Dr Guy McPherson : On Behalf Of A Living-Dying Planet


Watch this rather important Guy McPherson presentation at Victoria University, to nurture your life of excellence, and empower your eco logical actions that will save your life - if only for another precious second. This vid was shot inWellington in New Zealand December 2016. >>

Another Guy McPherson vid was done by Heart Body and Soul. Guy McPherson talks again about Abrupt Climate Change and Edge Of Extinction. It was livestreamed May 2017. >>

Excerpt from OnlyLoveRemains.org ::
So You've come to grips with near-term human extinction. It's a lonely conclusion, one that interferes with many relationships. You want somebody with whom to discuss the most important topic in the history of our species. It seems most of your friends and family are in denial.

Now what?

In response to numerous requests, we have developed a workshop to address this issue. The workshop follows naturally from Guy McPherson's presentations on abrupt climate change. It's the logical next step for those interested in pursuing healthy psyches and healthy relationships after concluding the worst.

This workshop distills hundreds of hours of scholastic reading, deep introspection, and facilitated practice into an eight-hour workshop. It is not a grief-recovery workshop. Rather, it is a synthesis of our professional expertise in light of near-term human extinction. It is an active, interactive experience focused on the topic of living fully in light of evidence pointing toward the near-term loss of habitat for humans on Earth.



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