Polar Bear + NRDC Awards : Give Em to Your Green Peeps


Give Polar Bear + NRDC XOEarth Awards to eco friends and others to thank them for their environmental actions – either previous or pledged.

Lovers of our Earth’s biosphere are invited to copy and share, or print and give, these Polar Bear XOEarth Awards that have been dedicated to the Polar Bear and the NRDC.

The Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) is a carnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle, encompassing the Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses.

A boar (adult male) weighs around 350–700 kg (772–1,543 lb), while a sow (adult female) is about half that size. Polar bears hunt their preferred food of seals from the edge of sea ice, often living off fat reserves when no sea ice is present.

Because of expected habitat loss caused by climate change, the polar bear is classified as a vulnerable species, and at least three of the nineteen polar bear subpopulations are currently in decline.

In general, adult polar bears live solitary lives. Yet, they have often been seen playing together for hours at a time and even sleeping in an embrace, and polar bear zoologist Nikita Ovsianikov has described adult males as having “well-developed friendships.”

Polar bears are not territorial. Although stereotyped as being voraciously aggressive, they are normally cautious in confrontations, and often choose to escape rather than fight. Satiated polar bears rarely attack humans unless severely provoked. However, due to their lack of prior human interaction, hungry polar bears are extremely unpredictable, fearless towards people and are known to kill and sometimes eat humans. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polar_bear

In recognition of the NRDC‘s crucial work in the protection of our biosphere, we are honored to dedicate these Polar Bear XOEarth Awards to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The NRDC, works on a bunch of ecological issues in it’s obviously passionate mission to stop the destruction of our Earth and its inhabitants.

We love that have won battles in each of the first two arenas of that they have chosen to fight in:

1] Curbing Global Warming and Creating the Clean Energy Future
As NRDC says:
Climate change is the single biggest environmental and humanitarian crisis of our time. The world must unite to combat this crisis, and our best weapon is clean energy. Renewable power, conservation, energy efficiency in buildings and elsewhere, more efficient vehicles and clean fuels-these are the solutions that will reduce the impacts on our climate, revive our economy, and create jobs. NRDC works to jumpstart the clean energy future not only here in America, but also in China, where we have worked on energy issues for more than a decade, and in India, where we have established a new program to promote clean energy policies.

2] Reviving the World’s Oceans
The NRDC states: Powerful forces have pushed the world’s oceans to the brink of ecological collapse. NRDC believes we can restore marine vitality by ending overfishing, creating marine protected areas and improving oceans governance. By focusing on these solutions, we can achieve the broadest, most long-lasting benefits for our oceans and those who rely on the more than 2 million oceans-related jobs in America. We will also combat emerging threats, such as carbon pollution that has caused ocean waters to become overly acidic and climate change that has led to ice melts which expose the Arctic Ocean to fishing, shipping, drilling, and mining.

Go to NRDC to find out more about these other four arenas that they have chosen to fight in:

4] Defending Endangered Wildlife and Wild Places

5] Protecting Our Health by Preventing Pollution

6] Ensuring Safe and Sufficient Water

7] Fostering Sustainable Communities

As stated by the NRDC, “The Natural Resources Defense Council’s purpose is to safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals and the natural systems on which all life depends.

We work to restore the integrity of the elements that sustain life — air, land and water — and to defend endangered natural places.

We seek to establish sustainability and good stewardship of the Earth as central ethical imperatives of human society. NRDC affirms the integral place of human beings in the environment.

We strive to protect nature in ways that advance the long-term welfare of present and future generations.”

The NRDC also says, “We work to foster the fundamental right of all people to have a voice in decisions that affect their environment. We seek to break down the pattern of disproportionate environmental burdens borne by people of color and others who face social or economic inequities. Ultimately, NRDC strives to help create a new way of life for humankind, one that can be sustained indefinitely without fouling or depleting the resources that support all life on Earth.”

Please read more and take action with NRDC.org >.

A big thanks to the Natural Resources Defense Council for working so tirelessly for our priceless biosphere.

For all the life, Stele Ely

PS: Here’s the take on the NRDC by others ::
“The Better Business Bureau reports that NRDC meets its highest standards for accountability and use of donor funds.” — The Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau
“One of America’s 100 Best Charities…. Even by environmentalist standards, this is a relentless group of lawyers and scientists.”—Worth Magazine
“One of the nation’s most powerful environmental groups.” — The New York Times
“NRDC is, by many accounts, the most effective lobbying and litigating group on environmental issues.” — The Wall Street Journal
“NRDC’s lawyers are said by eco-observers to know more about environmental law than the government does.” — U.S. News & World Report

XOEarth Award Printing Tips::
To print these awards, first go to your browser’s file menu and then to print preview. Decide which page you want to print. Set the margins to zero. Increase the custom size to between 100% to 107% depending on your browser. Then print.

There are two kinds of XOEarth Awards – Fast and Slow. Slow XOEarth Awards have a place to write the name of the person being honored, the eco action they have taken, and the name of the presenter. Fast XOEarth Awards don’t need to be filled out.

Copy and share, or print and give, these and our other XOEarth environmental awards to honor and encourage eco actions.




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