only have s6x months to save Earth from big irreversible negative tipping points that could make a biosphere collapse inevitable. But everyone can make lifestyle choices and take climate actions that can trigger little positive tipping points that will make things better right now for a thousand other people and lifeforms. There is even a chance that the little positive tipping points that a person triggers will help prevent one of the big negative global climate tipping points that could kill our planet.

Those future scenarios get my Love passion to beseech my Earth passion to make choices in my life, work, activism and diet that might trigger little beneficial climate tipping points.

All of that so I might find the love of my life, and when I die, to find another and yet another future love of my life on this enchanted+wild+rickety Earth!

For love and life, Stele

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