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The EarthE Honors Credit can be either a monetary or non-monetary reward (or perk) that participating businesses give to customers (or employees) to honor them for taking environmental actions.

Businesses offer an EarthE Credit to customers in exchange for ::

1/  A *Love letter to the Earth* that a customer has written about an eco action(s) they have taken in the last month. These may be brought into a business, posted on a businesse's Facebook page and/or on the businesse's blog - depending on the business.

2/  An XOEarth Award/ Money that the customer has received from a friend or employer for an eco action(s) they have taken in the last month.

3/ Taking specific eco actions described by the business, such as riding their bike to the store or bringing their own reusable shopping bag or reusable drink container.

Or, a non-monetary credit can be given to customers ::
For example, *ringing the bell* is a way to show customers that you appreciate an eco action they have taken. All it takes is a little bell, a chime, a drinking glass and spoon, a cow bell or something else for the checkout clerk to *ring* when a customer does something good for the planet. Customer actions might include bringing their own bag, bringing reusable containers, biking to the store or donating to a eco charity box at the checkstand.

Letting the clerks say or even call out a cheer -- or just saying "EarthE on" -- when someone takes an eco action is another non-monetary reward to give eco customers. Checkout for more non-$$ rewards.

Businesses that want to offset the carbon footprint of customer purchases are also invited to check out GreenBeanz -- an EarthE Honors Credit sister project. >>

Invitation to Eco Conscious Businesses ::
To offer an EarthE Honors Credit at your business, simply print, fill-out and post the EarthE Honors sign at your business. You can print these little 4.25" x 5.5" signs at or, contact us if you want a pdf version.

To fill-out your EarthE Honors Credit sign, write the Credit/ discount that you have decided to offer on the blank line, and then your business's name on the bottom. Below is an example of how to fill-out your EarthE Honors Credit sign.

Love letter to the Earth ::
The *Love letter to the Earth* redeemed by a customer should include 44 or more handwritten words describing the ecological action(s) the customer has taken in the last 30 days, plus their name and date. The love letter may be written on the customers' own paper, or, on "love letter stationary" with your business's name on it, or, on "scrap paper" that you offer them.

Or, if allowed by a business, the letter may be posted on the businesse's Facebook wall and/or cross shared on the customer's wall. The business would decide whether to allow this, in order to get a credit or discount. Alternatively, a business may ask customers to add the love letter to their business blog.

Posting these *Love letters to the Earth* and the EarthE Awards/ Money on a bulletin board in your store -- or in a little love letter box on a counter -- is a superb way to inspire other customers to take environmental action too, and show your community that you support environmental actions.

The *Love Letter to the Earth* is our new baby. This environmental love letter is an easy way for people to write and talk about what they are doing for the planet, and in turn, encourages them to keep up their good eco work.

Customers will be using the *Love letter to the Earth* far more than the *EarthE Awards/ Money* to get a discount.

EarthE Awards/ Money ::
The EarthE Awards/ Money redeemed by a customer should have been awarded to them by a friend or employer for an environmental action the customer has taken. EarthE Awards/ Money should have the signature of the person who has awarded it to them, an eco action they have taken in the last month, and their name written on the front or the back.

Even though there are several stores that offer EarthE Credits, most people don't redeem the EarthE Award/ Money they have been given for taking eco actions. We have heard that this is because a lot of people like the EarthE Awards/ Money and do not want to give it up. We have also heard that a lot of the EarthE Award/ Money ends up on the refrigerator door or in a billfold for years. This goes to show that people are not being honored enough for their eco actions!

For Your Business + For Your Planet ::
Imagine the local media (and even national media) covering your business as one of the first to honor and motivate ecological customers who bring in a *Love letter to the Earth*.

Then imagine thousands of other businesses offering this eco discount because your business started honoring ecological customers.

Offer the EarthE Honors Credit to your customers -- for your business and for your planet.

Print and Post Tips ::
The sign looks best if it is printed on heavier paper, and laminated, or covered with clear packing tape. To make some nice table-tents, put some double-sided tape near the signs' fold-line.

Once you have made your signs (or received them from us), post them on your front door, by the cash register and elsewhere. The signs describe how the EarthE Honors Credit works in a way that customers and employees can quickly understand.

Print your EarthE Honors Credit sign at, or contact us if you want a pdf version.

Order Your Signs ::
We will be happy to make your signs for you if you want. In return, consider making a donation via Paypal or credit card of any amount to EarthE Honors. Once we have received your request (with or without donation), we will fill-out, laminate with tape, and mail four, double-sided, good looking 4.25" x 5.5" EarthE Honors Credit signs to you.Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Please be sure to tell us what EarthE Honors Credit (sales discount or other credit) you want to offer your customers so we can add it to your signs.

Size and Kind Of Credit ::
The Credit(s) your business offers is up to you. In general, participating businesses are giving a sales discount of 10% as their Credit. We are suggesting clerks at the business give customers the EarthE Handshake too.

If you prefer to limit your EarthE Honors Credit to specific items or to a specific day of the week that's fine. One business has limited their Credit to one item only.

Current discounts offered range from 5 cents to 25% off. The most common discount is written as "Up to 10% Off". We hope you will consider a discount that states "Up to 15% Off" or "Up to 20% Off". Most businesses find that 10% discounts are seldom utilized.

By the way, the reason we keep calling it an EarthE Honors Credit -- and not EarthE Discount -- is because businesses may choose to honor their environmental customers in ways that do not include a discount. For example, business might want to offer a gift as their Credit.

If you only want to accept the EarthE Love Letters, we will send you a sign that excludes the mention of the Awards/ Money. The number of *Love letter to the Earth* or 'Awards/ Money' that you receive from customers will depend largely on how much you promote or mention the EarthE Honors credit to customers.

Biz Directory ::
Once your business starts giving an EarthE Honors Credit, contact us if you want us to add you to the EARTHE HONORS BUSINESS DIRECTORY.

Signed EarthE Awards/ Money ::
To be valid for a Credit at your store, EarthE Awards/Money should have the handwritten name of the person who it was given too, the eco action they are being honored for, and the signature of the presenter. This information may be written on either the front or the back. The person who received the EarthE Awards/ Money is the only one who can present it to a business for a Credit.

Offer Blank EarthE Awards/ Money To Customers ::
Businesses may want to give out blank EarthE Awards/ Money to customers. Giving out blank EarthE Awards/ Money can help bring in new eco customers.

To print EarthE Awards/ Money to give to your customers, go to the EarthE Awards/ Money section on the home page.

When giving out blank EarthE Awards/ Money to customers you can say, "Award this EarthE Awards/ Money to one of your friends for an eco action they have taken by writing their name, the eco action they have taken, and your signature on this EarthE Money. They can then come in and get our 10% EarthE Honors Credit (discount)."

Ask clerks to put the EarthE Awards/ Money they receive for a Credit (discount) in the cash register. The manager or owner can then verify why the Credit (discount) was given when reconciling the drawer.

EarthE Awards/ Money Availability ::
EarthE Awards/ Money can be printed for free at

Custom EarthE Money ::
We will design some EarthE Awards/ Money that has your business's name on it if you want. Environmental coordinators and environmental incentive programs are invited.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

You will then be able to print-out and give EarthE Awards/ Money with your business's name on it to your customers. It will say, "Sponsor: Your Business Name" on the bottom of your custom EarthE Money.

Fake EarthEs ::
The great news is that we have only heard of one customer in 18 months that has tried to abuse the EarthE Credit! However, because the EarthE Honors Credit program is an honor system, it is possible that someone will forge their own EarthE Awards/ Money. That's why businesses might want to add "UP TO" in front of their discount % offered. Then, if someone appears to be abusing the Credit, the clerk or manager can limit the Credit being given to that person.

Opting Out ::
To stop giving EarthE Credits, simply remove your EarthE Honors Credit signs at your business location. Then contact us and we will remove your name from the EARTHE BUSINESS DIRECTORY

Marketing and Press ::
When we contact local media we ask them to talk about the specific businesses that are offering the EarthE Credit. We will confirm with you before we announce your name in any press coverage.

Consider teaming up with other EarthE Credit businesses in your advertising. Ads may include a *Love letter to the Earth* example, blank *eco love letter stationary*, an EarthE Awards/ Money note and/or the names of participating businesses.

Contact us if you want help or customized materials.

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:: Print the 4.25" x 5.5" EarthE Honors Credit signs here.
:: To print an 8.5" x 11" sign, right click on the sign below, then save image and print.
:: Contact us if you want a pdf version to print.



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