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We may have six months to save our sweet+fun+dying Earth.

#Six #MonthsToSaveEarth

So that 45% of all multi-cellular life will not die by 2025, I hope you will, right now, join me and thousands of other climate activists in a promise to take big climate actions every day to help stop the killer heatwaves, floods, wildfires, hurricanes and other climate change monsters that are killing our awesome Earth home.

It is extremely important that you pick your team and start taking big climate actions now.

Go to the HERO 140 page for a list of superb teams to join, and some crucial actions that you can take every day on your own so we can save this baby.

Millions of humans already acknowledge the possibility that we have very little time to save our planet Earth, and millions are taking big climate actions to help stop it. In fact, if it were not for millions of people who have and are now taking big climate actions we would probably already have an uninhabitable Earth.

But we need you too. The number of disasters, temperature extremes and extinctions is still increasing every few weeks and could become irreversible within the coming months.

The record breaking disasters that continue to happen every few weeks and sometimes every few days are messing up our home every day. These climate monsters are destroying more and more of the forests, soils, oceans, rivers and lakes that make it possible for us to live and love. Those same ecosystems make it possible for trillions of other lifeforms to live and love too. So please join a team.

Just look at the die off in the ecosystems where you live or close to where you live. Then look at the pictures and read the stories about the die offs that are happening around the world. It is obvious that it is do or die time for humankind.

Add to the above the hundreds of climate scientists and conservation scientists that are warning us that ecosystems and the biosphere are collapsing and/or that the collapses will get a way freaking worse if we do not act now.

A failing biosphere will mean global crop failures, killer heatwaves, hundreds of millions refugees, mass starvation, terrorism, mass migrations, war, genocide, torture, murder, suffering and millions of extinctions.

Again, we may have only a few months to rescue our sweet+fun+dying mother Earth.

Now is the time to take action.

For those who insist on procrastinating a little more, read more about why we may have only a few months to save our Earth on the page.

Some of you may be thinking that we [may] have more than a few months to save our home planet - like 2 years, or 5 years, or 10 years, or 20 years, or 30 years. Even with those long and hopeful timeframes, if you are to live ethically and lovingly, you will take big climate actions now as well.

So thank you for acknowledging this climate emergency and committing yourself to big actions to save our home and our lives.

Thank you for acknowledging the collapses that are going on near your home and farther away.

Thank you for hearing and following your heart. Thank you for helping us save millions of sweet and wonderful humans and other life loving lifeforms, and ourselves.

Thank you for living a eco logical lifestyle that uses very little fossil fuels and creates less than less 3.5 tons of personal carbon emissions every year.

Thank you for dedicating at least 140 minutes a day of activist action and direct action with environmental organizations, with community projects, with your solo actions, on government action and on government reform to stop the climate change monsters. See how to help save our awesome planet's biosphere right now on the HERO 140 page..

Thank you for helping stop the climate change monsters to save this priceless Earth, save your peeps and save 140 species every day.

Big. Climate. Action. Now.

For all the Life, Stele Ely


PS: If you are an American, your climate and environmental actions [or non-actions] will decide the fate of about 1.5 square kilometers* of land and waters around the world every year. If you have times where you don't feel like doing the hero thing for the whole Earth, just do the hero thing for your little-big 1.5 square kilometers*. [My Square Kilometer]



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