XOEarth Environmental Awards Shows & Eco Operas


*XOEarth Environmental Awards Show, Eco Music And Videos* with XOEarth Man and Friends

XOEarth Shows are live performances or live videos with upbeat environmental songs, XOEarth Environmental Awards and ecological super heros.

This XOEarth Eco Awards show is mc'd by Stele Ely, aka XOEarth Man, and is available for performances at schools, businesses and special events, or via live or pre-recorded custom videos.

The basic show includes eco logical humor, stories and environmental awards punctuated by witty environmental folk and bluegrass songs.

Songs played at an XOEarth Show may include:
On The Clothesline
Under The Rainbow
The Earth Is Our Mother
Bike'n Groovy / Eat'n Groovy
To Bee
Wolverine Dreams
My World
350 Parts Per Million
Walk The Talk
For All The Life

Songs may be performed as part of the little XOEarth Award ceremonies to honor one, more or all of the members of the audience for their climate action or eco logical action pledges.

If organizers, employers or teachers tell us in advance about the environmental actions that one or more of the audience have taken, we will sing a custom eco song to thank the person. When it feels right, we bring the person on stage to hear their song.

A signed XOEarth Award will be given to the person after the song. These environmental awards can be framed if requested.

Optionally, other members of the audience or group may assist in presenting the XOEarth Award to honor the person - like the Oscars with environmental awards.

To top off the environmental award presentation, we can add other goodies to the mix, such as skits, talking animal and nature puppets, eco magic tricks and eco quotes from famous environmentalists.

Depending on the venue and client's need, XOEarth Shows can have guest musicians, performers, dancers and additional award presenters.

Rates start at $35 per show, and include a custom song or a custom video.

Contact Stele to schedule an XOEarth Show.

For more info about XOEarth Man and these shows check out the XOEarth Man page.

For all the life, Stele Ely

Contact Stele here.
Boulder, Colorado, 80305

PS: More info on the XOEarth Man page.




About Stele

Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. For love and life, Stele

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