Help Manifest Global Political Peace and Climate Peace with Your Ecological Team Actions


The most enduring peace and love will only be achieved when we are willing to be warriors in the fight to save our dying Earth.

By connecting people to a shared vision to protect our planet we can all help prevent conflict and unite citizens at local and global levels.

So please kindly call on all those around you to give their love to the planet with their environmental choices and actions in order to manifest and experience the most magical peace, balance and happiness possible.

XOEarth invites teachers, parents and leaders to use XOEarth Awards, tools and games to empower people from multiple cultures to work together for a healthy planet and peace.

Even though some people may feel they don’t have the time, resources or patience to give love to the planet, once individuals discover how much more intense, romantic, and magical life is after they offer their eco gifts to the planet, most won’t want to go back to the old way.

Peace + Eco Logic

Below are a few examples of the uncountable physical, mental and spiritual reasons that helping protect our planet can make love the best it should be.

Sacred love philosophies say that to experience the highest levels of love and life, it is necessary to give love to the river of love that flows between all life-forms, humans, and the web-of-life. They also say that love and passion can soar when all aspects of a person’s life is open to giving and receiving love — including mental, physical and spiritual. Love exists and can transform into its most exquisite forms when it is allowed to move in this circular flow.

XOEarth is based on and reaffirms these sacred love concepts of the universal exchange of love.

For example, it is easier — both consciously and unconsciously — to give true love when a person’s heart and mind knows that their environmental actions are helping make it possible for other life-forms and humans to also celebrate love and life. Imagine life-forms near and far that are wiggling, singing and dancing for joy because of your environmental actions, and that those life-forms — including humans — are sending out love vibrations toward you while you are giving your own love to friends and others.

Knowing that you are living and loving in a place that has “silkier, purer air”, “more crystalline, thriving waters”, and a “wild, writhing dirt” encircling it because of the environmental actions you have taken, is a perspective that can make your love an expansive and amazing journey.

Is it possible that the highest level of romantic and spiritual love is attained when one becomes part of a global celebration of shared love with other life on our planet? Whether these Sacred love ideals are true or not is hard to prove. However, as Earth lovers we have nothing to lose by living a lifestyle that is in harmony with the biosphere — and yet we have a world of superb love to gain.

On the other hand, few of us want to imagine how our actions have hurt the planet and its life-forms when we are in love. It is likely, however, that our heart and subconscious mind knows. For example, is it possible that within the subconscious of a person that has fallen prey to traps of consumeristic excess, that there are nagging subconscious images of a planet with wafting waves of methane, sulfur dioxide and other caustic gases, due to the landfills and toxic wastes that they are helping create? If so, these subconscious and conscious images could be a substantial love inhibitor — and therefore part of the problem for millions who are seeking “medical help” with their passion.

There are also thousands of purely physical reasons that love can be better after making lifestyle choices that protect the planet and reduce pollution.

Many studies have proven how toxins travel around the world to seriously effect our physical health — and in turn love and happiness. Therefore, pollution that is the byproduct of a distant foreign manufacturing process used to make a “consumer necessity” that we have purchased can come back to haunt us. These foreign (and local) toxins that we have helped create have many ways to get to us — by traveling on the wind and water, in another product we buy, or in a food we eat.

Poisonous manufacturing processes we support today have the potential to poison us tomorrow which in turn can shrivel the love away. When it comes to pollution’s effect on love, it can become a loveless world.

Much more about the “pollution-love”, “eco psychology love”, “green love” and “eco love” connections can be found on the web.

And so, if you are an Earth lover, we hope you “jump in” with us and others in XOEarth’s passionate environmental push to manifest more love. Let’s bring on the sweet… deep… green… love… sweet…

x Stele Ely, XOEarth director

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Sweet Biosphere > Sweet Passion

There are hundreds of the physical, mental and spiritual fruits that come from an environmental lifestyle.

Give yourself the chance to experience the more purified, honest, primal, powers that can rise up in your heart and from your soul as a result of actions you take for the planet you love. Then tune into your body and let your beautiful passions rise up to savor this tasty blue watery orb in your life and the love you experience with friends and family.

Many animal species decorate and tend their courting and mating areas with great care before they are able to make love. In the same way, if a person’s heart, body and mind knows they have helped create a sweet, luscious, vital planet for love — rather than a grimy, slimy toxic planet — there is a much better chance that one’s pleasure and true love will survive and grow.

Pollution and toxins effect the circulatory and hormone systems in both men and women in numerous ways — many of which wreak havoc on one’s love powers.

Psycho-lovingly there are many reasons that love is better for those whose fore-love includes preparing one’s home and even bedroom with clean air, clean water and a clean environment.

Studies are coming out every month that show that low levels [and even a few molecules] of some pollutants can become a catalyst for physical and love problems due to the many physiological and psychological influences they can have upon us. Of course, the booming sales in psychiatric medications, love therapy herbs, and rare animal parts that are mythologized to be love enhancers, provides additional evidence of this problem.

The positive passionate results of one’s environmental actions may be immediate, or may come down the road months or years from now, and may return and return again and again.

All of this is an eco-passionate play for the biosphere and for the Deepest Sweetest Love possible!

After all, where does love live and where does anger live – on a clean planet or on a dirty planet – on a clean bed or dirty bed?

Join the XOEarth team to deepen your love experiences, to bring more love to others — including friends, partners, family and other lifeforms.

The River of Peace and Love

Giving ecological love to our biosphere is a superb way to experience the sweetest and deepest peace love and life journey because ::

+ The river of peace and love that flows through the biosphere moves most freely to those who offer their own love to this mighty river, thus empowering their love even more.

+ The planet’s physical health is crucial to a person’s physical health and therefore one’s love and life energies.

+ A person’s body, mind and spirit is free to journey deeper into life’s bliss when the person’s body, mind and spirit know it has first given love to the Earth.

+ The Earth gives love and life back to those who give love to her.

+ We can show our love for our friends and the planet by giving love to planet with our eco actions.

+ XOEarth is about manifesting more love and passion in one’s life and for others by taking actions to protect the Earth.

+ A bunch of other reasons to give love to our magical planet to make love deeply magical can be found everywhere on



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