XOEarth Man Ecological Music Show : Science, Singalongs & Awards


XOEarth Man's shows are all about rad ecological songs, climate science, fun sing-alongs and environmental awards.

Invite, hire or just look for XOEarth Man in your town or at festivals with EarthE [the talking Earth] on his shoulder, that gaudy nature tie, and little critters on his hat. XOEarth Man will be singing with peeps about big climate actions they promise to take to keep our exquisite yet imperiled biosphere alive.

Hello Earthlings,

Thanks for your interest in my XOEarth Man show.

XOEarth Man show fees are 10 minutes for $15, 30 minutes for $30, 60 minutes for $40, 90 minutes for $50.

We can meet online via Zoom or Hangouts, at my South Boulder place, downtown Boulder, at a school, at a park, or at your home if it is near me.

Shows may be free if money is an issue and I have the time.

If you are thrilled with a free XOEarth Man Show and you want to donate to the XOEarth mission that would be fantastic.

Call or write for more info about these environmental shows, custom songs and/or custom videos.

For eco logical fun, Stele Ely

For all the life, XOEarth Man [aka Stele Ely]
Boulder, Colorado, 80305
Contact us.

Things that might happen an XOEarth Man Show

+ The audience and I talk about how to estimate how much habitat is saved when a specific product is not purchased. For example, one calculation we may do in the show demonstrates that every gallon of gasoline not burned helps save about 8 square meters of habitat potential somewhere in the world. Another calculation we may do demonstrates that every time a person uses a clothesline instead of an electric or gas clothes dryer it helps save about 1.5 square meters of habitat potential somewhere in the world. [Based on ecofx.org's estimate of 1 kilogram CO2 to .8 square meters habitat potential ratio.]

+ The audience can help me write an environmental song. Audience members are then invited to become part of the XOEarth band. Once volunteers come onstage, we sing the environmental song that we just wrote, plus some improv. Audience members often video their friends singing the song, and post those videos on Facebook, Instagram and beyond.

+ One of the audience members are invited to talk about an environmental action they are taking or promise to take to help slow down climate change. Then that individual is awarded an XOEarth Award from the rest of the audience, for the environmental action that the person takes, or promises to take. XOEarth Man fills out the award, then several of us hold onto the award as we step forward and present the XOEarth Award to that person.

+ An audience member is invited to talk about their career plans. XOEarth Man and the friends then talk about how to make that career more sustainable and climate positive. In some shows, peeps have promised that they will tweak their job or even get a new job in order to be more earth friendly. The job of sustainability coach or eco manager is sometimes proposed.

More about XOEarth Man Shows in Boulder Colorado and beyond

XOEarth Man is all about keeping the party alive on this exquisite planet. Find him cheering on Team XOEarth for taking [or for promising to take] specific eco logical personal and citizen actions.

Tell XOEarth Man something that you do to help extend the life of our blue orb and he will honor your eco action with a song, dance, XOEarth Award, future story or give you your own magic word [a word that has never heard before].

With his music, XOEarth Man guides the audience on journeys into the future to hear from and sing with people, kids and critters from around the world. These future journeys sometimes reveal how an environmental action that the audience promises to take will benefit a specific lifeform or specific human in the future.

As well as singing his favorite songs from XOEarth.org, XOEarth Man often sings improvised songs and leads singalongs based on input from audience members. Improvised songs are recorded so that audience members can hear their songs on XOEarth.org if they want to.

Along with the music in this XOEarth show, there are cool science facts, an environmental dance lesson, eco magic words, eco autographs, eco body art and fashion, nature mind melds, and/or XOEarth Awards.

When there is time, XOEarth Awards are given out to one or all of the audience members to honor their eco actions. In longer shows, everyone will receive an XOEarth Award. Sometimes the XOEarth Awards are signed by a future person or species - via a future journey led by XOEarth Man.

XOEarth Man's eco music, green science and environmental award show is upbeat and rad. As the Lorax spoke for the trees, XOEarth Man speaks for the animals of land, air and sea, and for the children of the future.

XOEarth Man takes his audience on future journeys to hear from and speak with critters and kids of the future. Ecological songs, sing-alongs, amazing science, magic words, green awards, mind melds, eco autographs, enviro fashion and XOEarth money are explored in these eco future journeys.

Grownups and kids at XOEarth Man shows get to find out how their eco actions benefit specific wild critters and specific humans of the future. XOEarth Man often gives out XOEarth Awards and/or does a wicked environmental dance or cheer to honor specific audience members for their eco actions too.

XOEarth Man also teaches people how to speak for their favorite species and future children. XOEarth Man can demonstrate how to call on one's favorite species to energize our life, work, love and environmental powers too.

XOEarth Man regalia may include the talking and singing EarthE character on his shoulder [puppet], big Earth tie, little animals on his hat, XO Earth face paint (with the X as a human and the Earth as the O), planet Earth bracelets, planet Earth necklace, temp tattoos and planet Earth clothing. XOEarth Man dons this 'eco fashion style' to show he loves planet Earth and to inspire others to give some street cred to Team Earth too.

XOEarth Man can sing a song as part of a little XOEarth Honors ceremony to honor members of the audience for their eco actions. If an organizer, employer or teacher tells XOEarth Man in advance about the eco actions that one or more of the audience have taken, he will sing a custom eco song to honor their actions. Signed XOEarth Awards or other 'green awards' can be presented to the honorees after the song is sung. The good looking XOEarth Award can be framed if requested.

XOEarth Man is available for performances at schools, businesses, special events, weddings and videos.

So call, text or email XOEarth Man today to schedule his solo or four person XOEarth show, or the GreenBeanz Band. Take your friends, group or event on an eco-smart-fun-musical-magical-future-journey.

For more fun, XOEarth Man and Stele Ely
Boulder, Colorado, 80305
Contact us.

Some XOEarth Man Songs

+ On The Clothesline
+ Under The Rainbow
+ SuperReduce ReuseRepair RecycleLidocious
+ Thanks For Biking/Growing A Garden/Volunteering For The Planet
+ The Earth Is Our Mother
+ Bike'n Groovy / Eat'n Groovy
+ Walk The Talk
+ To Bee
+ Wolverine Dreams
+ My World
+ 350 parts per million
+ For All The Life

For more info about the XO Earth environmental music and award shows starring XO Earth Man (sometimes called Earthy Man), check out *XOEarth Shows*. Contact XOEarth Man here.

Here's a scrappy street interview of XOEarth Man talking about the evolution of fun and Team Earth by Mollie Putzig /CU journalist.

Earth Man says that you can be an XOEarth Man or XOEarth Woman or XO Earth Kid too. Contact Earthy Man with any questions about how to put your outfit together and some easy and some big eco hero actions you can do today. Show you are on Team Earth. Show you are a hero for the planet.

Suggestion for an onstage MC's intro

Next up is XOEarth Man [or XOEarth Stele]. He dedicates at least 140 activist minutes a day to help stop the Climate Change Monsters that could mess with his [or your] town, mess with one of his [or your] friends or mess with some place where one of his [or your] favorite lifeforms lives.

Then every week, he celebrates if he succeeds in helping keep those Climate Change Monsters away for another week.

When you see XOEarth Man [XOEarth Stele], tell him how you do your 140 activist minutes a day and he will do victory dance, sing a song or do a cartwheel to thank you. Or contact him via XOEarth.org or XOEarth facebook to get a song or dance from via live video.

To get some rad and fun ways to amp up your 140 activist minutes every day, check out XOEarth.org/HERO.



About Stele

Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. Peas, love and flaxseed butter, Stele

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  • Stele Post author

    Hello All, "XOEarth Man" Stele Ely is the name of the guy who delivers environmental songs, music, poetry and art for the planet. After he entertained at my house, the kids continued to talk about him and ask if he would be coming the next day. They were very entertained and excited about him and were fully engaged while he was here. I am not sure how well his message got through to the kids, but it did get through to me in raising my awareness and wanting to make a difference. He will come in a cape with a small guitar, sing songs, make bracelets, and be very fun, interactive and entertaining. You can check out some of his stuff at xoearth.org.
    Jon Kofle (Boulder)

  • SteleEly Post author

    Move over, Captain Planet. Meet the environment’s new superheroes:: They’re called environmental scientists, and they’re everywhere — working in government, starting businesses, teaching at universities, running non-profits. They’re just not as noticeable this time around because they decided to nix the matching t-shirts — a move that, I think we can all agree, was wise. http://grist.org/sponsored/move-over-captain-plan...

  • SteleEly Post author

    Team Earth: Excerpt from *We All Play For Team Earth* by Daniel Yeow: In 2007 I visited Brazil for the first time, and while I was there, I attended a football match between Flamenco and Botafogo at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio. While it is well-known that the Brazilians love their football, I was surprised at how poorly each of the teams played. Each individual player possessed a great deal of skill, but as the clock slowly wound down, they each held the ball for a little too long, and tried to do a little too much on their own. What inevitably followed were embarrassing misses and tactical errors. You see - individuals each striving for their own selfish goals doesn't get you very far, and can bring you into conflict with the overarching goal of the team. It's about time we grew up and learned to do our part, because we are all members of team earth, and we all share the same goal of survival - as a team, and we must do it fast - the clock is winding down.

  • SteleEly Post author

    I do an XOEarth Man performance in which I show people some fun ways to speak for their favorite species and the children of the future. XOEarth Man also teaches others how to write songs for the future kids and critters. Sometimes we even come up with 'magic words' to empower one's life and eco actions. Be an XOEarth Woman or XOEarth Man in your town.

  • SteleEly Post author

    From Jon Kofle: Dear Ary, "XOEarth Man" Stele Ely is the name of the guy who delivers environmental songs, music, poetry and art for the planet. After he entertained at my house, the kids continued to talk about him and ask if he would be coming the next day. They were very entertained and excited about him and were fully engaged while he was here. I am not sure how well his message got through to the kids, but it did get through to me in raising my awareness and wanting to make a difference. He will come in a cape with a small guitar, sing songs, make bracelets, and be very fun, interactive and entertaining.
    Jon Kofle (Boulder)