EcoLotto : Post a Big Climate Action that You Take to Maybe Win $444 + Cool Stuff


Enter our XOEarth EcoLotto to win $44, $444 or $4,444, and other cool stuff for the big climate action[s] that you take to help save our sweet but hurting planet.

Winning Numbers for April 2023 : 2-9-16-31-48-57-64-89

Dear Green Beings, Thank You!!

To enter the monthly XOEarth EcoLotto ::

*1*  Write 44 or more words about the ecological action(s) you have taken to save our sweet planet in the last month.

*2*  Like our XOEarth Facebook page.

*3*  Post those 44 or more words to your Facebook Timeline and tag the post with @XOEarth.

Yeah! That’s all you have to do to be entered in XOEarth EcoLotto’s monthly ecological lottery to win $44, $444 or $4,444, and cool XOEarth stuff!


To be eligible to win, write about the specific, practical eco action or eco choice you have made.

Please set your post’s visibility to global so we can check out your awesome eco actions.

Plus, if your post visibility is global, we can assign a Quick Pick number to your post based on the post’s timestamp. The Quick Pick is used to find the EcoLotto winners.

Feel free to write about the everyday eco actions and choices that you take for the planet, as well as new or unusual eco actions that you take. The same ecological actions can be entered every other month.

Only one entry per person per month please. Entering yourself more than once a month does not increase your odds of winning XOEarth EcoLotto — because only your last entry made in the month is assigned the *eight EcoLotto numbers* for that month.

To win all or part of the prizes, winning candidates are asked to write about verifiable ecological actions or choices.

So keep taking eco actions for our sweet blue planet with your friends — and then enter our totally free XOEarth EcoLotto drawings every month!

Everybody in the whole world is welcomed to enter, not just U.S. citizens. Jackpot’s won by citizens outside the U.S.A. will be adjusted per a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) ratio ** See PPP.


All XOEarth EcoLotto Winning Numbers are determined via the first sixteen daily temperatures from a weather station in the Rocky Mountains near Boulder Colorado from the month after the deadline for each month’s EcoLotto posts.

See the ‘Random nitty gritty’ section below for the whole story on how the monthly winning numbers are determined.

Quick pick.

Eight eco lottery numbers between 0 and 99 are assigned to each XOEarth EcoLotto entry/message based on the Facebook timestamp at the bottom of each post.

We will try to check the entries every month for winners. We will also contact the winners. However, if you want to double check us, look below to find out how we determine the *eight XOEarth EcoLotto numbers* that are assigned to your entry.

Soon, we hope to put a little calculator here that you can use to get your *eight XOEarth EcoLotto numbers* without doing the steps below.

To find the *eight XOEarth EcoLotto numbers* that will be assigned to your XOEarth EcoLotto entry is still a slightly complex, so here goes.

First, look at the minutes from the timestamp that is found below your XOEarth EcoLotto post-entry on Facebook. Then go down to the Quick Pick table below and then to the line that matches that minute number.

Then go to the right to the temperature anomaly history for that year. Your numbers will come from values to the right of the decimal point for that year and the following seven years. If there is a duplicate number just go to the next year.

For example, let’s say your timestamp minutes are at 41 minutes. First go to line 41. 2001’s temperature anomaly was 1.14. So your first Quick Pick number would be 14. Your next seven numbers would come from the following eight years because there are two 80 numbers. So your numbers would be 14 28 80 52 90 79 60 43.

QuickPick table excerpt ::
39 1999 368.38
40 2000 369.55
41 2001 371.14 [> Start here]
42 2002 373.28
43 2003 375.80
44 2004 377.52
45 2005 379.80
46 2006 381.90
47 2007 383.79
48 2008 385.60
49 2009 387.43 [>End here]
50 2010 389.90
51 2011 391.65
52 2012 393.85

Facebook timeline messages will be searched for winning numbers – associated with the timestamps. Individuals that have the winning numbers will be contacted. But feel free to double check our work to see if you have won.

The numbers are called Quick Pick because XOEarth EcoLotto entrants don’t have to pick their own XOEarth EcoLotto numbers if they don’t want to. EcoLotto entrants only have to write the 44 words or more about the new or everyday things that they have done for the planet that month.

Sorry, entrants can’t pick their own numbers yet. We hope to allow entrants to pick their own numbers in the future when we figure out how we can do that. However, one way you can get different numbers than any post you make is to post another entry during the same month so you get a new timestamp for your latest qualifying post within the month.


To win the $44 prizes, a qualified candidate needs to have 4 out of the 8 winning numbers.

The odds of having 4 out of 8 of the winning XOEarth EcoLotto numbers is about 1 in 951.

To win the $444 prizes, a qualified candidate needs to have 3 out of the 4 winning numbers drawn.

The odds of having 5 out of 8 of the winning XOEarth EcoLotto numbers is about 1 in 26,461.

To win all or part of the $4,444 prizes, a qualified candidate needs to have 6 out of the 8 winning numbers.

The odds of having all winning XOEarth EcoLotto numbers two months are about 1 in 1,587,672.

The monthly $44, $444 and $4,444 XOEarth EcoLotto winning numbers will be based on the daily temperatures measured on a mountain near Boulder Colorado in the following month. Monthly entries that have been posted in the last calendar month (between the 1st and 31st of the previous month) will be eligible for that month’s drawing. Entries that are posted between the 1st day of the month and the day of the drawing will *not* be included in the drawing for the previous calendar month’s drawing – even though the drawing has occurred after the entry was posted.

XOEarth EcoLotto entry deadline for any given month is 11:50 p.m. on the last day of the month.

If more than one person have the winning numbers, the $4,444 and $444 pots will be split between the winners appropriately.


XOEarth EcoLotto’s mission is to honor those who have taken substantial ecological actions and made lifestyle choices that substantially benefit the planet — by giving them a chance to win cash and prizes.

Therefore, to qualify for all or part of the various XOEarth EcoLotto jackpots, an entry should score at least 1% based on the Team, Art and Logic categories of the XO Earth Pledge, and, be eco actions that have been suggestions by reputable environmental organizations or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [EPA]. The XOEarth EcoLotto Award Committee will be responsible for using these guidelines to score an entry by a Winner Candidate.

In other words, to qualify as an eco action that wins the full jackpot, the actions taken by the Winner Candidate should be actions that are both ::
1] endorsed or promoted by two or more nationally respected environmental non-profit organizations, or the EPA, as being good for our planet’s environment.
2] Score 1% or more in one or more of the Team, Art and Logic categories in the XO Earth Pledge.

Admittedly, this scoring system is a very rough measurement of a person’s eco actions, but it does give a basis for which to honor people for loving the Earth with their eco actions.

Winner Candidates agree that they will allow someone to interview them in person, on the phone or via the web about the eco actions they have taken for our exquisite planet.

Winner Candidates who are to be awarded a cash prize agree that their name and their eco actions may be announced on the XOEarth EcoLotto page, or may be announced in other media forms – such as radio, TV, web, newspaper and other publications.

If requested, a $444 or $4,444 Winner Candidate agrees to give a reasonable verification that shows they have taken the eco actions stated in their XOEarth EcoLotto entry. If requested, a Winner Candidate agrees to give the names of three friends or associates that are willing to verify that the winner has taken the eco actions stated by the winner.

The final decision as to whether a Winner Candidate will be given a full or partial cash award will be up to volunteers who belong to the XOEarth EcoLotto Award Committee, including Stele Ely. If the Award Committee and/or founder decides not to give an award to a Winner Candidate, the reason does not have to be provided to the Winner Candidate or to the public.

Wow, even though this qualifications section was intense, I sooo welcome and look forward to your XOEarth EcoLotto entries. I also hope you and your friends win some cash for your good eco work. However, whether you win one the lottery drawings or not — I hope you have fun with this ecological game and journey to protect our sweet Mother Earth!

For the life, Stele

PS: For more info, read the ‘Legal notice. Liability waiver.’ section below.

PPP – winners outside of U.S.A.

**PPP** A jackpot won by a citizen from outside the U.S.A. will be adjusted if the citizen’s home country per capita Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) divided by the U.S.A. PPP is less than 1. For example, a per capita PPP for Thailand of $8,225 divided by the PPP for the USA of $46,859 is 18%. Therefore, the big jackpot amount received by a qualified winner from Thailand would be $800 US dollars — 18% X $4,444.

Please write all entries in the English language.


To participate in XOEarth EcoLotto, clubs or kids 10 to 16 years of age need to submit their XOEarth EcoLotto words, art, songs and media, and their eco action stories as a group under the supervision of an adult. There should be at least 6 kids in a group. No children under 10 please.

Eco citizens of any age are very welcome to participate in the XO Earth ecological pledge and game for the biosphere.

Quick pick list.

Line Year Mean
00 1960 316.91
01 1961 317.64
02 1962 318.45
03 1963 318.99
04 1964 319.62
05 1965 320.04
06 1966 321.38
07 1967 322.16
08 1968 323.04
09 1969 324.62
10 1970 325.68
11 1971 326.32
12 1972 327.45
13 1973 329.68
14 1974 330.18
15 1975 331.11
16 1976 332.04
17 1977 333.83
18 1978 335.40
19 1979 336.84
20 1980 338.75
21 1981 340.11
22 1982 341.45
23 1983 343.05
24 1984 344.65
25 1985 346.12
26 1986 347.42
27 1987 349.19
28 1988 351.57
29 1989 353.12
30 1990 354.39
31 1991 355.61
32 1992 356.45
33 1993 357.10
34 1994 358.83
35 1995 360.82
36 1996 362.61
37 1997 363.73
38 1998 366.70
39 1999 368.38
40 2000 369.55
41 2001 371.14
42 2002 373.28
43 2003 375.80
44 2004 377.52
45 2005 379.80
46 2006 381.90
47 2007 383.79
48 2008 385.60
49 2009 387.43
50 2010 389.90
51 2011 391.65
52 2012 393.85
53 2013 396.52
54 2014 398.65
55 2015 400.83
56 2016 404.24
57 2017 406.55
58 2018 408.52
59 2019 411.43

# These data are made freely available to the public and the scientific community in the belief that their wide dissemination will lead to greater understanding and new scientific insights. The availability of these data does not constitute publication of the data. NOAA relies on the ethics and integrity of the user to ensure that ESRL receives fair credit for their work. If the data are obtained for potential use in a publication or presentation, ESRL should be informed at the outset of the nature of this work. If the ESRL data are essential to the work, or if an important result or conclusion depends on the ESRL data, co-authorship may be appropriate. This should be discussed at an early stage in the work. Manuscripts using the ESRL data should be sent to ESRL for review before they are submitted for publication so we can ensure that the quality and limitations of the data are accurately represented.
# Contact: Pieter Tans (303 497 6678;
# File Creation: Mon Jul 6 09:06:51 2020
# See for additional details.
# Data from March 1958 through April 1974 have been obtained by C. David Keeling of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) (
# The estimated uncertainty in the annual mean is the standard deviation of the differences of annual mean values determined independently by NOAA/ESRL and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
# CO2 expressed as a mole fraction in dry air, micromol/mol, abbreviated as ppm

A note from Stele.

I am thrilled to invite all eco-logical citizens to enter our totally free eco lottery – as our thanks to you friends for helping protect our exquisite biosphere.**

For all the life that loves to live, Stele Ely

I, Stele Ely am doing XOEarth EcoLotto because he thinks that the kids, critters, birds and fish of the future need our help. So, do some good things for our ultra excellent biosphere and then enter this fun eco-logical lottery. Whether or not you win an XOEarth EcoLotto jackpot, thanks a lot for your actions for the planet.

Jackpot payouts are partially paid for by donors, and partially by Stele. To donate to the current Jackpots, or to fund higher Jackpots, contact Stele. Donor’s names will appear on our Team page if wanted.

Random Nitty Gritty.

All XOEarth EcoLotto Winning Numbers are based on the first sixteen maximum daily temperatures from a weather station in the Rocky Mountains near Boulder Colorado from the month after the deadline for each month’s EcoLotto posts. To get each of the winning numbers, two numbers from the single digit position in two consecutive days are put together.

For example, here is the data from that weather station for June 2020. For the first winning number for May we took the 6 from the 2.6, and the 4 from the 24, to get 64. Then we took the 0 from the 30, and the 9 from the 39, to get 09 [or simply 9]. In the end, we get the numbers 2-9-16-31-48-57-64-89 as arranged sequentially.

01 26 17 22 1.6
02 24 12 18 -2.4 [so we get 64]
03 30 11 21 0.5
04 39 22 31 10.5 [so we get 09]
05 34 13 24 3.5
06 18 9 14 -6.5 [so we get 48]
07 31 17 24 3.5
08 36 16 26 5.5 [so we get 16]
09 23 11 17 -3.5
10 21 6 14 -6.5 [so we get 31]
11 25 11 18 -2.5
12 17 10 14 -6.5 [so we get 57]
13 20 11 16 -4.5
14 32 10 21 0.5 [so we get 02]
15 28 2 15 -5.4
16 39 1 20 -0.4 [so we get 89]
17 31 8 20 -0.4
18 24 7 16 -4.3
19 29 4 17 -3.3
20 39* 0* 20 -0.2
21 37 25 31 10.8
22 26 14 20 -0.1
23 24 13 19 -1.0
24 31 20 26 6.0
25 30 21 26 6.1
26 36 22 29 9.1
27 33 15 24 4.2
28 24 12 18 -1.8
29 25 9 17 -2.7
30 21 10 16 -3.7
31 31 11 21 1.3 If the Boulder station is not available for some reason, we will use Mauna Loa, HI first, or Grand Junction, Colorado 9 W second.

Legal notice. Liability waiver.

XOEarth EcoLotto is a non-profit, non-commercial project organized to honor, entertain and give individuals a chance to win some money for taking a stand for our sweet planet with their actions and life choices.

We are not a 501(c)3 yet. However, if you or your business would like to sponsor XOEarth EcoLotto so we can have bigger jackpots, please contact us. XOEarth EcoLotto’s awards are sponsored by Stele Ely.

It is the XOEarth EcoLotto organizer’s goal to maintain a permanent system that will reward thousands of people for their eco actions. It is also our goal that the cash and prize rewards will greatly increase in order to reward numerous people around the world.

However, XOEarth EcoLotto is new and is being developed in an informal way by founder Stele Ely and volunteers, and therefore may have errors or make statements that may not reflect the intention of the founder or volunteers.

We really hope the following paragraphs are un-necessary, but here goes. In an attempt to limit XOEarth EcoLotto’s and Stele Ely’s liability, especially early on in this development stage, the following limitations of liability are stated. We hope to eliminate these statements once we get rolling and XOEarth EcoLotto has proven itself.

XOEarth EcoLotto and Stele Ely hereby state that none of our actions, statements and/or mistakes in the past, present or future on our website or in any other media will obligate us to more than $54,000 in prizes per year at this time. We also hold the right to cease operations permanently or temporarily, even in the middle of any XOEarth EcoLotto cycle, and not be liable for, or have to pay the stated jackpots or prizes.

Each XOEarth EcoLotto cash awards that might be given to winning candidates will first be approved by the awards committee and/or the founder. The awards committee and/or the founder holds the right to decide whether or not to pay out a jackpot or prize with each winning candidate. Any reason(s) for not awarding a prize do not have to be given to a winning candidate or the public.

We honestly hope and do not expect to use any of the statements above to justify our actions. However since we are in the trial period of this XOEarth EcoLotto, we have decided to try cover the liability aspect of the project in some way. Once we have de-bugged XOEarth EcoLotto we will rewrite this waiver.

XOEarth EcoLotto is void where prohibited. We have not heard it is illegal anywhere – but just in case.

For all the life, Stele Ely



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