Time For Love


hey songwriters and poets…. please co-write this song with me
add your lyric changes or critique in a comment
I have one melody I will add too, its got a C6 EMaj7 Dm
non-songwriters are invited to sponsor this song **


time for love x4… when forest and ocean say
yes, live bold for us this day
if you go to play, work or school
do walk, bike, bus, hitch or carpool
to keep us clean and spiffy cool

time for love x4… when our children say
live sweet for us today
if you go for food and goodies and things
get recycled, organic and less packaging
to keep our bodies and planet clean

time for love x4… when the wild critters say
yes yes live strong for us today
if you need some food, clothes or things
get organic, veggies and less packaging
for 140 thousand species, keep extinction away

time for love x4… when future loves recite
live brightly for us tonight
if you need some light, or fire and power
get solar, and wind and efficient clothelines
so hearts can beat to the end of time

stele ely

this song in progress was inspired in part by Yair Dalal’s “Time For Peace”



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