What Kind Of Love : with Eyal y Danya


what kind of love, oh mother earth tell me
I’ve got to know

what kind of love
is going to save us
please tell us now
because I’ve got a lot of love
for my friends and my family
I want them to live healthy

what kind of love
I’m going to dig deep in my so I can know
what I can do

it’s the kinda of love that heals
it’s the kinda of love that sets us free
it’s the kinda of love its melt the heart

life is so rare
life is so beautiful
my friends come together
won’t you feel that kind of love with me

yes if life is so rare
show all the life you care
what kind of life you see
will keep us going on and on

so everyone of you
dig and find the love that is true, true
so everyone of you
ask mother earth and she give the answer to you

it’s the kind of love that makes the flowers grow
it’s the kind of love that a mother knows
and I think you know it too

it’s the kinda of love that keeps the air crisp and blue
it’s the kinda of love
that even keeps the cancer from the body too

it’s the kind of love you feel it, you know it
you sense it coming up from your toes
when you dig those toes so deep in the earth
you can feel it coming up
you can feel it all the way
up to your head and through your spirit

all over, me and you, me and you
it’s the kind of love, that makes you happy

What Kind Of Love /Eyal, Danya & stele c12


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