Dance Local + Play Local :: Organize A Fun Event Close to Home to Cool Our Planet

Dance Local + Play Local :: A neighborhood or local community that has a bunch of fun events that are not far from peoples’ homes is good for the planet. It saves gasoline and jetfuel when peeps play and party close to home.

So help build your fun and eco+logical community by supporting or starting a fun and rad way for your local peeps to connect and have a good time.

Dances are sweet way to help build community and a neighborhood. How about starting one where you live – for your peeps and for your planet?

Helping get locals together to sing, paint, massage, hike, bike, party, play music, play cards, study, have a Farmers Market or whatever is good too. It’s important to help build a local community and neighborhood that gets folks together so they don’t have to burn any or very little fossil fuels to have fun. Local fun helps slow down the burning of our planet.

For those who bike, walk or carpool to your event or dance, honor them with a little discount, a gift, a victory dance or ring a little bell. Our XOEarth Honors page has more ways to thank your peeps for their eco actions.

If you offer tea or beverages at your event or dance, provide tea bags, drink mixes and water so peeps can make the drinks at the event. Provide reusable cups and encourage your peeps to bring their own reusable cups and bottles. Mother Nature says absolutely no disposable single use drink containers, purty please.

If it is a dance that you organize, it’s up to you whether to start a salsa dance, conscious dance, swing dance, contact dance, twist and shout, walz, contra dance, kirtan or whatever style of dance.

Peas, love and flaxseed butter, XOEarth Stele


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