XOEarth VOX : For Eco Musicians, Artists, Writers & Creators

XOEarth VOX promotes and funds musicians, artists, film makers and writers for new work, or cover existing work, or parody that inspires people to take specific climate actions and environmental choices.

If your new work, cover or parody is a clear call to big climate action or environmental choices, and we think that work will help inspire those actions, we will share that work on our social media and XOEarth.org.

We will also send you from $4 to $444 depending on how much we think your work, cover or parody will help our sweet+zany+dying biosphere.

To get started, join us at XOEarth Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and then post your work, cover or parody on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram timeline. Add an @XOEarth tag to your post so we get a notification.

Then we will go check out your post and your song, art or media and comment on your work.

If you also share your work or ideas on our XOEarth Facebook timeline, that’s great too.

If we think your song, art or media is pretty good, we will also enter you for a chance to win an additional $444 in our in Perks program. [Perks].

So tag @XOEarth when you post your completed work so we can find it and then share it on our social media accounts too.

And again, we will send you $4 to $444 if we think your work will help inspire big climate actions and environmental choices.

Future+Lives: We love songs, art and media about someone promising a friend or a love that they will take a big climate action so that they will get to have more fun a livable planet in the future. [Future]

Co-create+Stele: If you would like to co-create climate music, art or media with Stele check out the letter from him below. Or, cover and tweak any of his songs or art to do your VOX. Or if you tag or send him a work in progress [song, art or other media], he is happy to check it out, and make suggestions if he has any. [Co-create]


We love future art, poetry, stories and songs that tell us how a specific climate or eco action can help keep our planet alive so someone or more of us get more good times.

For example, a person making a promise to a friend or to someone they love that they will take a specific big climate action so that they will get to have more fun with them later because the Earth will be more livable is one framing. This is of our fave framings for creative climate media. That’s because personal stories can motivate others to take the same action to help save someone they like or love too.

Plus, your future lives for the next 24,000 years are hoping you will help save this sweet+fun+dying Earth so they can have more fun and more love. [Future Lives]

After your atoms and molecules move on from your human body, they will get to be part of all kinds of amazing animals, beautiful lifeforms, and even other humans if we save this biosphere. In this way, we all get to live again and again if take big climate actions to save this biosphere. [Future Lives] Whether the focus is on one or numerous simultaneous or sequential results of an eco action is up to the artist, writer or songwriter.

By the way, advertisers often propose ultra-absurd cause and effect tales that would never happen if a person buys a product. Yet these ads sell a lot of junk. Other great art, words, songs and movies have used this format. So let’s create realistic and possible eco scenarios that help trigger eco actions!

Once you have completed your cause and effect, domino effect and/or butterfly effect future story that will help save our biosphere, post your work on your social media and tag @XOEarth so we will see it. Feel free to add a link to your work on our XOEarth Facebook page too.

Eco creatives are also invited to add their future media and songs as a comment anywhere on XOEarth.org.

To see our list of favorite eco organizations that need creative and financial help – including XOEarth.org – check out our EarthLover page.

Our *XOEarth Honors* page has even more creative ways to honor and reward people for their big environmental choices and climate actions that save our future Earth. [Honors].

Read more about our future lives on the Future Lives page.


~~~~ XOEarth VOX Pledge ~~~~
As a lover and a voice for this exquisite biosphere, I pledge to team up with others to create and sponsor music, words, art or media that inspires people to take eco-logical actions.

signature / date
:: my weekly XOEarth VOX goal ::
Dedicate one or more hours every week to work with others and/or on my own to manifest or support art, words, music and media that honors others for taking eco actions, and/or challenges others to take eco actions.
XOEarth VOX Pledge/ card – front – print here
we will update the card on the print page if requested
Green Voices. Blue Rewards. XOEarth.org
XOEarth is an urgent call to all musicians, writers, artists and fans to pledge one hour per week to create media that is a VOX (voice) for our exquisite biosphere.
1/ If you are a songwriter, artist or writer, boldly tell others about your eco media projects – via your blog, email and XOEarth Facebook – inviting others to collaborate on and/or fund the project.
2/ If you are a fan, seek out an eco media concept that you like, and then offer support to a musician, artist or writer to complete, promote or fund the eco media.
3/ All musicians, writers, artists and fans are asked to pledge one hour per week to create, promote or fund their chosen eco media project.
4/ Print and sign the XOEarth pledge/ member card, and print cards to give to friends.
** We will make you an updated XOEarth VOX Pledge card if you want one, just give us a shout out. **


Imagine thousands of musicians, artists, writers, dances, film makers and fans teaming up to create local messages and global media that inspires others to care for the planet.

putting on the XO for the biosphereImagine millions of beautiful, edgy, conscious environmental songs, art, videos and writings on the street and beyond to debunk the products and industries that are killing our earth.

Imagine billions of people taking eco actions because of music, art, words and media that inspire them to manifest an ecological society that honors all the life that loves to live.

For all the life, Stele Ely

ps: We want to start the XOEarth VOX Guilds – Music, Art and Word – to help synergize their eco creativity. If you want to help us roll out these guilds, contact us.


Using music, art, photography and media to talk about specific eco actions and the positive effects is now super crucial.

for all the life that loves to live XOEarth VOX has a mission to encourage and reward creatives for illustrating the positive effects of specific environmental actions on one or more beings – human or non-human – in order to cheer on the people to take those eco actions.

For example, we need more artists that weave words into their paintings, photographs and other media that calls on its audience to live sustainably. A message about ecological lifestyles can be a beautiful part of an art – and at times can be more motivating than the same words on a white printed page.

Weaving an environmental organization’s name or website address into one’s art, music or media is another way to eco up our arts.

So let’s use our artistic talents to get down to the positive nitty gritty ecological cause and effect of an ecological action. Let’s create art that shows the positive effects of an eco action on the lives of some future child, the life of one’s own friends, a little family of animals, or a couple of lovers (human or not).

So, here are some superb eco organizations and ideas that need help in creating more eco media:
+ XOEarth.org (our own)
+ NRDC.org
+ Sierra Club
+ Wilderness Society
+ Sea Shepherd
+ World Wildlife Federation
+ Union of Concerned Scientists
+ Environmental Defense
+ The Nature Conservancy
+ Greenpeace
+ Earth Island

An Ecological Arts Revolution

One of goals of XOEarth VOX is to help build a *ecological arts revolution* with fans, writers, organizations, and musicians worldwide that come together to create a storm of environmental art that will help save our Earth’s ecosystems.

“Artists have the power to replace the deadly corporate consumeristic mantras with loving, Earth conscious mantras. Therefore, every creative person is called on to weave at least two or three environmental creations into each performance, show or media piece.” Stele

XOEarth Fans: Appeal to your favorite local and national artists and musicians to create and perform Earth conscious media. Write, email and talk to your favorite musician or artist about the importance of creating environmental media.

Give your favorite creatives an update on an issue that you would like them to make environmental art for.

Creatives: Work with us via our XOEarth.org website, or contact a local or national enviro group to find out what issues they would like more eco media about. Create and publish media about ecological issues you care about.

Create artwork, a media piece or an EP to benefit the organization, for someone you love, and for the millions of life forms that celebrate life. Create your own environmental media and fire-up your music career.

Songwriters, Poets and Writers: Write the lyrics and/or music for a song that you pitch to your favorite musicians. Send out offers to co-write with other environmentally concerned writers.

Create Earth conscious lyrics that encourage others to take specific actions that help protect the billions of life-forms that are celebrating life. Let’s drown out the mega-media materialistic corporate advertising slogans that are defiling the planet.

Musicians are invited to join the *140,000 Love Songs for the Planet* project. Environmental Organizations: Contact your favorite musicians and artists to ask them to write and record environmental media that will help jazz-up your campaigns.

Lovers Of The Earth: Contribute your talents and financial resources to the *ecological arts revolution* for the sake of all the life forms that are loving life.

An Ecological Arts Revolution [ear]
by Stele Ely at 140,000 Love Songs For Planet Earth

This is not to say that every creative should become known as an environmental activist. But it is to say, if the deadly corporate consumeristic mantras being repeated by the average citizen are ever to be replaced with pro-active, loving, Earth conscious mantras, then every creative who cares about the planet needs to have at least three or four works in their repertoire or portfolio that reflects their perspective.

Before technology and mass marketing came along, it was not critical that creatives with an environmental conscious take an environmental stand. It is very different now. Millions of corporations are pitching their singalongs that say: buy your way to happiness, material items will set you free, consume more, forget the planet, buy junk now, ignore the ecological results, ultra disposable items will set you free. All the while, consumers seldom hear music to singalong with that honors the Earth and its life.

One great eco song, ballad, or media project has the potential to save your life plus a few million other living things. Artists, Songwriters, Musicians, Writers and Fans have the power to manifest this *ecological arts revolution*.


XOEarth VOX is a great way for adults, students, teachers and kids to work together to extend the life of our planet’s biosphere, to promote school spirit, to support peace, and raise money for environmental clubs.

Music, art, photography and media students are invited to create and post their designs, stories, environmental songs and video on XOEarth Facebook.

Plus, XOEarth Honors is our environmental awards project that students, teachers and others in environmental education can use to motivate ecological actions and choices. Check out XOEarth’s environmental awards here. Contact us for club and school materials, or if you would like us to come speak to your group.

The global XOEarth party is officially on the 4th Saturday of each month. Feel free to start a XOEarth party and dance in your area.

Co-create With Stele

Dear Eco Songwriters, artists and media creators,

Contact me if you would like to co-create climate music, art or media with me contact me via XOEarth Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email.

Feel free to cover and tweak any of my songs or art for a VOX entry. Some of them are on the Environmental Songs page.

If you tag or send me a work in progress [song, art or other media], I will check it out and offer to work with you if I think I can help on your VOX work.

Regarding songs and music, one option is to add one or more lyrical or musical suggestions for any song you find on XOEarth’s Environmental Songs page. Feel free to radically re-write a whole song if you want to. If I think your lyrics or music ideas are groovy and that it works for the song, we can decide whether to co-write together over the web, by phone or in person.

Most of my songs are written to benefit our exquisite planet. If a song makes any, at least 51% of the royalties and profits I receive will be used to fund ecological projects that I am working on at XOEarth.org.

To thank climate media co-writers and co-creators I will send you $4 to $444 for working with me. The amount will depend on how much the media is shared on social media and how much it inspires peeps to take specific climate actions.

Regarding my music, I will be happy to give part of the copyright of a song to any co-writer that helps a lot in the writing of the song. I will also be happy to include the names of all substantial contributors and co-writers in the credits. I need to say here that I am the one who decides if and how much of the copyright goes to the co-writers who help me write the song.

In any case, thank you for using your talent and time to create a new song, tweak one of my songs, or for any other climate action media we create!

Let’s go big for this biosphere with our climate media.

For all the life, Stele Ely
[contact me]


** We will make you an updated XOEarth VOX Pledge card if you want one, just give us a shout out.**

Print and sign the XOEarth VOX Pledge/ card here or write it out by hand if you prefer.

pledge card – front – click to print
or request updated card

The pledge card has 2 print pages to choose from ::

#10 The XOEarth Pledge/ card print-page #10 has 10 cards per print page. >>

#8 The XOEarth Pledge/ card print-page #8 has 8 cards per page. (8 cards up works better on some printers) >>

To fit the most cards on a page, set the printing margins to the smallest values possible. Use “Page Setup” and/or “Print Preview” to adjust the margin values.

Before printing, adjust the margins by entering “0” for all margins. The browser and printer will then re-apply the smallest default value available.

In most cases, the XOEarth cards will be 3.5 inches wide when printed. If the cards are not this size when you print them, open the “Print Preview’ window and then adjust the scale/percentage to 100%.

If you are not printing in color, printing with black ink on colored paper is a good option. We give out cards printed with black ink on colored paper at schools and fairs – and they work great.

Printing the XOEarth cards on heavier paper is a nice – but optional.

Have fun flashing your XOEarth card to others to encourage them to join you in creating eco media, and to help empower a visible ecological society.

Feel free to print and give away a bunch of un-signed XOEarth pledge cards too. If you prefer to write out the pledge/ card that’s super fine.


If you are a fan of a musician or artist, tell them about XOEarth VOX, and ask them to take the Pledge to use their creative works to help make our planet cool again. [Pledge]

Fans are welcome to tell us at XOEarth what eco issues that you want more eco media for.

If you sponsor XOEarth.org we will be able to empower more musicians, artists and writers to create eco media.

If you sponsor us for $44 or more, you can own part of the copyright in one of our new or our classic environmental songs of your choice. [More about Your Song]



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