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We may have six months to save our lovely+wild+sensual+dying Earth.

#S6x #MonthsToSaveEarth
#Six #MonthsToSaveEarth

So that 45% of all multi-cellular life will not die by 2027, join me and thousands of climate activists that are taking big climate actions every day to stop the climate monster heatwaves, floods, wildfires and other mega disasters that are killing our Earth home.

EarthDare, EarthLover, EarthTime and EarthMoney are some of our fave ways to save our Earth. Check em out to see how to do some big climate actions today.

If you are already taking big climate actions every day thank you soooooo oooooh much for helping make this week a little cooler on Earth and more fun!!

Millions already acknowledge that we have precious little time to save our planet Earth.

Millions are taking big climate actions to help stop the climate monsters.

Millions of people who have been taking big climate actions for the last 25 years have already helped keep the biosphere alive and helped prevent a total collapse that could have happened already.

If you are one of those who have helped keep our planet alive to this day please tell me so I can thank you.

But our biosphere needs more people to join a climate team and start taking potent and noble eco logical actions every day.

We need you if you have not joined us or some other team because the number of disasters, temperature extremes and extinctions is increasing every week and could become irreversible within the coming weeks or months.

Record breaking disasters continue to happen every few days and are messing up our fun+rad+yummy planet home. These climate monsters are destroying the forests, soils, oceans, rivers and lakes that make it possible for us and trillions of other lifeforms to live and love.

If you have not been directly or majorly effected by a climate born disaster you are lucky. But even if you are one of the lucky ones, you see the die off in the ecosystems where you live or close to where you live. Pics and reports show more big die offs every day all around the world. So yeppers, it is do or die time for humankind.

Add to the above the hundreds of climate scientists and conservation scientists that are warning us that the collapse of those ecosystems and our blooming biosphere is freaking coming if we do not act now.

But even if it is too late to save the multi-cellular on our biosphere, we can each help delay the collapse.

We can each help our sensuous planet live longer.

A failing biosphere means more killer heatwaves, hundreds of millions refugees, mass starvation, terrorism, mass migrations, war, genocide, torture, murder, suffering and millions of extinctions.

Again, we may have only a few months to rescue our sweet+fun+juicy+dying mother Earth.

So now is the time to be a main character in this real life adventure movie, not just an extra.

For those who insist on procrastinating for a few more minutes, go ahead and read more about why we may have only a few months [or weeks] to save our Earth on the page. But then get back here and click on one of the following big climate actions.

For others, go straight away to the EarthLover88 page for ways to dedicate 44% of your time and money every week [or less when necessary] to climate change teams and projects that are helping save our biosphere. [EarthLover]

Also go to the EarthDare page to learn how to challenge 14 people, businesses, or representatives to promise to take a big climate action in exchange for a victory dance, a song, some art, an award or some other fun thing for their promise. When you do EarthDares that time counts toward your EarthTime 44 HERO 140 minutes. [EarthDare]

Some of you may be thinking that we [may] have more than a few months to save our home planet – like 2 years, or 5 years, or 10 years, or 20 years, or 100 years. Even if we do have that much time, if you are to live ethically and lovingly, you will join us anyway in taking big climate actions now.

So thanks for acknowledging the climate monster disasters that are going on both near and far from your home.

And thanks for taking actions that will help save millions of sweet and wonderful humans [including ourselves] and other life loving lifeforms.

And thanks for dedicating 44% of your time and money to non-profit teams and projects that are working to help save our sweet+wild+ravishing+dying Earth. [EarthLover]

44% of your time means dedicating 19.4 hours a week to activist action and direct action with environmental organizations, with community projects, with your solo actions, on government action to stop the climate change monsters. [19.4 hours is 44% of 44 hour work week.] [EarthTime]

44% of your money means dedicating 24% of your net income every week [or less when really necessary] to climate change organizations and projects that are helping save our biosphere. [EarthMoney]

And go to the EarthDare page to learn how to challenge 14 people, businesses or representatives to promise to take a big climate action in exchange for a victory dance, a song, some art, an award or some other fun thing for their promise. When you EarthDare peeps and bizs, that time applies to your Earth24 time and HERO 140 minutes for that day. [EarthDare]

Take. Big. Climate. Actions. Now. [EarthTime]

Your big climate actions will give us more time to live and love.

Go Team Earth, Stele Ely


PS: If you are an American, your climate and environmental actions [or non-actions] will decide the fate of about 1.5 square kilometers* of land and waters around the world every year. If you have times where you don’t feel like doing the hero thing for the whole Earth, just do the hero thing for your little-big 1.5 square kilometers*. [My Square Kilometer]



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