Wolverine Dreams : My Wild Love is Howling


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one wolverine dreams
of slow voles, and dead things
to savor tummy yummies
drink waters so pristine
with no lead or mercury
that dirty coal is history

my wild self is howling
to help her dreams come true
gonna conserve electricity at home and work too

(optional: her wild love is howling
cuz her dream is coming true [howl])

one wolverine dreams A
to play on cornice lips 3Bm
and dance on glacier prisms 3C#m 3D A
to ponder on icy mountains
saved from CO2 regimes
by climate protests, laws and screams

my wild heart is howling E 4F#m
to help his dreams come true E 4F#m
travel green, rideshare and carbon offset too [howl] E D E
(optional: his wild love is howling
cuz his dream is coming true [howl])

two wolverines dream
for home under aurora trees
to romp and roll, whisker kiss
curl fur to fur in (sacred) bliss
free from chainsaw schemes
and the paper companies

my wild love is howling
to help their dreams come true
gonna use less paper, recycle, reuse and donate too

Wolverine Dreams /stele c10

Dakini Lynn Marlow writes:
sing, sing a song,sing for wolverines
and their home, the forests and the streams
and all their dreams, dreams of roaming free
air so clean and clear

hark! I hear the wolverines
sing, sing as they lope and romp
hunt and howl, even dance in the moonlight
all through the night

while some humans recycle and bike
to protect their lives


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6 responses to “Wolverine Dreams : My Wild Love is Howling”

  1. SteleEly Avatar

    via High Country News::
    Science trumps politics for wolverines by Krista Langlois
    A court ruling may force wolverines onto the endangered species list, and open the door for other animals threatened by climate change
    In late winter, when the high mountains of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are buried in snow, female wolverines in hidden dens give birth to one or two pure white kits. Scientists suspect the snow helps insulate the kits and protect them from predators like wolves, which might explain why mama wolverines often choose north-facing slopes where snowpack lasts longer. Later, when the kits are weaned, the lingering snow serves as a refrigerator: wolverines sometimes cache meat in snowbanks so they don’t have to stray far from the safety of their dens to hunt or scavenge.

  2. SteleEly Avatar

    Tell the US Government to Protect Wolverines!! Fewer than 300 of these animals are left in the Lower 48.
    Scientists estimate that on average, no more than 35 of these animals are capable of contributing each year to future generations of wolverines being born. http://www.defenders.org/wolverine/basic-facts

  3. SteleEly Avatar

    Via *High Country News* :: Climate changes for wolverine listing:: In the dead of winter, female wolverines dig elaborate, multi-chambered dens to raise their young, choosing sites where snowpack lasts well into the spring. But snowpack in the Northern Rockies is almost certain to decline as the climate warms, jeopardizing their chances for successful reproduction. There are fewer than 300 wolverines in the Lower 48, and models show that they could lose 31 percent of their habitat by 2045 and 63 percent by 2085. And so, in February 2013, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed adding the "mountain devils" to the endangered species list.

  4. SteleEly Avatar

    Via Rocky Mountain Wild: One of the most important things that we can do to ensure the survival of wolverines in the West in the face of climate change is to get them back on the ground in Colorado. Ideally, we’d like to see wolverines reintroduced with the full protections of the Endangered Species Act. However, we are hopeful that the experimental designation is a compromise that will make it possible for everyone to support reintroduction of wolverines to Colorado. http://rockymountainwild.org/

  5. SteleEly Avatar

    Via Rocky Mountain Wild: The US Fish & Wildlife Service announced its proposal to protect wolverines in the lower-48 states as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, citing the threats posed to their habitat by climate change. A related proposal to designate Colorado as an experimental population area for wolverines enables Colorado Parks and Wildlife to renew conversations with stakeholders about reintroducing the elusive animals to Colorado. http://rockymountainwild.org/

  6. SteleEly Avatar

    BILLINGS, Mont. — The tenacious wolverine, a snow-loving carnivore sometimes called the "mountain devil," could soon join the list of species threatened by climate change – a dubious distinction that will put it in the ranks of the polar bear and several other animals that could see their habitats shrink drastically due to warming temperatures.
    Federal wildlife officials on Friday will propose Endangered Species Act protections for the wolverine in the lower 48 states. There are an estimated 250 to 300 wolverines in the contiguous U.S., clustered in small, isolated groups primarily in the Northern Rockies of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington. Larger populations persist in Alaska and Canada. Via HuffingtonPost.com
    I can't do everything, but I can do something

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