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____ environmental impact of jackets ____
Estimated carbon footprint, loss of natural habitat potential for one year, loss of plant and animal life potential for one year, and extinction potential, from making, packaging, shipping and/or using these products or services.
+ Except for CO2 emissions, estimates are based on Habitat, Life, Extinction Formulas v2 by the XOEarth Team. +
Estimates do not include the possible long-term ecological effects of climate change and persistent toxins.
Formulas use “human appropriated net primary production (HANPP)” to “CO2 emissions” correlation.
1 kg(kilogram) = 2.2 lb(pounds)   1 m^2(square meter) = 10.8 ft^2(square feet)
1 km(kilometers) = .62 mi(miles)   1 liter = .26 gallons
Jacket/Shell combo made with Polartec and fleece 

CO2 from [[#ref1]] for their Talus jacket

Product materials. 

Polyester, nylon
.64 kg 1.4 lb

CO2 released to make this product. 

30 kg
66 lb

Loss of natural habitat potential for one year to make this product. 

23 m^2
249 ft^2

Loss of native plant and animal life potential to make this product. 

72 kg
158 lb

How many of this product to trigger 1 potential species extinction. 

6.5 million


1. patagonia,com/ web/us/footprint [source missing/404]


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