Fridge Blankie : Add Refrigerator Insulation to Cool Climate Change

We have put plain fleece blankets around our refrigerator and it really helps. We used magnets to make them stay a little closer. Refrigerator insulation on old and new fridges rock.
For more life, Stele

Creatives, we need songs, art and words about putting blankets or other insulation around old and new fridges to insulate them to make them more eco logical.


The refrigerator is the most energy needy appliance in your home. Adding additional insulation to the outside of your icebox can cool your energy bills considerably. It takes 50% less power consumption through extra insulation with polystyrene foam (styrofoam) to make a green eco fridge! CoolFridge /


Blankies on sides and back of refrigerators can make them way more efficient. Even “efficient” or energy star refrigerators will be more efficient if there are blankets on the sides.

Most refrigerators have condenser coils on the bottoms that may get dirty easy.

A refrigerator on a pallet may help keep the condenser coils from getting as dirty as a refrigerator that is sitting on the floor. A refrigerator on a pallet may prevent the refrigerator from getting damaged if there is a minor water leak on the floor. A refrigerator on a pallet probably does not need a “solid floor” on the top of pallet to keep air flowing from the fan over the condenser coils.

Not many refrigerators have coils on the back anymore and may or may not be advantageous – depending on the airflow in a room.


Walk in refrigerators can lose a lot of cold air when opened and therefore can be more wasteful than multiple stand-alone refrigerators. However, if several stand-alone refrigerators are in rooms that get quite warm, it may be better to make one walk-in that pipes the heat to the condensers outside of the building.

Multiple efficient refrigerators may be more efficient than walk-ins. Multiple efficient refrigerators create a back-up system.


Ice house unit that is completely “off-grid”. The walls, and ceiling are 19″ thick of insulation board. The floor is 16″ thick and is a combination of insulation and lumber. The ice was harvested in December from a pond on the property and the entire stack of ice has only melted about 8″. The refrigerator is accessed a few times with each meal of the day.


Thirty-five nations and the European Union decided to curb hydro fluorocarbons, a set of powerful heat-trapping gases used in refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pumps, and insulation.


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