Hexed With Hals Neurosis


In 1987 a lone astronomist discovered a planet with high concentrations of gold buried just under its surface in various locations. This information was kept secret from the public by the Gureid Corp.

So the HAL computer had been programmed to replicate bionic life from a mathematical genetic code nencorporating fractils. The elite greedheads that developed the bionic being had a plan: combine 30,000 genes from the cow that has a natural talent for smelling gold with the DNA of a programmed humanoid named Misty.

The spaceship was launched. But in 2001 things went wrong as we all know. People died. The space ship floated around as a ghost ship for years.

But then HALs OS was rebooted by a lone robot that was reanimated in 2140. HAL proceeded to “birth” the first Misty. Side effects of the cow plus human genetic manifested a Misty that had big cow lips and beautiful fractals all over her body.

Misty was enabled to find the locations of the fields of gold on the planet Mahblah. So she was sent from the mother ship in her own small spaceship to the planet.

She returned to earth with samples. Meantime Misty became Miss Universe. Misty was a big hit with the greedy people.

The greedy men on earth all wanted to go back to the gold planet with her. So they bid against each other for the dubious opportunity to go the gold planet with her. With the $500,000 from the winning bidder, Misty ordered another spaceship to be made, and bought materials so HAL on the mother ship could replicate more Mistys.

So Misty and the winning bidder blasted off to resupply the mother ship and then on to the gold planet.

HAL the computer used the supplies to replicate more Mistys that were also sent to the Earth. Thousands and then millions of Mistys were replicated, went to earth and took the greedy men and women who bid for the chance to go to the gold planet.

After a few years, all the greedy men and women were gone. The non materialistic ecological men and women did not go. Finally, with no bidders at any price, the Mistys simply roamed the streets as they could not find any more greedy people that wanted to go to the gold planet.

Once on the faraway planet, Misty and the man lived out their lives on the planet. Their lives were rumored to be long and blissful, but no one knows for sure. Others said that all the Mistys grew old fast on the gold planet. Some said that the Mistys got Alzheimer disease and runny head colds.

The Earth started to heal. Earth was saved from environmental collapse. The Earth became a far more peaceful and beautiful place with only honest, loving, ecological humans living on it.

To celebrate the magical event and being that saved the planet they sang this word that was found on all the spaceships:
** Super Cow Lips Fractal Misty Hexed With Hals Neurosis **
to the tune of “Super cali fragilistic expiali docious”.

Hexed With Hals Neurosis /stele c12
music: Acoustic Assault entitled Earth (check out their other music)


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