EarthFast : Gonna do an Earth Fast, yes I am!! [Goal BMI 20]


Hello Earth Peeps,

Gonna do an EarthFast, yes I am!!

I have decided to try and do a food fast for part of every day to help this awesome Earth get cooler again. I want to help slow down those pesky Climate Monster wildfires, heatwaves, floods and hurricanes that are killing our sweet+rad+failing biosphere.

Eating less will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that my diet is putting out so this party planet can keep going.

I am calling it an EarthFast. If any want to join EarthFast with me that would be zummy yummy.

By the way, I will be aiming for a BMI of 20. Still within the 18.5—24.9 healthy weight range set by the CDC. My current BMI is about 23.3 on 1.28.2023.

For more about what I eat and the supplements I take check out the Go Vegan Please page.

For love and life, Stele

“Earth Fast to help it last.” ~se



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