The Great Healthy Yard Project


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* I pledge to take care of my yard without synthetic pesticides, weedkillers and fertilizers except on rare occasions to resolve an infestation or to improve habitat for native plants and wildlife. I also pledge not to throw pharmaceuticals or chemicals down my drains or toilets. *

The Great Healthy Yard Project is asking everyone to take this pledge:

As XOEarth’s editor, to help slow down the climate monsters, I would also like to ask all lovers of the Earth to also pledge to grow some food in their yards. Kale and peas are two of my favorite vegan foods that are pretty easy to grow.

Another upgrade to the pledge is to get several neighbors to take the yard and garden pledge every year. If some neighbors need help or funding to get their first food garden going, to do that too.

Check out the EarthLover page for how much time and money we recommend to dedicate to helping others get a garden going and/or to other projects that help cool this burning Earth.

For love and life, Stele

What is the Great Healthy Yard Project:
The Great Healthy Yard Project is asking folks to take the following pledge and join us in taking care of our yards without synthetic chemicals, and not throwing pharmaceuticals and chemicals down our drains and toilets to protect our water quality.

When you need to remove weeds, use a trowel or boiling water. When you have aphids, encourage ladybugs to come to your garden. When you clean your sinks and toilets use biological and natural cleaners. When you don’t need to use a medicine anymore return it to the pharmacy. This is what it means to participate in the Great Healthy Yard Project.

The Reason:
The truth is, almost all of the US’s soil is cared for by residents, not in state or federal preserves. Commercial companies are the biggest polluters, and right after them are the careless consumers that buy their harmful products and use them without thought or care for the environment.

The only way to keep these pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals out of our water and protect the health of our children is to not use them in our yards to tend to our plants and vegetables. Neither are we to throw pharmaceuticals and chemicals down our drains and toilets when we do not need them anymore. There is now substantial information and resources detailing how harmful these chemicals and solutions can be to our health.

How these chemicals harm us:
We now know that very small amounts of these chemicals can adversely affect human health causing problems as diverse as ADHD, diabetes, early menopause, ED, and cancer. More people are having to rely on medication, hormone supplements, and therapy in order to get by. This is not a condemnation of these treatments, but the rate of people diagnosed and requiring them is steadily increasing. Without intervention, treatments supposed to cure ailments will become necessary for normal function.

Some common pesticides you can buy in the store cause cancer by damaging DNA. Some herbicides are endocrine disruptors, and tiny amounts of these can prevent hormones from functioning normally. They can block normal hormones from acting on target cells. They can act like hormones on target cells when that particular hormone is not supposed to be present. Such as cortisol, the hormone that tells the body we are in a stressful situation. As you might guess, this causes emotional and physical damage to the body.

Further disruptions include thyroid hormone-abnormal brain development, hormone deficiencies that risk metabolism and diabetes, early menopause, and breast cancer.


Please get more info and sign The Great Healthy Yard Project pledge at .

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