Bug Bites : Ecological and Gastronomical


The Perennial Plate Episode 78: Eating Insects from Daniel Klein on Vimeo

Songwriters, help me write a song about the proposed ecological and gastronomical satisfaction of eating bugs. This insect eating thing may take a few weeks to go big with the average eco folk in the US, even though bugs are eaten with glee all over the world.

Check out David Gracers pitch to make the culinary use of insects more common. I guess I should been nibbling on a few of the thousands of grasshopper that invaded my garden this summer. So listen to this entomophagy – bug munching – pundit’s good points. As a largely raw foodist, I am not sure grasshoppers are to be eaten such. Boiled or sauteed crickets anyone?

Please pass this song around to friends and favorite musicians.



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