350 CO2 PPM : so nifty eee


3.50 eee, so nifty eee, our rad planet needs, 3.50 .eee
CO2 parts per million to make our climate fun
so let’s all reduce some, mahX8 CO2 parts per million, nahX8

pelican, farmer, coral, dancer, orca, nerd too
say reduce, reuse recycle to make less CO2
penguin, mom, salmon, dad, lion, crab too
say repair restore rethink to get cool won’t you

4.15 .vvv, too hot to thrive/ 2011 didn’t jive (with) 3.95 .vvv 1 4 5 c f g
CO2 parts per .million, . fires and drought, less .fun f g x2
so let’s all .reduce some, mahX8 .CO2 parts per .million, nahX8 f g x2

marmot, starfish, singer, beetle, butterfly, hiker too
say reverse global warming no spewing CO2
bluejay, bff, orangutan, lover, sparrow too
say reinvent regift rebel to be cool me too

2.75 .vvv, .pre industrial .time, no fossil fuels .(to) fry , 2.75 .vvv 1 4 5 c f g
CO2 parts per .million, . the weather was more .fun f g x2
so let’s all .reduce some, mahX8 .CO2 parts per .million, nahX8 f g x2

cheetah, frog, toddler, giraffe, lemur, moose, too
say stop climate change put a tax on CO2
plankton, artist, whale, falcon, geek, pillbug too
say repurpose respect recover to get cool its true

350 eee, so nifty, this party planet needs, 350¬¬
CO2 parts per million, makes our climate .fun
we can all reduce some, CO2 parts per million

poet, zebra, cricket, cat, geek, dog too
say reduce, reuse recycle to make less CO2
gibber (dah dee dah doo waa shaa) to
re de re be re te re to get cool its true

4.15 .vvv so 2012, too hot for penguins. 3.97 . 1 4 5 c f g
CO2 parts per .million, . cool it to have more .fun f g x2
so let’s all .reduce some, mahX8 .CO2 parts per .million, nahX8 f g x2

3.50 .eee, .so .nifty .eee, our rad planet .needs, 3.50 .eee 1 4 5 c f g
CO2 parts per .million .to make our climate .fun f g x2
so let’s all .reduce some, mahX8 .CO2 parts per .million, nahX8 f g x2

350 CO2 PPM /stele c12

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Photo credit: 350.org

Bothell, Washington, USA, Oct 10 2010

Friends and neighbors gathered for the Songaia Cohousing Solar and Permaculture Work Party to promote sustainable agriculture as a solution to climate change and urge leaders to pass clean energy policies.

This was one of over 7,000 climate action events taking place in 188 countries around the world on 10/10/10 as part of “The Global Work Party.” This synchronized international event is organized by 350.org, and is expected to be the largest day of environmental activism in history.



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  1. SteleEly Avatar

    McKibben, known as “the nation’s leading environmentalist,” came to Columbus on Tuesday as part of a 21-city, 26-day tour called Do the Math. Organized by the global environmental group 350.org, the tour is an extension of McKibben’s phenomenally popular article “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math” which appeared in the July issue of Rolling Stone.
    The first number, 2 degrees Celsius, is thought to be the maximum temperature increase permissible without causing runaway climate change. The second number, 565 gigatons, is the amount of carbon scientists say humanity can burn without exceeding the 2 degrees Celsius limit. And the final, perhaps most terrifying number — 2,795 gigatons — is the amount of fossil fuel that companies possess in their known reserves and plan on burning.

  2. SteleEly Avatar

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Annual Greenhouse Gas Index, quoted in the bulletin, shows that from 1990 to 2011, radiative forcing by long-lived greenhouse gases increased by 30 percent, with CO2 accounting for about 80 percent of this increase. Total radiative forcing of all long-lived greenhouse gases was the CO2 equivalent of 473 parts per million in 2011. nationofchange.org

  3. SteleEly Avatar

    Carbon dioxide is the single most important greenhouse gas emitted by human activities. It is responsible for 85 percent of the increase in radiative forcing over the past decade. According to WMO’s bulletin, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere reached 390.9 parts per million in 2011, or 140 percent of the pre-industrial level of 280 parts per million.
    The pre-industrial era level represented a balance of CO2 fluxes between the atmosphere, the oceans and the biosphere. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased on average by 2 parts per million per year for the past 10 years.

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