One year to save our home sweet Earth/ #1YearToSaveEarth



We may have only one year to save Earth’s exquisite biosphere. #1YearToSaveEarth

Update:: 1 year to save Earth may not be accurate. Feel free to read the “Months To Save Earth” post.

So that 45% of all life will NOT die by 2025, I hope you will, right now, join me, Stele Ely, and thousands of other climate activists in a promise to take big climate actions every day to help stop the killer wildfires, heatwaves, floods and other climate change monsters that are getting bigger or more frequent every few weeks.

It is extremely important that you join us now because we may have only one year to rescue our sweet mother Earth from this dying. This is because the current exponential increase in disasters, temperatures and extinctions could become irreversible within the coming year.

Millions of humans already acknowledge the possibility of the above, and millions are taking big climate actions to help stop it. Please join us. We need you.

The record breaking disasters that continue to happen every few weeks and sometimes every few days are messing with our lives wherever we live every day. These climate monsters are destroying more and more of the forests, soils, oceans, rivers and lakes that keep us alive and where billions of other lifeforms live. It’s obvious that it is do or die time for humankind. However, if you really want to take the time to find out why we may have only 1 year to save our Earth, check out

And even if you think we have more than one year to save our home planet – like two or four or nine or forty – you know that if you are to live ethically and lovingly, that you must take big climate actions now.

Thank you for seeing objectively. Thank you for hearing and following your heart. Thank you for helping us save millions of sweet and wonderful humans and other life loving lifeforms, and ourselves.

So we thank you for living a eco logical lifestyle that uses very little fossil fuels and creates less than less 3.5 tons of carbon emissions a year.

We also thank you for dedicating at least 140 minutes a day of activist and direct action.

We would like to suggest that you do your 140 minutes a day by teaming up with environmental organizations, community projects, government employees and officials and candidates who are working to stop the climate change monsters.

For some ways to help save our awesome planet’s biosphere right now, check out our HERO 140 page..

Again, we thank you for helping stop the climate change monsters to save this priceless Earth, save your peeps and save 140 species every day.

Big. Climate Actions. Now. Or. Never. For. Life. Love. Fun. Joy.

Respectfully, Stele Ely



#1YearToSaveEarth = 1 Year To Save Earth = One Year To Save Earth



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