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  • Fish Award +Sierra Club +350.org =Honor Ur Peeps W This Cute Critter

    Fish Award +Sierra Club +350.org =Honor Ur Peeps W This Cute Critter

      Give Fish XOEarth Awards to eco friends and others to thank them for their past or pledged environmental actions. Lovers of our Earth’s biosphere are invited to copy and share, or print and give, these commemorative XOEarth Awards to your government officials, friends, businesses, customers, volunteers and employees to thank them for their environmental […]

  • Wicked Tooth : Cool Critters Called the Narwhals

    Wicked Tooth : Cool Critters Called the Narwhals

      Play >> Wicked Tooth Narwhal .mp3. don’t drive your car, too far, too far if you please, for the narwhal they are calling us, please please please far far up north, some cool critters called the narwhals you know they got a wild ivory tooth sticking out of their nose they are ultra rad […]

  • Hand Dry Jive

    Hand Dry Jive

      Play >> Hand Dry Jive .mp3 hand dry jive, we’re doing the hand dry jive not using electric or paper towels we’re hand dry jive now over in the forest far away there’s a tiger this very day with a little message for you and me they are cutting down a bunch of trees […]

  • Just Another EarthDay

    Just Another EarthDay

      Play >> Just Another Earth Day .mp3 just another earthday seems like only yesterday trees and plankton blow sweet oxygen cute bikers and walkers make the air clean fish do the finny ballet for all to see eco lovers honeymoon close to home just another earthday may it be like yesterday birds and bees […]

  • Passion Tree

    Passion Tree

    Play >> Passion Tree .mp3 From sapling, water, poo and pee, I will be your passion tree. I live to protect one you love from hurricane, drought and flood. ~~ touch my .bright green .leaves not .high /c dm7 em c although a sapling .tree, .but I /dm7 c dm7 live to .give to .one […]

  • Greenin Groovy : Slow down you drive too fast : pq Paul Simon

    Greenin Groovy : Slow down you drive too fast : pq Paul Simon

    Play >> Greenin Groovy .mp3   Slow down, you drive too fast. We’ve got to make the planet/climate last. Just pedaling down the cobble stones, wheelies for fun and bike’n groovy Hello sprockets bet ya knowin, you keep my juicy juices flowing and make the air sweet for me. no co2, bike’n groovy bike-a-logical, eco-logicool […]

  • Bike Baby Bike

    Bike Baby Bike

    Hello Earth Lovers, We need more songs, art and words to help stop the friggen offshore drilling that is killing our oceans, air and climate. Plus, writers are needed to help buff out the songs I have started below. Ideas: Bike Baby Bike (below) Kill Baby Kill (below) Billions Baby Billions (below) Don’t Buy A […]

  • Acid Test : Carbon Dioxide Emissions Absorbed by the Oceans

    The Acidification of the Oceans needs more songs, art and media to help save them. We will pay you for a good song, art or media that calls on peeps to take big actions to stop the acidification and save the oceans. Go to XOEarth.org/VOX for more about submitting your ocean song or art or […]

  • Green Green Home

    Play >> Green Green Home [via Soundclick.com] GREEN GREEN HOME / stele c02 “Green, Green Home” is a love ballad about a guy looking for an environmentally conscious home for his love and himself because he wants them to live a healthier life together. It calls on builders to construct green houses too. GREEN GREEN […]

  • Set The Water People Free

    Set The Water People Free

    Play> *Set The Water People Free .mp3* Set The Water People Free honors all of those who are helping protect the whales, sharks, tuna, toothfish, dolphins and many other ocean species. This song is especially those who are on the open seas such as the Sea Shepherd crew. The Sea Shepherd pirates have put their […]