Opps : Volunteer and Work with Team XOEarth


Here are some of XOEarth.org's volunteer opportunities for citizens and students who are looking for excellent ways to help our priceless planet.

Table or canvass with us or in your area using one or more of XOEarth's Projects to motivate others in your region to take eco logical actions.

Some of the tabling activities may include presenting XOEarth Awards and Eco Money to people to thank them for their eco actions, inviting people to write a song for XOEarth's "140,000 Love Songs For The Planet" project to win prizes, putting XOEarth Tattoos on people who pledge to take one or more actions for the planet every day (they are temporary), and giving out ecofx ecological footprint cards.

Graphic designers are needed to help update 10 of the XOEarth Awards using a template that is already created. This easy and creative project is explained in detail at the bottom below.

Create graphics, film, ads and multi-media that promote one of the XOEarth's Projects. Approved media will be released to media outlets -- such as magazines, YouTube, eco blogs, fairs and film fests.

Help student clubs in schools, campus environmental campaigns or national environmental organizations use XOEarth Honors to reward participants and volunteers.

Contact local or foreign press to get XOEarth Music, XOEarth
Eco Money
, XO Earth Tattoo kits, and XO Earth Pledges and Membership cards in publications for people to use.

Design new XOEarth Awards to be added to our Awards page, or design custom XOEarth Awards for clubs, groups or businesses.

Set up the XOEarth Credit or Discount at local or other businesses. Participating businesses give XOEarth Credits or Discounts to individuals who bring in XOEarth Awards or Eco Money that have been awarded to them for eco actions they have taken. Everyone can present an XOEarth Award or Eco Money to others for their eco actions.

Help establish a weekly or monthly XOEarth Award via local or non-local school paper, radio, tv, website or other publication.

Help manage a media blitz that calls on all businesses in a neighborhood or town to offer an XOEarth Credit or Discount by a given date.

Create and/or release a written or multi-media XOEarth piece -- such as a review, a video, marketing issue, press release or blog.

Conduct a community or campus marketing analysis, and/or develop and deploy a marketing strategy. International and language majors are needed to further our overseas connections.

Analyze XOEarth.org projects and then tell us how you would tweak our marketing and management strategies, and help us roll-out your idea if we like it.

Develop XOEarth pages, apps, games and projects if you are a programmer or webmaster.

Help roll out XOEarth Games that reward real-life eco actions via the web and non-web.

Create and release a written or multi-media PR piece for one of XOEarth.org's projects.

We can work with teachers so students can get school credit in return for their help with XOEarth's projects. A letter and webpage of accomplishment will acknowledge substantial work.

Graphic artists are needed for 10 new XOEarth Award designs::

The final XOEarth Awards will be added to the awards that we give to students and adults for taking ecological actions or pledges to take ecological actions. We present these awards in our free XOEarth presentations and shows. The design will also be added to the Awards page.

One of the new award designs involves collecting and arranging the images of about 150 life forms (species) on an XOEarth Award template that already exists. Examples are at XOEarth.org/awards. Specifically, it would be cool to have little picture cut-out silhouettes from actual photos that are added to replace the Buffalo or John Muir portrait in the Awards that already exist. The little "thumbnails" should create kind of a river of lifeforms flowing around but not touching the words on the award.

Stele has a few pics of critters and trees already, but you get to find the rest of the images yourself. If you would like one of your favorite categories of lifeforms, that's great too. Some lifeform categories include mammals, apes, carnivores, insects, birds, flying animals, fish, cetaceans, herbivores, wild canines and wild cats.

We also have an award design project that is a lot quicker. It involves putting only one image of a single animal or plant species in the middle of the award template.

It would be nice if the award with the animal or plant is surrounded by a halo of environmental action words and eco symbols. I have a collection of those words that I can send to the designer. It would also be nice to add a cool new eco quote by a conservationist or activist and a little portrait of that person in one of the little circles on the left side of the award.

Stele will work with you as you work if you like on these designs - via email, skype or in person.

Contact us today to join Team XOEarth on one of these opps.

For all the life that loves to live, Stele Ely


About Stele

Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. Peas, love and flaxseed butter, Stele

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One thought on “Opps : Volunteer and Work with Team XOEarth

  • Beverly

    XO Earthman is that you?? This is Beverly! We danced and had us a time at Shine a couple of weeks ago, and when you called, you didn't leave a number. And just now found my signed EarthE Note inside the program for the Choir that night.
    Fun time, thanks again.