Open Mic. Open Stage.


Musicians, artists and creatives are invited to post their eco songs, words, poems, art, video and other creations here. Some of the best songs from the comments will be added to the open mike chart. Fans are invited to tell us which creative works should be on the chart. Musicians and other creative folks who post their eco song here or on our XOEarth Facebook page, will get a chance to win $400 in our monthy XOEarth Lotto drawing. Other prizes include XOEarth Man's cape and signed XOEarth Awards.
For the life, Stele Ely

XOEarth's Open Mic Chart

1. Wake Up To Reality :: by Alicia Grant (video)
Alicia Grant singer and songwriter. Wake up to reality, the earth is fading fast, we only have one life to live, we've got to make it last.

2. Mother Nature Needs Us :: by the Pj Grand Band (video)
If we reach out to each other with love --respect and kindness -- we will indeed have the power to unite as one and save our environment---our home---- it's not a fantasy-----will make it our reality.

3. Everything's Gone Green :: Fabulous Lemon Drops (video)
From Brisbane, Australia. Let's all go green, protect the environment and take care of the planet. Sing along Fabulous Lemon Drops environmental song.

4. Oil Spill Response Song
a Musical Prayer for the Gulf of Mexico : While it is appropriate to feel outrage and horror about this unspeakably disgraceful oil spill and to demand justice and accountability it is ALSO important to humbly admit our own personal contribution to this disaster and to meditate on the purification of the planet's beautiful ocean waters - praying for and visualizing miraculous healing and transformation for us all - please sing with us. . . "connect us like the oceans, returning to the source, you are the vast life-giver, purify us all. . ."

5. Save The Planet Song :: by Michael Droste and Jeffrey Walker (video)
Two teachers from Illinois, teamed up to write a song that gives you simple steps that you can take to make the world a better place for you and everyone on the planet.


About Stele

Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. For love and life, Stele

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17 thoughts on “Open Mic. Open Stage.

  • SteleEly Post author

    Via Brian Payne : There's a calm on the horizon, a melody within the trees
    that place where morning gathers, a harmony along the breeze
    theres a history in the silence, in a place you never knowd
    on that highway of legends, in the blood that paved this road / brianpayne.bandcamp .com

  • SteleEly Post author

    Hi Nadina, Your words, "Mother taught me how to bake, How to cook a meal and the love it takes
    Pick the fruits and make ‘em jam, Saving for the cold days of the winter time"
    I especially your words in that part. Thanks a lot. Paz.

  • SteleEly Post author

    Behind the house where I lived
    Back when I was a kid
    I played G.I. Joe beneath the tall pine trees
    I'd fight imaginary wars
    Til my mom called from our back porch
    I'd come home covered in that pine pitch from my head down to my knees

    Too big to wrap my arms around
    Surely older than I could count
    Must have been there since the Mayflower crossed the sea
    They'd seen blizzards, hurricanes
    Summer droughts and freezing rain
    Those pines would live forever
    Least that's how it seemed to me

    We all the want the greenest lawn
    A country club where we belong
    And an SUV to get us there in style
    But we don't keep track of what's been lost
    We can't calculate the cost
    When there's no place left for a boy's imagination to run wild
    mark relli

  • Michael

    The world of tomorrow starts today, these thoughts of love are only gay, to save this planet day by day, the darkness of our greed grows, when it is our love that should be too.

  • Joe Avery

    Grow a Garden, by Joe Avery : Protest song by Joe Avery against the all-powerful multinational corporations that have been ruining our food, our farmlands and our traditional and natural way of producing what we eat. But the solution is within reach of just about every individual. Just grow a garden.

  • cmn

    In the middle of the ocean,
    Just us on this ship.
    The world is so vast,
    But just us and the ship.

    What do you say to the person,
    That person so careless with our water?
    Don't you see how precious this is, our water?
    Who would do that, grow Kentucky Bluegrass
    On our ship?
    Who would do that? Not me!
    What do you say to the person,
    That person so careless with our fuel?
    Don't you see how precious
    This is, our fuel?
    Who would do that, build
    A bonfire on the deck?
    Who would do that? Not me!

    Our supplies are limited
    We don't know how far
    We have to go.
    But it's a long, long ways still.
    So think!
    Think what it's gonna take.
    I can't say, but it's a long, long way
    To go.

  • SteleEly Post author

    Colony Collapse song and video is filmed at sites of ecological friction, the fault lines of conflict between humanity and (the rest of) nature. Check out this totally amazing sad and beautiful video with the Mud Volcano in it :
    Video includes the Lapindo (Sidoarjo) Mud Disaster that is an eruption of scalding mud and flammable vapors triggered by a gas drilling gone awry. It has buried more than a dozen villages and blocked a major highway, and is expected to keep expanding for the next 25 years. Lapindo is located close to the home town of the the director (Tooliq) and singer (Nova).

  • SteleEly Post author

    Amber Dee : "I hear music in my dreams then have to get up and record it." says Amber Dee, a musician and writer. Her quest is to understand this 'language' playing in her head. Amber is a popular guitar/music theory teacher and performs covers and originals on the side.

    Here is The World's a Garden, a sweet song that hints to Earth's potential to bring life back inspite of the troubles we lay on it.

  • roy cooper

    We wrote a song and made a video.
    Its about Aliens coming to earth and leaving crop circles, warning us not to destroy our world, as they did with theirs.

    The video stars our grandchildren. Since we put it on the net, it has been translated in to 6 languages. The video is now in English, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Spanish and Hindi. thats over 3 billion people in over 150 countries could understand it.

    Roy and Helen


    this is Mauri Nadina, an artists from Argentina.
    I wrote this song and would like to share it with the world.
    Thanks!! Love the Earth, Live with Art.

    Music and lyrics by Mauri

    Mankind we must remind
    Becoming one with nature is the secret of the mind
    Mankind we must remind,
    The teachings of the highest rise in front of our eyes
    Mankind we must remind,
    The fusion of the matter and the energy are profound
    Mother earth gave birth to all beings to unite and survive
    In this life

    Father taught me as a child
    How to build a garden and live off the ground
    Plants and trees would grow year round,
    Guided by the rainfall and the shining Sun.
    Mother taught me how to bake
    How to cook a meal and the love it takes
    Pick the fruits and make ‘em jam
    Saving for the cold days of the winter time
    Pure water form the ground
    Never left us thirsty when the summer comes

    Brother ‘bout fresh herbs he knows
    Some we use for seasoning and some we’ll smoke
    Rasta man knows how to fish,
    Pick coconut and breadfruit, make a beach day dish
    Sister Meli poked my brain
    Teaching me the importance of the “day by day”
    Unty taught me about our waste
    Recycling the materials that might hurt the earth
    Don’t, don’t’ hurt the earth, don’t don’t hurt the Earth!