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Aloha Earth Citizens,

Start co-writing or sponsor an environmental song, poem and video with Stele Ely or other XOEarth musicians and artists today. Stele and others can co-write in person, via phone, skype, email or chat.

If you prefer, you can just post a comment below or send Stele Ely an email about an issue you think we should write an environmental song, poem or create a video for.

Stele and/or the other XOEarth musicians will use your suggestion and come up with a song concept. We will post the song concept to the blog, and will email to address to you. Then you can comment on the song and help us write it if you would like. Review the song as it develops and give us feedback, or just sit back and watch us write and record your song.

If you run a business, sponsor an environmental song and video about your business's eco actions, initiatives, or for employee awards and incentives.

Let's work together to get another environmental song out there that helps the planet.

Music fans are invited to sponsor a song to support our work on your song. Fans who sponsor a song can get a copyright shareholder certificate with sponsorship. Donate $44 and you will get 4.4% of the copyright of a song and cover Stele's living expenses for one day. Your tips will help get this song properly recorded and performed by touring musicians who can get this song working for our biosphere.

Co-writers who help Stele finish a song may share the copyright with me and may be entered in EcoLotto for a chance to win $4,444.

The XOEarth mission is to help get 140,000 love songs for planet earth written, recorded and on the charts - with the help of thousands of musicians and fans around the world. That's one environmental song for every endangered species to help save them from extinction.

To get *140,000 Love Songs for the Planet* on the music charts, we will need thousands of talented musicians and fans to work together worldwide. So let's get rolling on our environmental songs today.

For all the life that loves to live, Stele Ely *XOEarth Man*

XOEarth Man on Pearl


About Stele

Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. For love and life, Stele

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One thought on “Write An Eco Logical Song With Us

  • ethan

    12a, 10d, 9g, 10d, 12a/ 10d,9g slide 8d,7g/
    7b,7g, 8d, 10a/ 10,8,7,7,

    keep it clean
    think down stream

    12a 10d 9g 10d/ 0a, 0a 12b/ 10d 9g 12b
    5a 4d 5g/ 5e-3eham5e, 7g 7b

    count down your hours
    never before and never again
    you have the power
    to spoil her with your self
    or be spoiled by her wealth
    your requisites of living aren't straight consumption
    take it seriously
    take it fearlessly

    EarthE Man,
    This is a rough arrangement but idea on this is to recognize our requisites on consumption to stay alive a while; diet, outdoor, community, self, and else. But to consider our needs in a less immediate frame that is outside our own time. I want to think we can be preservers while users, growers, and consumers.