EarthFire :: Fire the owner or managers at work if they won’t help you save Earth



It is crucial that we quit our jobs [EarthFire our employers] if the businesses where we work are not helping save our dying Earth, or not willing to start doing so.

Therefore, EarthDare the owners, managers, staff and employees where you work if they are not already working hard to help stop the climate change monsters.

It is ok to suggest a timeline or give the owner[s] or manager[s] a deadline to complete the big climate action that you are requesting them to take. If they don’t honor your proposed [and reasonable] timeline, then negotiate the timeline or inform the business that you have to quit your job [EarthFire the employer].

Far more of us need to ask and demand an owner[s] or manager[s] where we work to promise to start taking specific Earth saving actions, and to stop taking specific Earth killing actions.

Timeline and tactics.

If necessary, inform an owner or manager where you work that you will have to quit your job [EarthFire them] within 2 months if they say they will not stop taking the action that hurts our planet and the people, and will not sign an agreement to consider the request. A shorter or longer timeframe may be more apropos for you.

It’s also good to invite them to sign a promise that you can share with others. A handwritten promise is great.

Ask them to sign two copies of the pledge. One copy for them and one for social networks and the news, if appropriate.

And obviously, offer them something cool, fun or rad in return for agreeing to take the specific eco action. Video the agreement if possible.

Video and share the agreement if possible.

Invite other staff and employees to thank the business owner or manager for the big climate action promise.

If the owner or your manager does not agree to the requests, ask them to seriously evaluate the request and to contact you in 10 days or some other time frame.

Even though you work there, consider doing a Rebel action as a protest against the business by blocking an area or a representative fraction thereof on the sidewalk in front of the business.


It is crucial that we ask businesses every day to NOT buy, sell or support unsustainable products or programs, and honor them FOR selling or supporting sustainable and ethical products and programs.

It is important that we ask people in person where we work to promise to take actions to operate sustainably if they are not already.

It is urgent that we ask people in person where we work to donate 24% of their profits to projects or environmental organizations that are protecting and restoring our damaged biosphere.

It is vital that we remind our managers and colleagues that they can help this exquisite planet last longer so we keep having fun.


Check out EarthDare for ways to dare or challenge the owner or manager to Promise to take one of the Big Climate Actions that you suggest. You can EarthDare an owner or manager face-to-face, and via phone, social media, email or mail.

Also see EarthDare for ways to maybe even make your climate challenge EarthFire process. For example, you can offer the owner or manager an award, a victory dance, some art, a future story, a song, or other cool things if they will Promise to take the Big Climate Action you are requesting. Also offer to do a positive social media post to thank them. Invite other employees to join your EarthDare in person, or wherever they are.

We hope your owner or manager accepts the challenge so you won’t have to EarthFire them.


Use to show the owners and managers at the business where you work how much habitat potential is being lost due by any unsustainable actions or by selling unsustainable products.

Check out XOEarth Honors for more ways use your talent to honor your employer for taking specific big climate actions.


The word EarthFire stands for the firing of, quitting of, or the intentional ending of, a business relationship or other relationship because the other party is doing or not doing something that is unnecessarily hurting our Earth’s biosphere. In this case, the quitting of a job is the firing of an employer that is not climate ethical and is endangering your Earth.

Quit. Gulp.

So EarthFire the owners and/or managers [quit your job] where you work if they will not help you fight hard to save our sweet+wild+burning planet Earth.



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