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Romantic and sweet ways to honor a lover and yourself for saving the planet::

1 > Take an eco action for the planet before you make love with your lover or with yourself.
Taking an eco action before making love can help manifest the deepest and most magical love making possible. green foreplay >

2 > When appropriate, offer sexy gifts to your lover or romantic friends to honor them for the eco actions they take for our earth.
Eco gifts of passion may include sexy kisses (even air kisses), love making, cuddle time, romantic poetry, arousing dances or erotic arts. erthy perkx >

3 > Reward your own eco actions by giving yourself some sexy pleasures — and invite your lover to join in if appropriate.
Eco self honoring may include solo love making, erotic dreaming, naked dancing, passionate literature, hot artwork and healthy sex toys. ecoelation >

4 > Put the ErthEros symbols on your clothes, skin* and belongings to show others that you use your sexy powers every day to protect the biosphere.
To put on the ErthEros symbols, use a blue or green ink pen or permanent markers to draw a planet with the male “->” and/or the female “+” added to it. sexee symbols >

5 > Sign the ErthEros vows affirming that you will take eco sexy actions every day for our exquisite biosphere.
Print out and sign the ErthEros vows card if you would like. Print extra cards to help your friends get eco sex y too. h’eros vows >
Lovers Sex Cubist Art Paint Chalk

h’eros vows.

Eco sexy citizens are invited to print-out (or write-out) and sign the ErthEros vows.


.org (y)
As a lover and defender of my ravishing Earth,
I have a burning desire to help manifest
the deepest and sweetest love
making possible for all beings.

signature / date

:: therefore I vow ::
To take 1 or more eco actions before I make love to my lover or to myself.
To offer eco sexy perkx and gifts to others to honor them for taking eco actions.
To honor my own eco actions with sexy goodies.
To take a passionate stand for my planet in public.

The vows can be printed-out on the ErthEros cards below.

Print the ErthEros card for a quick guide about how to use your sexy powers to save our awesome but failing blue planet.

#4 The ErthEros card print-page #4 has 4 cards on each print page. (Cut out and fold to get 4 cards out of each page.) >>

#8 The ErthEros card print-page #8 has 8 cards on each print page. (To print both sides of the cards, run the paper through the printer two times.) >>

#10 The ErthEros card print-page #10 has 10 cards on each print page. (However, your printer and browser combo must be capable to do 10-up, and the top and bottom margins should to be set to zero. Internet Explorer does 10-up pretty well.) >>

Here is a page with tips for printing these cards — via

**Plus, those who want an ultra deep pledge with their sweet planet, there’s also the ErthEros pledge.
Erth Eros pledge/ card front
Erth Eros card back - print page #4
Erth Eros goodies/ card back
Erth Eros: Lovers Red And Blue Fires

erthy perkx.

Giving romantic, erotic and non-erotic gifts to your lover and to the appropriate romantic friends is a delicious way to thank them for the nice things they do for our precious Earth.

There are heaps of sexy green things that can be offered to others for being eco conscious. For example, some sexy perkx include cuddle time, sensual dancing, deep love making, yummy sparking, titilating footsie, sensuous massage, making out, naked time, peaceful petting, wild whoopie and tender tickling.

And of course, there are probably hundreds of different kisses that might be given to others their green actions, such as sweet kisses on the cheek, kisses on the hand, french tonguey kisses, butterfly kisses, seductive air kisses and ultra erotic kisses (that are too juicy to describe here).

Add your sexy ideas for ways to honor others’ eco actions on ErthEros Facebook.

**Also check out XOEarth Honors for a bunch of non-sexy eco rewards.**
Kiss Andro Nature Tree Meld Painting

sexee symbols.

Draw or sew the ErthEros symbols on your clothing, skin* and belongings to show others that you use your sexy ways to help protect the planet.

Get your eco sexy style rolling by using blue and green ballpoint pens, permanent markers or acrylic paints to put the ErthEros symbols on shirts, pants, dresses, backpacks, flags and other things.

To make the ErthEros symbols, use a pen or permanent marker to draw a blue or green planet with the male “–>” and/or the female “+” added to it.

Ballpoint pens can be used safely to put the ErthEros symbols on the skin as they are non-toxic by law. Green sex y places to put the ErthEros symbol include the back of your hand, forearm, shoulder, ear lobe, thigh and beyond.

If you want your ErthEros symbols to symbolize your sexual preference, add both the male and female symbols to the planet, or multiple male and/or female symbols to the planet.

To make an ErthEros bracelet, draw one of ErthEros symbols on the ends of a piece of stretchy material (such as t-shirt material). Then tie it around your wrist to show you are taking sexy ErthEros actions. A Fisherman’s Knot is a bend that can be used to adjust your bracelet (or necklace).

**If you prefer to put on a non-sexy symbol to show your commitment to the planet, put on an X0 (as the human and the planet) with the X0 Earth project. Check out the pics of people putting on the X0.

Couple entwined


It’s also important to honor your own self with erotic, romantic and other goodies for the sweet things you have done for our sweet voluptuous biosphere.

There are a bunch of eco erotic things that you can do for yourself for being an Earth lover that walks your talk. Some things to do for yourself include a sensuous self massage, erotic dreaming, provocative dancing, making sizzling artwork, solo love making, reading a romantic sexy respectful story and an erotic honoring respectful movie.

And naturally, if your lover would like to join you in your personalized eco sexy rewards that is spritey too.

If you want to buy and use sex toys to honor yourself, get the ones that are environmentally conscious and use rechargeable batteries (if applicable).

Add your erotic ideas for ways to honor one’s own eco actions on ErthEros Facebook.

**Also check out XOEarth Hon0rs for non-sexy eco rewards to give yourself.

green tantra

green foreplay.

ErthEros is kindly calling on all humans to give their love to the planet with their environmental choices and actions in order to experience the most magical love, passion, balance and happiness in their lives.

ErthEros proposes that once individuals discover how much more romantic and magical their life is after they have offered their eco gifts to the planet, they won’t want to go back to their old non-eco-sexy ways.

Below are a few of the uncountable physical, mental and spiritual reasons that helping protect our planet can make sex the best it should be.

Sacred and tantric sex philosophies say that to experience the highest levels of physical sex and spiritual sex it is necessary to give love to the river of love that flows between all life-forms and humans on our planet. It also states that love and passion can soar when all aspects of a person’s life is open to giving and receiving love. Love exists and can transform into its most exquisite forms when it is allowed to move in this multi-dimensional flow.

ErthEros is based in part on these premises of sacred sexuality, tantric flow and the universal exchange of love.

For example, here is one of the possible dimensions of an relationship that is both ecological and sensual. It can be a beautiful and pure turn on — both consciously and subconsciously — for a person to know that the environmental actions that they have taken are helping make it possible for thousands of other life-forms and humans to celebrate life and sweet sex as well.

Imagine, life-forms near and far that are wiggling, giggling, singing and dancing for joy because of your environmental actions. And then, that those life-forms are in-turn reflecting their love vibrations back to you. Then imagine, that that helps you dive even deeper into your own blissful green sex.

From an even more environmental perspective, visualize yourself making love in a bed on this Earth that has silkier, a more virginal air, a more crystalline, pulsing waters, a more wild, writhing soil all because of your environmental actions. Imagine all of this manifesting an ever more expansive and amazing journey into your eco erotic sensuality.

Is it possible that the highest level of romantic and spiritual sexuality is attained only when one becomes part of a global celebration of shared love with other life living on the planet? Whether these sacred and tantric sex ideals are true or not is hard to prove. However, as Earth lovers we have nothing to lose by living a lifestyle that is in harmony with the biosphere — and yet we have a world of delicious intimacy to gain.

On the dark side, few of us want to imagine how our actions have hurt the planet and its life-forms when we are making love. However, our conscious and subconscious knows what we have done. For example, is it possible that within the subconscious of a person that has fallen prey to the traps of consumeristic excess, that there are nagging images of a planet with wafting waves of smog, pollution and other caustic goop, due to the landfills and toxic wastes that they are helping create? If so, these subconscious and conscious images could be a substantial inhibitor of sex. Could this be one of the reasons millions are seeking “medical help” for their depressed sex drive.

And of course, there are also a king-sized-bed-full of purely physical — health related — reasons that sex can be better after making lifestyle choices that protect the planet and reduce pollution.

Toxins can travel around the world to seriously effect a person’s physical health — and in turn one’s sexual health — via the atmosphere, the water and the products and the food we buy. Pollution and poisons that is the byproduct of a distant foreign manufacturing process used to make a “consumer necessity” that we have purchased can come back to haunt our sex lives.

Poisonous manufacturing processes we support today have the potential to poison us tomorrow and shriveling the joy of sex. When it comes to pollution and libido it can be a *teeny, weenie world*.

More about the pollution and sex, eco psychology, green sex and eco sex connections can be found here and on the web.

And so, if you are an Earth lover, we hope you jump-in-bed with us and other h’eros for the planet in this exciting eco orgy of environmental action. yessss… more… sweet… deep… green… love… sweet… deep… green… love… yesssss…

Add your eco sexy ideas on the ErthEros Facebook group.
Lovers Leaf Spiral Hair Paint


ErthEros invites all Earth lovers to join us in manifesting a more compassionate and sensual world — by taking environmental actions that help protect our sexy planet — and by rewarding others’ eco actions with some sexy goodies.

There are countless physical, mental, spiritual and erotic fruits that come from living an ecological lifestyle.

For example, pollution and toxins can affect the circulatory and hormone systems in both men and women — which in turn can wreak havoc on the libido.

Low levels of some pollutants — sometimes only a few molecules — can become a catalyst for sexual problems due to the physiological and psychological influences they can have. The booming sales in libido medications, sex therapy herbs, and even rare animal parts that are mythologized to be aphrodisiacs, is only one indication of this problem.

Plus, if a person’s own heart, body and mind each know it has helped create a sweeter, luscious, more vital planet — rather than a grimy’er, slimy’er planet — there is a way better chance that one’s erotic pleasures and true love will survive and grow.

Psycho-sexually it seems logical that love making is better for those whose “foreplay” includes preparing one’s boudoir with clean air, clean water and a clean environment. Anecdotal research by an ErthEros volunteer has shown that, “those who are helping protect our earth are having more romantic and intense sexual experiences due in part to their enhanced psychological well being”.

Giving ecological love to our biosphere may be crucial for one to experience the sweetest and deepest love and life journeys.

There may be a metaphysical river of love that flows through the biosphere… a river of love from which flows the purest essence of sensual passion… a river of love that flows to those who have given love to the biosphere by taking eco actions that nurture it… a river of love that empowers the purest and most divine of ecstasies.

So why not demonstrate your respect for your planet with some loving eco actions for the chance to float, jump and dive deeper into climatic bliss and green sex?

Experience the purified, honest, primal and sensual powers rising up within your heart and between your legs as a result of the actions you have taken for the watery planet that you love. Sprawl your beautiful self upon this tasty blue orb and let your beautiful phoenix rise up to soar in ecstacy.
purple wings

brave heart.

Telling your friends or a lover that you have taken a vow to *make love to the planet before you have sex* may sound a little tricky. However, once they see your commitment to helping this priceless planet and hear about the potential for fantastic’ eco sex, they will hopefully be thrilled to join you in this eco erotic experience for all the life that is loving to live.

Turn your friends on to ErthEros when the something about sex pops up — in a discussion or in other places. Laying out your eco sexy goal to *take an environmental action for the planet before you make love* might just turn out to be the perfect eco juicy icebreaker.

So tell your friends and others that you are eco sexy — and how they get eco sexy too — by sending ErthEros info out via email, local media, phonecalls and cyberspace.

wet news.

Give some love to the ErthEros Facebook baby ooh.. laa.. laaaa..

This month’s ErthEros focus action is to challenge a lover or a friend to join you in taking a eco actions to slow down the global warming crisis and the climate change monsters.

Check out to learn how to estimate how much natural habitat your eco sexy actions can help protect — in square meters. (For example, 23 miles of eco sexy biking to do errands — instead of driving a 23 mpg car — helps protect about 8 square meters of habitat. 0.8 X 10kg = 8 sq. meters).

Invite friends and associates to a get together on ErthEros party day every 3rd Saturday to have some eco moist fun. Add the Biosphera : Danse 4 The Species to your party to journey into the hearts and minds of Earth’s lifeforms.
luna moth sex

inter connect.

Join us on our ErthEros Facebook group. It’s a cuddly place to post a message, share stories and pictures about your eco sexy actions.

Naked Gardeners Succulents

xtreem pledge.

For those who want a **ultra deep eco pledge** with their sensual self and planet, here’s Erth Eros pledge.

Signing this steamy eco pledge is totally optional. However, this pledge is a provocative way to meet your ErthEros goals, and to show others you are willing to *go all the way* for our planet’s lifeforms that live to love.

Your pledge is also dedicated to the 140 lovely species that you will help save from extinction by giving 14 hours of your time in the 4 categories of Team, Arte, Logic and Love.


.org (y)
h’eros for the planet, for life, for peace
seeking a global eco-orgy
name/ date

As a citizen of this wet and ravishing Earth, I have a burning desire to help manifest the deepest and sweetest possible love making for all species, humanity and in my own life by taking these eco sexy actions.

Therefore — to show my love for this gorgeous biosphere and ecstatic throbs — I pledge to take these deep ecological actions before amorousing.


My goal is to support environmental organizations and non-profit teams that protect this climaxellent Earth with 14 hours or more of my time and/or income* every month.

*Donate 14 hours of one’s income or pay per month to environmental organizations to meet this goal.
Local and national enviro Teams and orgs get down in the gov, media, field and community to protect the best shagging places on Earth.
Log:: Jan__ Feb__ Mar__ Apr__ May__ Jun__ Jul__ Aug__ Sep__ Oct__ Nov__ Dec__
nookie snooksie boom zooms notes


My goal is to speak, write, create media or eco art to inform, inspire or reward actions that help this orgasmical Earth with 14 hours or more of my time every month.

Every Earth lover can be a hero for the planet by using their words, actions, talents, nude street theater in an eco arousing or Artful way.
Log:: Jan__ Feb__ Mar__ Apr__ May__ Jun__ Jul__ Aug__ Sep__ Oct__ Nov__ Dec__
silky throbs o’hon-eyb-aby-esss notes


My goal is to use logic and science to make the most shagadelically Earth friendly lifestyle, consumer and work decisions 14 or more hours per month.

Eco Logic and science is a sensual journey into the future benefits of our current eco actions on life and libido locally and worldwide.
Log:: Jan__ Feb__ Mar__ Apr__ May__ Jun__ Jul__ Aug__ Sep__ Oct__ Nov__ Dec__
sexilitious tingle bangle juices notes


My goal is to explore and embrace the love, beauty, wisdom and wit of this erocktic Earth’s species and ecosystems with 14 or more hours per month.

Erotic time in nature, life-science and spiritual studies, music and naked arts are ways to connect with the web-of-life’s wisdom and Love.
Log:: Jan__ Feb__ Mar__ Apr__ May__ Jun__ Jul__ Aug__ Sep__ Oct__ Nov__ Dec__
creamilicious humpy pumpy bumps notes
Print, sign and post the ErthEros goals to join this global envirorgasmic action.
Estimate and enter your monthly percentages (or check marks) into the log cells each month.
Enjoy the reward of sweet and deep throbbing with your romantic partner, or on your own, as a reward for meeting your ErthEros goals.

Print, sign and post these four ErthEros goals — at home, work and play.

Enter your monthly percentages/scores or check marks into the log cells each month.

14 hours of a person’s time is about 10% of an average 140 hour work-month. Divide your hours given per month by 140 hours if you want to get your exact time contribution score-percentage.

Here’s the easiest part to remember, once you have met your ErthEros eco goals for each day, be sure and enjoy the reward of some magical and juicy sex, sexy toys or other fun perkx on your own or with your romantic partner.
grasshopper eros


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