Green Minute Rule : Give 13,308 Peeps Another Year To Live.

The rate of climate change clearly has gone beyond linear, as indicated by the presence of myriad self-reinforcing feedback loops, and now threatens our species with extinction in the near term.
Help delay the death of our biosphere by just one minute by living an eco logical lifestyle for the next 365 days — and you will give the equivalent of another year to live to 13,308 people!

“There’s a >1% chance that 90% or more of all multi-cellular life on our biosphere could die-off by 2035 – if we do not slow down climate change. That’s my guesstimate today. I am going to work hard to lower that percentage.”
~ Stele Ely 2/20/2018

[>1% chance of 90% die-off by 2035 guesstimate ::]
Hello Earth Lover,

** In order to extend the life of this exquisite yet dying biosphere for at least one more precious, living, loving minute, I vow to live eco logically and compassionately every day, as much as possible, for the next 365 days.**

I am on my knees as I write this, proposing to you wherever you are, to join me in the above vow to help save our biosphere.

Because adding 1 minute to the lives of 7 billion people adds 13,308 human years to various people around the world. Because adding 1 minute to the lives of trillions of other lifeforms on Earth is the equivalent of saving full lifetimes of millions of those lifeforms!

So my goal is to live very ecologically and sustainably for a full year in order to add 1 minute to the life of the biosphere!

[I think it’s going to be fun to celebrate my ecological successes a year from now! And, if all goes well, I hope to pledge again for the next 365 days too!]

There are countless fun, loving, magnificent, deep and sweet experiences that humans and various lifeforms are having every single minute on our planet. That’s why I know that living eco in order to add a minute to the life on our biosphere is worth the effort.

So even though our biosphere – rather regretfully – is probably kicking the bucket, every minute that you and I delay its demise is a major gift.

By the way, some people and beings will get more than 1 minute added to their lives when you succeed at the green minute rule. Because, this 1 minute is a global statistical average of the time that you help give to the entire biosphere. So while some individuals will get less than one minute added to their lives because of your lifetime of ecological action, some will get several minutes, or hours, or even months out of that 13,308 years worth of minutes that you give back.

That means it’s possible that someone you know will get several minutes, days, or even months added to their lives – thanks to your eco actions this year. So look at your friends or a beloveds as you take those eco actions – and envision that your ecological actions in the next 365 days might be giving them more time doing this amazing thing called life.

Plus, when our current human bodies die – if we have helped extend the life of the biosphere – some of our atoms and molecules will get a better chance to become part of other amazing lifeforms and other humans who are not yet born. Therefore, imagine your particles as a part of other lifeforms in the future, having a good time, because we are doing the right thing now for our exquisite blue green orb.

So does this *Green Minute Rule* – sound right for you? If yes, great!

Ok! Join me in saying it out loud!

** In order to extend the life of this exquisite yet dying biosphere for at least one more precious, living, loving minute, I vow to live eco logically and compassionately every day for the next 365 days — as much as possible. And, I will take the time every day to celebrate my ecological successes every day! Then, one year from now, I hope to take the Green Minute Rule pledge again! **

Now that you have made the vow, here is a short list of actions that we can take to achieve our goal::
• burn little or no gasoline
• eat a plant based diet – vegan or vegetarian
• make your job a green job
• live close to work
• make your home eco efficient
• turn the air conditioner way down little or off
• turn the heater way down little or off
• buy solar or wind energy for home and biz
• burn little or no jet fuel
• use alternative transportation
• volunteer with eco organizations
• donate to eco organizations and eco candidates
• canvass and vote environmental
• explore for more eco actions
• make love, not babies
• have fun in nature

So to my fellow Earth lovers who have promised to live by the *Green Minute Rule*, I say, yowzers, we have taken the plunge! Let’s have a really good time now that we have made our vows. Let’s each work, and play, and live with each other ecologically on this planet in ways that we each might add a minute to the life of its biosphere by next year.

If you would like to call me to say the *Green Minute Rule* vow with me on the phone, I am totally for that. Call me, Stele, at 72O.34O.8O8O!

Now let’s become the eco heroes we can be, everyday, for the billions of humans and critters that love to live.

Yours, Stele Ely
“I won’t let what I can’t do, keep me from what I can.”

PS: I’ll bet that that some of you are saying something like, Stele, “I am one of those eco-spunky-go-big-can-do kinda people, and I want to add 1 hour to the life of the biosphere, not just 1 minute.” To those I say, “One hour times 7 billion people is 798,539.8 years that you give back to various people around the world! Plus, adding an hour saves the full lifetime of trillions of other beings. Living your life to extend the life of the biosphere by 1 hour is ultra eco grand!

Not that I think adding 1 hour to the lifetime of the biosphere is easy. Even though I am living by the Green Minute Rule, I vow to live mega eco and go for the full hour too!

Here are some more eco actions that will add more time to the life of our biosphere ::
• quit your job to take an eco logical job
• or, turn your job into a super eco logical job
• show your profession how to turn it green
• boycott over-packaged products – unless it is not possible
• honor and reward others every day for their eco work
• boycott single serving products – unless it is not possible
• grow food for yourself and others
• boycott single use products – unless it is not possible
carbon offset all (or nearly all) of your energy use
• consider your Green Minute Rule in every decision
• invite others to live by the Green Minute Rule
• call on your Earth hero within to empower every action
• put on tats, tags and style to rep Team Earth
• like XOEarth Facebook
• speak and promote eco logic everywhere, every day
• get eco sexy

via Climate Shock / Gernot Wagner & Martin L. Weitzman … The scariest bit is just how fast the chance of eventual temperatures exceeding 6°C (11°F) goes up. … [Embiggen table]
To add even more time to your Green Minute Rule, check out these superb organizations and their resources:
XOEarth’s EcoFX*
Sierra Club
Environmental Defense
Earth Island
Sea Shepherd
Wilderness Society
World Wildlife Federation
Union of Concerned Scientists
Carbon Fund
Terra Pass
Native Energy
The Nature Conservancy

Artists:: We need a vid, art and dance for the Green Minute Rule [GMR].
Musicians:: Write and record your GMR version and we will promote it here.
Fans:: Share this page and/or sponsor a Green Minute Rule song.

Donate to support this initiative. $44 or more gets you a partial copyright of an XOEarth song and certificate.


One response to “Green Minute Rule : Give 13,308 Peeps Another Year To Live.”

  1. SteleEly Avatar

    *Our Aversion to Doom and Gloom Is Dooming Us* by John Atcheson
    excerpt: The optimists nearly always won this debate. For the record, I was—and am—a doom and gloomer. Actually, I like to think I'm a realist. I believe that understating the problems we face leads to understated—and inadequate responses. I also believe that people, when dealt with honestly, have responded magnificently, and will do so again, if and when called. Witness World War II, for example, when Churchill told the Brits, "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat." In those words, he helped ignite one of the most noble and dedicated periods of unity and resistance in all the annals of human endeavor.

    Finally, I believe that the principles of risk management dictate that when the consequences of our actions —or our inactions—are pervasive, long lasting, irreversible and potentially devastating, we should assume worst-case outcomes. That's why people get health insurance; it’s why they purchase insurance for their homes; it’s why they get life insurance. No one assumes they’ll get sick, that their house will burn down, or that they’re about to die, but it makes sense to hedge against these events. It’s why we build in huge margins of safety when we design bridges or airplanes. You can’t undo an airplane crash, or reverse a bridge failure.

    And you can't restore a livable climate once it's been compromised. Not in anything other than geologic timeframes.

    Yet we routinely understate the threat that climate change poses, and reject attempts to characterize the full extent of the potential for catastrophe it poses. And it's killing us.

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